WIW - something new but mostly old

Almost all outfits this week featured mostly old items mixed with one or two of this year acquisitions. I think this is my usual approach to a new season - get a few selected seasonal refreshers and mix & match them with items from the previous seasons.
pic 1 Gold flats were bought this year and the rest is at least one season old.
I prefer to wear this  mesh sweater with tank tops rather than with cami: thin straps just feel wrong to me here. This one is dark brown - I think it plays nicely with taupe.

Kut Catherine BF jeans - last year NAS
Mesh polka-dot taupe sweater - Madewell
Isaac Mizrahi gold flats - Nordstrom
Luce tan hobo  - Winners
Michael Kors animal belt - Rack

pic 2 Hmmm, this one is mostly new - sandals are from last year but everything else was bought this year. Anyway, I really enjoy wearing white with nude accessories and really like how faded denim and tough biker style play against the refined sheath dress.
Calvin Klein b / w sheath - Winners
Faded denim biker jacket - Gap
Franco Sarto nude cage sandals
Nude oversized clutch from Portugal

pic 3  My "sweatshirt" silk banded top is new here. Again I like the low contrast of taupe, shades of white and nude...
Taupe mini-stripe Editor trousers - Express
Off white silk banded top - Le Chateau
White cotton blazer - Melanie Lyne
Nude Fidji pumps - Nordstrom
Faux python tote - Winners
Off white studded belt - Winners

pic 4 Now for some color! The clutch is new here. I hope that this skirt is not too dark for this coral shirt: it is not black but more like dark charcoal with silvery threads running through.

Coral button down shirt - Winners
Spanners midi skirt - consignment
Franco Sarto nude cage sandals
Nude oversized clutch from Portugal

pic 5 Another dose of color - this time my favorite teal which always will be "sea water color" for me: this is how we called this color back home when I was a child. I decided to chop a couple of inches off these BF jeans. They were barely ankle length on me and I would never wear them full length as they were not flattering this way. They were also tapering on the bottom so I had difficulty to roll them up more than twice: they were too snug over my thick calves and drove me crazy. Now they are perfect! My only concern is that my legs look short in them, maybe I need to roll them up once more...

Teal silk tunic - Le Chateau
White KUT Catherine BF jeans - Nordstrom
Grey Me Too slipper flats - Nordstrom
Tomato red Chromia satchel - Winners
Snake print wide belt

Thanks for looking and have a nice weekend!


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WIW: blue to cool down the heat wave!

Last week was crazy hot - stepping outside was like stepping into a hot oven! When temps go that high the style quotient usually plummets because the main goal is to stay cool...

pic 1
I thrifted this sky blue corduroy  blazer a couple of years ago and it is perfect for A/C cover up  on a very hot day because it is lightweight and unlined. The combination of blue and coral makes me happy!
Coral lace dress - BR
Nude pumps - Fidji
Tan Luce bag - Winners

pic 2
I did not realize before but the pattern on my skirt is very similar to one of Angie's dresses - bottle bottoms! :-) Again this skirt is perfect for a hot day because it is a lightweight cotton and unlined.
Cotton skirt - Winners
Silk banded top - my "sweatshirt'" :-)  - Le Chateau
Black patterned open-toe pumps - Ros Hommerson
Nude clutch from Portugal

pic 3
It is amazing how easy it is to wear a dress when it is hot - I find myself reaching for them often than for anything else on these days.
Patterned dress - Cleo
White blazer - Melanie Lyne
Tomato red satchel - Chromia via Winners
 Grey herringbone low wedge pumps - Trotters

pic 4.
It "cooled down" to +31C so I braved the trousers :-)
This is the first time I am pairing my blush pink khakis with ink blue - does  it work? I would pair silver flats with the blue but decided to go "warm" with gold and tan this time.
Blush pink khakis - Gap
Ink blue button down  - Le Chateau
Animal belt - Michael Kors via Rack
Gold slipper flats - Isaac Mizrahi
Tan Luce bag - Winners

Thanks for looking! Hopefully 4 pictures were not too overwhelming! :-)
Any feedback and suggestions are appreciated as usual.


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Oh no, are my white Editors ruined?!!! ETA on the bottom

I loved my white Editors last summer and wore them a lot. This summer however I wore them only once and did not feel as fab in them. At last I realized why: I cannot tuck or semi-tuck tops into them and untucked tops just don't sing to me this year. I could not tuck into them for two reasons:
-wide waistband and no belt loops so I cannot wear a belt with them and without a belt tucking just does not work well.
- I sized up to get a looser fit in white and my mom took in the waist for me. Unfortunately the way she did it ruled over any exposed top of the trousers - they just bunched too much.

So I decided to remedy this. I undid the seams and took them to my mom to redo, Instead of taking in the waist we moved them a bit lower on the hips than before and she took in sides a bit. Because of this they became longer so we decided to hem them for 2" shoes and make belt loops out of the excess fabric.

Well, I picked them up today - and they are too short!!! The only shoes I can wear them with are my slipper flats with 0.5" heel! :-( 

So here is my dilemma: should I leave them like this and wear with flats (I have 3 pars: silver, gold, grey) or let out 1.5 inch to wear with 2" heels? Do they look frumpy with flats? pic 1 is from last year with 2.5" wedge sandals, I wore these trousers the most with them. Pic 2 is how they are now with silver flats. The thing is that even if I let out the remaining hem they will be still too short for those sandals...:-( I have red pumps with 2" heel which may work though but they are not really summer shoes for me.
What bothers me with these flats is that the hem gets caught on the shoe vamp as I walk because it is a bit low: Me Too flats have higher vamp and don't have this problem. Maybe we can let out the hem in front a bit to make them longer  so they come completely over the vamp?
Other solution can be to change them into straight legs so heel height is not that critical...
What do you think? Did we ruined them? The ironic thing is that they fit perfectly on top now and have belt loops...but too short!


ETA: I let down the hems. They are just long enough to skim the floor with my highest heels. If my mom can hem them for 0.5" I will be a happy camper :-)


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Pulling the trigger on NAS order...

I have already ordered shoes from NAS and now considering the clothing. This is what caught my eye from online selection: I would appreciate any feedback if you have seen them in person.

One of my style goal this year is to add more color into my wardrobe. At some point the most of my clothing was in color but for the last 1.5 year I had a shift towards more neutral. I think I am ready for another shift now as I reached to point of neutral saturation: I crave more color. This winter I decided to update my closet with more  of my best colors; deep purple, cobalt and red - both true red and deep wine color.
1. I did not like Halogen seamed skirts last year but this time I decided to try them again in case they improved: I love versions from 2 years back. I have my eye on purple and red.
2. More Halogen skirts - these ones patterned midi. I like red and blue patterns.
3. Ditto dresses - I have one cranberry red dress but the rest are neutrals.
I have my eye on Tahari, Halogen in purple and Calvin Klein. The first ones are online only but have anybody seen or tried on CK dress?

4. This striped blouse  I like bold black and white stripe but I am afraid it would feel pretty similar to my striped shirt so I am considering the red.  Will it work for me as well as B&W would?

I also want to wear my tall boots more often this winter - and enjoy them - so I decided to get some fun leggings to update the look. Has anybody seen these Trouve mixed media? My biggest concern if they stretch a lot..

I am hearing that this is Jacket NAS but so far there are not many I feel from online pictures. I am not interested in leather jackets - is there anything interesting you can see working for me? The one of the few I like is  this Elie Tahari but I am afraid the waist can be too high for me. Anybody has seen it IRL - will it work for longer waist?
Another option is Trouve in purple - all my jackets are neutrals. Any feedback?
I also like Mural bomber but looks like it is running small so may not be a good fit.
Another bomber - this time knit in navy/black. Anybody has seen this one?
.I think this is pretty much what I am considering to  order and will appreciate any feedback.


OMG, I just realized...

...that there are 3 days left only until an Early Access for NAS! Where did the time go, it seemed ages until it still...
This is my 4th NAS and I think  I am changing how I shop it.

The 1st one was a wild ride: I bought a lot of stuff because I was excited and fashion-deprived for so long, it was like a therapy. Unfortunately just a few items survived the following purges, really I was not thinking clearly in all my excitement.
The 2nd one was a mixed bag. I still got a lot of stuff but I was more selective and thoughtful so it worked out much better. However some stuff was not of the quality I prefer so I have trouble enjoying them.
The 3rd one was the smallest haul so far but everything I kept became a workhorse. I got and kept one pair of booties (SE python), one pair of Kut BF jeans (my very first one) and one pair of straight leg Paige jeans.

Now what do I plan for my 4th NAS? I don't want to get many things but I want them to be real workhorses for me. My budget is smaller this year and I cannot afford costly mistakes. I know what are my wardrobe holes so I would look for those but other than that what should I look for? I would like to get one or two what Angie calls "landscape changers" but I have no idea what to look for?
I am definitely going to focus on footwear again as it is a real pain to find anything interesting in my size. I would like to focus on flat and low heel footwear (under 2") because my feet are the happiest in them but judging from the NAS catalogue they are going to be scarce. :-(
Do you have any suggestions for "landscape changers" for me? Do you have any thoughts for yours you would like to share?


WIW - yellow, blue and white

This was a short work week as we had  holiday Monday. I am not posting the weekend outfits: it was all deck building so I will spare you :-)

pic 1 Yellow and Ink
Inspired by Angie's long shorts post I decided to wear mine too! They are not as cool as hers  and I don't have that amazing strict and playful top so I tried to make do with what I have.
I usually pair this yellow blazer with white, grey or faded denim because I fell it is such a statement piece it has to be toned down. This time however I decided to try it with ink blue - what do you think? Too much? Instead of high-contrast white I opted for low-contrast black shoes and belt.
Yellow blazer - Gap
black/white micro-check crops - Winners
Ink blue shirt - Le Chateau
black belt and silver tote - Danier
black open-toe shoes - Ros Hommerson

pic 2 Yellow and dark blue - again!
Looks like yellow and blue was a recurring theme this week! This is my attempt to de-bombshell a pencil skirt - with cats! The shirt is pretty loose on me (on top anyway) so it really balloons over this skirt. 
Halogen yellow seamed pencil skirt - NAS
Navy / cream cat shirt - Gap
Nude cage sandals - Franco Sarto
Monty's cousin tote - Winners

pic 3 Back to white
After my foray into colors I am back enjoying white this summer. As always this outfit was inspired by Angie's one from here. OK, let's be honest - not just inspired but basically copy-catted up to the leopard belt! :-)
Black tunic shirt - Le Chateau
Kut white BF jeans - Nordstrom
MK leopard belt - Rack
Silver Isaac Mizrahi flats - Nordstrom
Red Chromia bag - Winners

pic 4...and more white
The day was humid and hot so my lightweight coral lace dress came out to play. We planned to go to the park after work to listen to the music so flat oxfords were just right for the comfort level. I also decided to pull out my old tan hobo bag which I have not used for a while.
Coral lace dress - Banana Republic
White denim jacket - Old Navy
Yellow / white flat oxfords - Hush Puppies
Tan leather hobo  - Luce via Winners

As usual  any comments and suggestions are very much appreciated.
Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!


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