WIW: Coral/Blue/White and others

I am slowly getting back to normal after all that JCrew frenzy this week: it is really amazing how a bout of shopping disrupts your usual activities: not only because you take time to try stuff on (several times), take pictures and write posts but because you keep thinking about these items and what should you keep and what should you return ALL.DAY.LONG (at least I do).  
OK, I don't let it interfere anymore - this post included - so down to WIW now:

pic 1 Coral/Blue/White for Angie's post

At first I thought I lack coral as I just purged my too short coral shirt this week - but then I remembered that i have this bright tomato red satchel so I played!
BTW, my new JCrew eyelet front tee had its debut today :-) Worn to work.

pic 2 Proportions Experiment
This was a complete experiment with proportions. This sweater is long, especially in the back but somehow it appealed to me with this pencil skirt. I also liked to pair red with pink - actually I prefer pink to white when paired with red. Worn to work. What do you think - did it work or just plain weird?

pic 3 Tomboy for the Golf Course?
This day we had an event at work so afternoon was spent on the golf course. I am not a golfer (hate it really) and you will not catch me wearing a golf shirt if my life depended on it! So I decided to wear my new linen pants and a white BF shirt - denim biker was for the first part of the day in the freezing office.

pic 4 Picking Strawberries
After a golf event I decided to make a run to the strawberry farm for some berry picking. I just changed the white shirt for a linen tee and was ready to go :-)

pic 5 Back to Black
For some reason I felt like wearing that black silk shirt with white cuffs and collar to work for business casual (read dressier than usual) day.  I like this shirt very much but have hard time wearing it without looking too official. I also find hard to pair it with toppers and I need a topper for work.  Here I wore  navy Gap jacket with it. Worked? Any other suggestions how to wear it?

pic 6 Column of Navy with White
I got this burnout tee following Gaylene recommendation. It was available in XL only so my mom had to alter the neckline. I quite like the subtle print on it and the welted bottom. Worn to work.

This was my week. As usual all comments and suggestions are welcome.
have a nice weekend - and for Canadians - happy Canada Day!


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JCrew order #3 - and yes, this is not the last :-)

Another JCrew order came and up for the review. This one I am not sure about so can use all help I can get!
pic 1 Embroidered floral tee 
The only item I am dead sure about - it goes back. Too short and too stiff front so tucking is not possible.

pic 2   - 4 Merino tunic - the same one Suz got
I am not sure if this is the right size for me or if I need to size down. I loved how it looked on Suz but I am afraid I don't rock it as well :-( Definitely need help with this one.

pic 5-7 Stripe-sleeve merino sweater
This was one of Angie's picks some time ago and I was waiting for it to go on sale - and it did. This is the color I love the most and sporty stripes appeal to me here (rare event). This is XL and I am not sure if it is too big but it was the only size available when I ordered. However it came back in stock in L today so I ordered it again and I will reserve my judgement until I get it - but I think I definitely will keep it, just need to decide which size.

pic 8-12 Cashmere textured frame sweater
This order was Suz's lemming - she got one in blue. This was the only available color and size on a very good sale so I decided to risk it - and I am not sure. Is it too big? is this very light grey color unflattering on me? Should i send it back? I may need to take pictures in the daylight outside to see the color better. As for the size -- lately I am not sure about it anymor as I have changed...need honest help with this one as well!
That was it. I have a new order on the way with a different size for the lilac merino  sweater and linen amethyst sweater but otherwise this is it for now - I have been bad as is :-(
Thanks for your help, it is priceless as always!


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JCrew order #2 is here!

You may recall the JCrew order I posted about last week? My second order came today and here is the report!

  • I have risked to order eyelet front linen tees on final sale and happy to report that they are keepers! I got blush pink and white. The front is embroidered silk and the back is linen. It is a bit see-through on the silk front but works with nude bra and pant grinning can be fixed with a tuck or semi-tuck if I am not in a mood to wear a cami. Both colors should work in my wardrobe. pic 1-2 is blush tee and pic 3 is white tee.
  • linen swing tank (it is gone from the site so I cannot link it in finds) - pic 4.  My first reactions was that I like it and it is a keeper. However it is pretty thin and see through and unlike the tee looks best untucked - which means it would require a cami and this just does not make sense for a tank. Also I think I don't use tanks as much as sleeved tops and shirts: I am getting cold easily and having my shoulders covered makes me more comfortable in A/C. So while I like it it goes back.
  • Boatneck linen tee in azalea (pic 5 - on the right). This is a size up from the navy one I got before but I think it fits nicely. However I think it goes back as I like the amethyst pink of the sweater better for me (pic 5 on the left)  and I don't need one more pink top right now.
So this order is 50% - 50% which is OK with me because I began to worry i have ordered too much! I already purged 2 older shirts to make room for these 2 tees which stay!


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Should i purge this jacket - part 2

I have asked your opinion if I should keep or purge my grey denim jacket here. Here is a second chapter.
I have decided to try to style this jacket once more and even browsed Pinterest for inspiration last night. I came away with a grey jacket over a column of white with silver accents.
So this is what I wore today - pic 1. While it was not a disaster but I did not feel overly fab either. By the end of the day (and in a big part thanks to your wise comments) I was leaning towards a purge...but decided to do a little experiment first.
Here I tried 4 other jackets I own with the same outfit and took pictures (pic 2-5) #3 is as casual as the grey one and ##2,4 and 5 are dressier options - but in each of them I felt much better than in the grey. Like by 1000% better!
It is no brainer now - this grey jacket is going...going...gone! It frees space for my new cream Zara jacket (pic 5) which I enjoy wearing much-much more!

I still think this experiment was very useful for me today. Now I have no regrets, no "what ifs", no looking back!
Thank you for all your help - just wanted to share with you my decision which you helped to make!



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Should I purge this jacket?

I need a collective YLF wisdom!

I have this grey denim jacket since 2010 (pic 3). This is a really good grey color for me but for the last couple of summers I did not wear it much. I also have a white denim jacket (pic 1) and faded blue denim biker (pic 2) and it seems that every time I consider wearing a denim jacket I reach for one of those rather than for the grey.
I like the color so is it the style which makes it hard for me to style - or is it the color itself I find hard to style even though I like it? 

I am considering what I can purge to justify my recent purchases and this jacket is one of the candidates. Do you have suggestions to style it so it feels me - or should I let it go?
Thanks for your help!


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WIW: weekend run in Angie's formula

Just to prove that button down shirts are not only for straighter bodies: here is my version of this ensemble. Button down shirts and denim bottoms are my summer weekend uniform. However I decided that I need a pair of lighter weight cropped pants for out of the freezing office summer days. 
After I went over top with JCrew orders  couple of days ago I decided that NO MORE SHOPPING. And guess what - next day I went to Gap and bought these linen blend pants. Am I weak? Yes? Am I ashamed? Oh yes! Would I do it again? you bet!:-)
There is a story behind those pants if you care to read it. Last weekend I was at the Gap to look what tops they have (before my JCrew spree) and I tried on these pants - just to see which size i am now.  I secretly hoped that I already reached my goal of size 10 but - alas  - 10 was too tight and 12 fitted well. "Darn" - I thought as I was putting them back on the shelf - "I am not where I want to be...hmmm, these linen pants are lovely and lightweight on and fit well (even if in vanity-busting size 12) and the grey color is nice...but I decided no bottoms until I reach my weight goal!" - and I left the store empty-handed (this happens, really!)
Fast forward to last Wednesday and I saw this casual linen WIW from Tanya with the same pants I tried on. "Hmmm, this looks awesome. Maybe I do need a pair of linen pants as denim is too hot in July-August...and we have this anniversary trip planned in July..they would be very useful... I need to check Gap site"
So i did - and they have 30% off for 2 days...but NO GREY PANTS IN MY SIZE! All other colors are there but not grey. Grrr! Maybe it is a sign...
Thursday and I am driving home from work and think:"They had my size in the store on Sunday - maybe it is still there?" - so somehow I ended in the mall instead of home. Sure - a single pair of grey size 12 is there and they fit as well as before - but not on sale. So I take them to the register and complain that they are on 30% sale online but sold out in this color in my size and she  goes away and then says: "We don't usually do online discounts in store but because they are sold of your size online we will give you the same 30% off on them." - and I was ready to pay full price anyway!
So they came home with me and today I wore them for the first time to the strawberry farm, farmer's market and grocery shopping. I used nude clutch and platinum - tan sandals as brown accents but broke the formula with a white belt.
Sorry for the long story but somehow I felt like sharing it tonight.
Have a nice weekend!


My JCrew T-Shirt Alternatives arrived...

My first JCrew order has arrived today and it made me happy and unhappy in the same time.
 Happy because navy  linen boatneck  tee I have ordered inspired by Suz's posts is a keeper (pic 1-3). As Suz suggested I went with my usual size (L) and it has enough drape and fluidity and in the same time layers beautifully under toppers. I think I am going to order other colors as well!
 Unhappy because I don't like how this  linen hi-low hem sweater ( from Angie's picks ) fits me. I love the color and I think it is a good pink for me but I think it is too big. I have ordered XL based on Suz's and Inge's experience with another linen sweater type ( V-neck) but possibly this one fits differently? I find it looking sloppy rather that stylishly oversized like it does on Suz. I think it goes back but should I try a size down or is this style just does not work for me?
I have 2 more orders to arrive but now I worry that everything may go back because I ordered XL like I wear in Tippi and it may be too big in other styles?
...and returns are not free! :-(

Rant over!


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WIW: sweltering outdoors, freezing office...

Last weekend weather was pretty cool but then it changed to the muggy, hot and humid practically overnight.  However I still need a topper every single day - it is freezing in the office and I get so cold during the day that wearing a blazer outside in 28C feels nice for the first 15 min because I finally can get warm!

pic 1 Navy and orange
You can see how cool was Saturday morning if I wore my cotton sweater and moto jacket! Worn to strawberry farm / nursery and farmer's market:

  • Gap tweed moto;
  • Paige "BF" jeans;
  • Gap marled sweater;
  • Hush Puppies two-tone oxfords.
  • Tignanello crossbody bag.

pic 2  Faded denim, silk and window pane
Wore to work in the freezing office. I am really glad I got this denim biker last year because I really enjoy wearing it. Please excuse my closed eyes, have no idea what happened there :-)

  • Gap denim baker jacket;
  • Long TallSally mini-window pane tuxedo pants;
  • J.Renee pumps;
  • Le Chateau silk sweatshirt
  • Danier silver tote.

pic 3 Citron and sequins
Another work outfit where I risked to wear cropped pants to the Arctic.
They look olive in the pictures but really they are micro-houndtooth in black and white. I am afraid they are not "the fashionable" cropped length so I consider them to be my long shorts.

  • Gap academy blazer;
  • Lord&Taylor sequin tee;
  • Cropped pants from Winners;
  • Trotters mini-wedges
  • Danier silver tote

pic 4 Sleeveless dress with topper
Pretty much per Angie's post this week I am wearing a sleeveless dress and a denim jacket because there is no way I can wear that dress on its own in that cold office! Like Shannon's this outfit contains all old items but it does not make it any worse, right? Sorry for the indoor shot but it was pouring when I got home!

  •  floral sheath - Long Tall Sally;
  • white denim jacket - Old Navy;
  • Ros Hommerson pointy toe slingbacks;
  • red chromia satchel

pic 5/6 White and swirling stripes
The first 3 outfits were from the mix of old and new items, outfit #4 was all old but this one is from items less than 1 year old - pretty rare case for me and it was not intentional. There are 2 debuts here - Zara jacket and swirly top from Winners. I decided to keep the Zara jacket and tags came off today. I am still trying to figure out what is the best way to use it in outfits but decided that slim bottoms - long top like in Angie's outfit should definitely work. 
This black and blue was a find at Winners but it was hanging in my closet until now for some reason. Do you think it works with this jacket? I am including all angle shots of both jacket and top to give you better idea how they fit.

  • Zara jacket;
  • Top from Winners;
  • Danier dove satchel;
  • Banana Republic cream jeans;
  • JCrew oxfords.

As usual nay suggestions and comments are appreciated.
Thank you for looking!


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My new glasses!

If you remember I was on the hunt for my first computer glasses: here and here. There were a couple of frames I liked but they did not come in colors which suited me...and meanwhile I continued to get tired eyes from work.
A couple of weeks ago I was shopping at Costco and decided to check their selection of glasses - and these frames jumped right at me. The color was good - deep cranberry red going into black on the sides. Hardware on temples was minimal and I though the shape was good for me overall. The price was good too so I decided to get them so at least I can start giving my eyes a break and later i can hunt for a better pair at leisure.
What do you think - I hope it is not a total disaster (and even if it is I will be wearing them behind the computer only , not walking in them everywhere so hopefully the damage is not too big.
Wore them today at work for the first time - it does feel weird... :-)


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WIW: first summer outfits at last!

I wrote the whole post, submitted it and it failed - and now I have to write it all over again!!! :-(

I was scarce on the forum lately and have not posted WIW for several weeks. Hopefully I will have more time now because taking pictures and posting them 
really helps me to stay on my style toes.

pic 1  Blue and White
I love this Zara jacket and want to wear it at least once a week! I am so happy I decided to keep it!

  •    Zara blazer
  •    Danier silver tote
  •    KUT white BF jeans   
  •    JCrew oxfords

pic 2  Pretty Classic
This is how I felt all day - pretty (and) classic. This outfit is not on trend with a button down shirt tucked into a flared skirt and pumps - but I was fineOK with it.

  • Polka dot skirt - consigned
  • Brooks Brothers white shirt
  • J.Renee pumps (Angie's pick)
  • Red Chromia satchel

pic 3 Stripes and Leopard
This white blazer is in its 3rd season and I think it is the last one; it began to look tired. It is annoying how short the life span of white clothing!

  • Pleione crossover top
  • Micro-check crops from Winners
  • Vince Camuto animal print loafers
  • Danier dove satchel

pic 4 Aida's copycat
As soon as I saw Aida's awesome outfit I knew what I wanted to wer tomorrow! I shamelessly copied the entire look except that I own neither her cool clutchgeous curls...

  • Gap luxlight sweater
  • Patterned pencil skirt - Winners
  • JCrew oxfords
  • Danier silver tote

pic 5 Blush and Blue

Last year I wor these blush khakis exclusively full length but this summer I prefer them rolled up...and they work better with flats this way!
Heh, I just realised that my whole outfit is from Gap! :-)

  • Gap faded denim baker jacket;
  • Gap burnout tee;
  • Gap broken in blush khakis
  • Isaac Mizrahi gold flats

This was my week - all worn to work. Any comments and suggestions are appreciated.
Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!


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