Danier: update on the bag and a potential purchase

If you remember from my previous post I discovered a defect in my beloved Danier dove grey satchel.  Today I dropped by the Danier store to see if something can be done about it.
The SA was very nice, suggested to leave the bag so she can send it to the alterations team to see if it can be fixed (they are not available anymore). I hope they can fix it because I love that bag! 
Well, they also had 50% of all jackets sale today - and 50% of the latest price. Could I leave the store without checking if there is any treasure for me? Of course not - my iron will disappears when I enter the Danier store :-)
There were some jackets in nice colors - blush pink, pale lilac, pastel blue - but none of them vowed me with the fit and the leather was heavier than I like for the indoor jackets. I was almost ready to leave when my eye caught this one: Winona jacket. I tried on a black one (the same ElizabethP got some time ago) but the chemistry was not there...and then I saw that it also comes in grey so I tried it too.
For some reason the grey one spoke to me like the black one could not. M was too big and XS was a bit tight in the sleeves but they did not have S. 
Well, long story short - SA is ordering the grey one for me in S. The 50% sale ends today so I thought - why not? It is lightweight, very soft leather and it is long enough for me! I like this grey color too although grey is not my best neutral. This is the only hesitation I have  - will it work in my closet and be JFE for me color-wise. On the other hand the dark grey Trouve long gilet was a brilliant addition for me so there may be a redemption for grey color yet?
Just in case you want to see what should it work with:
- my cold weather capsule;
- my all-season capsule  which also need to work with this jacket.

So please put me straight - do you see this as a good addition for me? I think my frugal part (whatever is still left of it) requires some enabling here :-)

PS: still cannot add finds from Danier - arrggh! :-(


WIW: variations on the topic of white and grey

Grey and I are not a match made in heaven... or anywhere else for that matter. However I like how it looks with white and some other colors like yellow or pink.This was the reason why I got these Gap grey skinny jeans several months ago. So when Angie posted this ensemble this outfit was already swimming in my head...but alas! a week ago I was just 2 days recovering from a surgery and could not tolerate anything except PJ around my midsection... :-)
This week I went to work and used this opportunity to sport this outfit at last - pic #1. Unfortunately these jeans stretch like crazy

after several hours of wear

 and fit like BF jeans rather than skinnies (and not even slim BFs )- not fab! I think I will be purging them quite soon - too bad because I love this grey color :-(
The shirt is new  - a lucky find on the clearance rack in Winners. It is by Adrianne Papell and cost me around $20. The quality is very nice, I like the hi-lo hem and look at the length on the back! I rest my case :-) One cannot have too many white shirts, right? 

Pic #2  was what I wore to work the next day. Everything in this outfit is old. I am trying to wear my culottes while it is not too hot for them yet. 
I have some inspirational pictures on my Pinterest board for culottes with flats - here, here and here so I tried to experiment a bit. The shoes are lower vamp and not complete flats - about 1.5" wedge.

I tucked the top in but  these culottes are not high-waisted.

Last time I tried to wear these culottes with flats  it was a disaster - how is it this time? 

Thank you for looking and as usual all comments and suggestions are very much appreciated. 
Have a great weekend!


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WIW: My casual layered pastels and the moment of truth!

When I saw Kimbely's outfit Inge posted this week I was immediately smitten with it. Such a pretty and soft look - the epitome of a 'soft edge"!
Happily I realized that I can create a similar soft look with items already in my closet. I wanted to do it there and then but circumstances were against it so I had to wait until today when I wore it to work.
I was able to keep the colors pretty much the same as in the inspiration outfit but the top and scarf color reversed. This faux-Burberry plaid scarf was a lucky find in The Bay from this weekend. I was under the influence of Angie's travel outfit posts admiring this new coral scarf of hers when I was crossing The Bay with some returns and happened to pass the scarf section - and there was a coral scarf which reminded me of Angie's so of course I had to stop and try it on. I liked the color but it was 100% poly - not something I would like in a summer scarf...
...and then my eye caught this blue plaid number. I was looking for the pastel blue scarf for some time now and this one seemed perfect and exactly the right shade of blue. It was 100% gauzy and lightweight cotton too and the blue color was only one on sale! Of course it  came home with me.
So this newly bought scarf was the trigger point for creating this outfit. Paired with JCrew pink mixed media tee  it was a complete reverse of Kimberly's pink scarf / blue top combo but I think it still works.
The rest was easy in my head: Gap resolution jeans (look how REALLY cropped they are on me LOL), white Zara jacket and old Franco Sarto nude cage sandals were pretty close to the inspiration outfit so this is what I went to work in today (pic 1-2)

It so happened that I was not able to take the pictures until I got home in the evening. - and then came the moment of truth - or rather two of them:
1. I don't really care for skinny jeans with shorter tops- especially from behind. Does not matter the lost weight I still have curves in places which do not look good in this combination. I also find that together with the cropped length they make my legs look short. All in all not something I want to repeat. (pic 3) From now on skinnies are only with longer tops for me!
2. The second moment of truth was related to my beloved dove grey satchel. I suddenly realized from pic 4 how saggy it looks and began to investigate. Apparently the bag I got was defective  - there is a piece missing on one side of the top part between the handles. I have checked my black bag of the same style which does not sag  - and of course it has these hard pieces on both sides!  The sag was not as obvious before but most likely became more pronounced with the wear <sob>
I am going to take this bag to Danier. Even though I bought it 1.5 years ago it is clearly defective with a missing piece. Hopefully Danier will stand behind their product and can replace it or repair it - wish me luck! 


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WIW: catching up

My life is so busy now that I did not have time to post my WIW so this is a catch up post which heavy on pictures and light on words :-) Unless mentioned the outfit was worn to work.
pic #1 I wanted to wear one of Angie's ensembles here with a fitted denim jacket and a skirt but my only fitted denim jacket in white h=just did not work well with this skirt so  I went with a boxy denim jacket here.

pic #2 Another skirt + denim jacket look and again the buttoned up jacket as per Angie's post did not feel right here. Maybe the problem is that I need a better quality jacket for this look than this Old Navy one?

pic #3 Dress over jeans look. I really like this red color and would like to add more items in it to my wardrobe but it is a hard to find color fir some reason. 

pic #4 The simple look of  a white shirt and jeans. This bright yellow Gap jacket is cheering me up every time I wear it.

pic #5 I just cannot resist a graphic black and white look and here is another one. Red bag was added for fun!

pic #6 For going out with friends to an evening theater performance I kept the same jeans but changes the top and shoes. The picture is a bit dark as I took it after we returned and the light was fading -  hopefully you can see enough :-)

All outfits were a mix of new and old items - except  #2  which was from all old items.

Thank you for looking and as usual all comments and suggestions are very welcome.
Have a great week!


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My latest addition to the Dance Capsule!

Angie is right  - leave no retail stone unturned! As you may remember I am building the Dance Capsule for our new hobby - ballroom dancing. I have been searching for suitable dresses and skirts in the available Canadian sources without success...
..and then last weekend I ventured into Winners and just for fun decided to look at the dress rack. Ans see what I found! This dress has the perfect skirt for dancing and stripe pattern makes it even better in motion.
The fabric is knit so it is on the casual side but it should work for summer. The knit is lightweight but substantial enough so no VPL  - another bonus! because it is lightweight it is the perfect weight for dancing because it is not hot. And did I mention that the price was the whooping $25?!
I wore it to the social dance tonight and got a compliment on it already :-) The only issue is that armholes are too low cut for me but I am going to take in the shoulder straps a bit to fix this.

Just felt like sharing this tonight - thanks for looking and have a great weekend!


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