WIW: a week in patterns and white

I have not been too active on the forum lately: life is getting in the way all the time. However I want to keep posting my weekly WIW just to keep myself on my toes :-)
Here I had some experiments and would appreciate your honest opinion on them. I also see that I wore a pattern and white every day - must have been a theme of the week for me!

pic 1 Stripes
I wanted to try this pointelle sweater from JCrew with a flared skirt but I am not sure if it is too long for it? I wore it over a white button down tucked into the skirt to work but also took a picture of this sweater without a shirt underneath. Does it work at all and which way you prefer - layered over the shirt or on its own?

pic 2 Tartan
Pouring rain all day so skinnies tucked into tall boots were in order. I had a nasty jolt in the middle of the day when I went out and was caught in a downpour: I discovered dark blue streaks appeared on my new white jeans! At first I could not figure out what caused them but then I discovered they came from my silver bag when it became wet. Thankfully I was able to get them out in the wash that night so my new white jeans are saved!
pic 3 Polka dots
I felt like culottes that day and thought that this more cropped and less fluid sweater should work with them. Somehow I like this sweater with culottes much better that with my flared skirts...
Bonus shot of my outerwear that day.

pic 4 Toile
This is where I went copycat on Suz and ordere the same toile sweatshirt as hers. I wanted to wear a red skirt and could not decide what to wear on top until I remembered this sweatshirt. It is quite oversized on me, I guess I could have gone with a size down but it was on a final sale so I am stuck with this size :-) I wore it over a shirt tucked in that day but I ma including pictures with the shirt untucked - what do you think? Works?
Also this is the first time I am wearing my flat black Chelsea booties with a skirt. I thought they are not very skirt friendly with a taller shaft and flat heels but I hope the darker hose just made them flattering enough?

pic 5 Snakeprint
I wanted to wear my Danier snakeprint jacket that day and it really needs a simple support act. Black turtleneck seems the right layer with it but I did not feel dark bottoms this time. As my white skinnies were in the wash after a bag accident I decided to wear my new white slim BF jeans from Gap. I wore them rolled up all day but I think that rolled down version is better even if less friendly - what do you think?
I planned to wear my taupe suede booties with this outfit to echo the taupe in the jacket but unfortunately I woke up to see another snowfall on the ground so I had to go with these Naya booties.

Thank you for looking and I hope you have a great weekend!


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WIW: keeping warm in a Polar Vortex

Nooo! It is too early for winter! It is just mid-November - I am not ready for this yet! However nobody asked me and we had it a bucket full this week: first temps in below -10C (over -20C with windchill) and today the Mother Nature also dumped a truckload of snow here - they promised 2" but it looks more like 4 or 5. :-(
It was a good strategic decision to focus on expanding my winter-worthy work footwear collection or I would be stuck with a single pair of flat boots for every day!

pic 1 Black and cream
I wanted to wear my cream culottes and had to wear black boots with them due to a weather. I decided that I need to add another black item to the outfit to bookend the boots. This BR tux jacket is too big for me now - I don't know if it is visible from the picture. It is definitely more of BF style now. I suspect that long and lose blazer with midi length culottes is not everybody's cup if tea but I felt rebellious and liked this pin.

pic 2 Black and cobalt
Very cold day! Merino wool t-neck and pretty heavy wool moto jacket was just the right combination to keep me warm. Maybe a bit too dark but I hope that bright cobalt saved it a bit...

pic 3 Black, navy and white
Team wear - my new white JCrew jeans and BCBG mixed media jacket from consignment. I was agonizing over those jeans and was not sure if I should keep them...but in the end decided to listen to Angie and keep. So far so good - they stretched a bit during the day and definitely not as tight as in the beginning. I think sizing up would be too baggy. 
I like this jacket a lot - double breastedness does not bother me anymore.:-)
I think it fits right in with my current style which is "simple and  bold" - just like it. I don't know if you cna see it but the turtleneck is navy, not black.
White jeans tucked into black flat boots may be not the most flattering and leg lengthening look but I was quite happy in it today.
Thank you for looking and all commenst and suggestions are very much appreciated. 
I am looking forward to a warm(er) spell next week so I can wear my booties a bit longer before it is winter boots all the way!


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Confession or Danger of Consignment Shopping

I have a confession to make: yesterday I went to check out two consignment stores for party wear for my upcoming ballroom dance Gala. I have not found any decent party stuff there but somehow I ended up with a couple of items I was not looking for.
pic 1-3 Wide leg baggy 100% wool camel trousers new with tags (from a local boutique). Only on Friday I was mulling over Angie's formula an thinking that I would love to have a pair of toffee pants to play with - and this is what I find the next day.  The fabric quality is very nice!
I also was gathering these outfits with baggy wide trousers without a hope that I can ever find those:

How could I have left them in the store? I could not. I think I need to let out the hem a bit but need to decide first on the heel height. In the worst case if I cannot make them work as long trousers then I will make them into another pair of culottes!
Now tell me I am crazy because very possible I am...

pic 4-7 BCBG mixed media blazer

For some reason I fell for this jacket even though it was black and I already have a black tux jacket. Look at the length - isn't it perfect? I also loved the sharp shoulder line, the faux leather sleeves, the low stance and narrow lapels  - all this looked pretty current to me. My only hesitation was the double breasted style but in the end I decided to risk it.  There was also  black long jacket by Robert Rodriguez with an awesome patterned silk lining and cool design details...but it just did not fit me right at all: looked like a sack on me without fashionable fluidity. In comparison this BCBG jacket fits like a dream!

What do you think - score or "what she was thinking"? :-)


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WIW: heading into winter...

I wish I could take outdoor pictures now. Alas: by the time I come home from work it is already dark and it is still dark when I am leaving - gotta love Canadian winter! :-(

pic 1  I really like tonal outfits lately. Here I paired my cream culottes with a blush tipped JCrew cashmere sweater and pinkish-taupe animal print booties to wear to the office.

pic 2 I had to leave very early that day for work so I grabbed FFBO: long gilet, white shirt and straight leg trousers with booties. I am including  a closer shot of shadow plaid pattern on the trousers together with the booties.

pic 3
Another early starting work day and another FFBO outfit without much planning: leather jacket, turtleneck and cream skinnies (which fit like BF jeans now).

pic 4 Ballroom dance practice that night. I prefer to dance in a twirling skirt - it is much more fun that way. This dress is perfect for dancing as well as these Fidji shoes.

pic 5
Saturday run to a farmer market. It was quite a grey and miserable November day but this flannel shirt, trench and booties kept me warm and dry.

Sorry my post is so brief today - I feel like a start of the cold and trying to get this post out before I completely collapse. Please wish me that this cold is gone by the morning!

Thank you for looking and have a nice week.


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WIW: Angie's bootcuts ensemble and others

I wanted to try Angie's bootcut ensemble right last Friday but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate so I had to postpone it for Monday to the office instead (pic #1)
This is my only pair of wide leg trousers other than jeans. Not having black bootcuts like in the post I opted for a soft edge here. Also on Team Wear  - debuting my new JCrew pointelle sweater which arrived late last Friday. It is not really cropped but short enough and fluid enough to work with fluid bottoms I think. It runs big so size down or get your smaller size if you want to try it - I recommend!

pic #2
This is what I wore to work on Friday. I think I am a bit over this sweater because this outfit does not feel that  fab to me from the picture; it felt good enough during the day though. Also wearing my new dressy Blondo boots here. Does something feel off to you here as well?

pic#3 I blame Suz! She modeled this toile sweatshirt from JCrew and I HAD to get it too! This was really Team Wear: came from work on Friday night to find a parcel from JCrew - and promptly wore it the same evening to a friends' house. Love it and it is cropped enough for me to play with! I hope it was not too busy with the plaid jeans - this is definitely not a minimalist look.

pic #4
Wore to work and to the quiet evening at home to celebrate my hubby's birthday today. What do you think on wearing this gilet with the dress? Does it look current? Bonus picture of my red cape for Angie :-)

As usual any comments and suggestions are very welcome! 
Enjoy the first week of November!!!


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