Some reviews for Banana Republic items

I completely agree with Angie and others that Banana Republic offerings are great this spring. I have already bought (and keeping) some items from them and I want more!
I went to the store today to return some online orders which did not work for me and could not resist to try some things on. These were my favorites and strong candidates for the future (I did not buy any today).
##1-2. Sloan fit cropped pants
I think I am going over my poison eye for cropped pants as I am thinking to add one pair for my spring / summer work  capsule just to change things up.
I have tried on #1 in my size and liked how they fit a lot (for comparison Avalon fit was awful on me). This is a lot of pant as the pattern is graphic and bold so I am not sure if this is the right pair for me now...on the other hand may be fun? 
#2 is much easier to wear as the pattern is very subtle. Unfortunately there was no my size in the store so I cannot say that it would fit as well as another is now in my online shopping bag waiting for a discount :-)
#3 High waisted pencil skirt
I wanted a high waisted skirt for a long time but could not find one fitting my waist and my hips in the same time (even with the weight loss I am quite curvy with 12 inch difference between my waist and hips). So I did not have high hopes but magically this one fitted in both places.  
Now I have a dilemma: I have white culottes on their way to me and I think I need either a white skirt or white culottes but not both. Should I order a skirt as well and play with both culottes and skirt to see what I like more (it is also on sale today which is another tempting factor).
#4 Medallion lace top
Online picture does not convey how fab this top is! At first I passed it because of the length but then SA mentioned how she likes hers  I added it to the pile for the fitting room just for the fun of it. Well, I put it on and did not want to take it off! The lace pattern is exquisitely elegant and the way it drapes on the body is superb. I liked it with the pencil skirt and with skinnies and with those patterned cropped pants...I am watching the sales now! 
Wish me strength ladies - my wallet would thank you for that!:-)


Blue shirt showdown - as promised!

If you remember I posted about BR chambray tunic which had a defective placket? Well, I have ordered a replacement in hope that it won't have the problem. It arrived and there is no placket problem with it so definitely I got an oddball the first time.
 I also  posted about BR BF shirt in a brighter blue and overall verdict was that it is too big so I promptly ordered a size down, It also arrived and here is the showdown of both shirts for your viewing pleasure :-)
Please ignore the slight grinning cause by the flash - it should not be an issue IRL.
So tell me what you think - which one should I keep or just return both of them? I will keep my opinion with me for now :-)


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My dress is here - keep?

Sorry I am flooding the forum with my posts today but I just need to share this!
I have asked you about some possible additions to my dance capsule some time ago. In the end I decided to order one dress only - and it arrived last night.
It is so different from any dress I have now. I was  afraid of the V neck and wrap but the wrap is false (there is a zipper on the side) and the V neck is narrow and can be stitched a bit so it stays in place. I decided to size down  and this is size 8  - I think it is the right size. It does not need any alterations in the top which is a rare case for me in a dress - but do you think the skirt is not fluid enough? It looks more fluid on the mannequin. Should I try a size up?
What do you think? My hubby liked it but said it is a busy pattern. I don't mind it though. The floral print is abstract and large scaled but the colors are a bit muted so it does not feel too much for me. 
And yes, I would need a different bra for this dress if I keep it :-)
I am very tempted to keep it  - what do you think?


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Possible Keep - and review

You possibly remember my struggles with BR chambray tunic which had a defective placket and was pulling at the chest. I decided to order another one  - just in case if mine was a weird oddball.
While I was ordering my eye also fell on  the soft wash chambray BF shirt in a brighter blue. Well, it arrived yesterday and when I got it out of the package I was immediately smitten with the fabric. It is incredible: soft, drapes like a dream, feels like the best quality silk (even though it is viscose / lyocell blend). It even has a light sheen to it - sooo beautiful! (can you see I am infatuated already :-) ) BTW this is this shirt in this pin

Please not that it is not styled in the pictures at all - I just popped it over culottes I had on last night. I would wear it untuckes with skinnies or tucked or semi-tucked for culottes, BT+F jeans , etc.

Now I need some independent view on the style and fit as I very well may be blinded by the beautiful fabric here. What do you think of the style and the fit? This is size L - should I try size down as well? For comparison I added a picture of the chambray tunic - it feels much stiffer than this one.

Thank you in advance!


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WIW: Angie's ensemble and others

I think this will be the last WIW for a while: I am leaving on vacation next Friday so most likely won't have time to post next week and definitely won't post the week after!
pic #1 My attempt on Angie's ensemble with white, light blue and black. I was not sure I really liked the black jacket here - too much black  -=so I wore it mostly without the jacket at work but looking at the picture I think it was not too bad. These faded blue jeans were bootcuts with a very small flare which looked really awkward to my eye so I altered them to straight legs.

pic #2 Tried to take outdoor picture but the light was fading - hopefully you can see it enough. There were several inches of snow that morning so I defaulted to ponte pants and tall boots.

pic #3 If I cannot have real spring I will make it myself! :-) I love this lavender sweater with white jeans  - fresh and spring-like!

pic #4 These plaid jeans were favorites last summer and fall and this is their first outing after winter hibernation with AT blush blouse and BR navy jacket. I tried these chestnut loafers with the jeans but looking at the pictures I am not sure this is even flattering enough. I should have read Angie's 5 rules fro cropped pants again before venturing out of the house! :-(

Here was mu short week. Thank you for looking and as usual all comments and suggestions are welcome!
Have a nice weekend!


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