My Dance Capsule in Action!

It has been a(very long) while since I posted my WIW - I think a year maybe? Life has been busy and I fell out of the habit to take daily outfit pictures. I still do not take them yet (maybe I should start again, just to keep myself in shape).
However this is a special WIW post for my dance capsule!
As you may remember my hubby and I started ballroom dancing 2.5 years ago. One of the benefits of dancing is that you get to dress up on regular basis, pile on as much bling as you want  and do not look out of place! Try to beat that, especially if you live in a city where wearing a silk blouse with jeans feels overdressed.

When we started dancing I have one single cocktail dress and quickly realized that it is not enough  when you have dance parties to go to once or even twice a week! So of course it meant dress shopping and of course YLF played an important part in it.

Some of you asked before if I can post pictures for my dance capsule in action and here it is  even if a year late. Please don't mind some silly facial expressions and funny poses - they were real action dance shots!

I have included my dress capsule in the finds below, some of you may remember times when you discussed them with me and shared my joy from finding real gems.
Thanks again for helping me out to get where I am now with my dance capsule - a very happy place!


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