WIW: mostly repeats but why not?:-)

This WIW is "post and run": I am leaving on a business trip early tomorrow morning (5AM) for the rest of the week and don't know how much access I will have to YLF. Please forgive me if I don't reply for the comments promptly! I think most of these outfits are repeats or almost repeats so not much new here...

#1 Winter white again. I wore almost the same outfit with python booties- this one is with taupe suede booties.

 Cream chunky sweater - Gap
Cream skinnies  - Banana Republic
Taupe suede booties - Sam Eldeman
Silver tote - Danier

#2 Another almost repeat but for booties and belt. I like python booties here better than the taupe  but I think that silver belt looked better here than this studded white. Well, third time the charm and I will get everything right then!:-)

Orange / grey cashmere sweater - Winners
Plaid trousers - Banana Republic
Python booties - Sam Eldeman
Dove satchel - Danier

#3 I think Angie's post on pastels prompted me to wear my only light denim option. Now looking at this outfit I think that if I wore my python booties that day it would be an illustration for Angie's Friday pastels ensemble. In my defense I have to say that I wore this 2 days before the Friday post :-(

Ink boxy t-neck - Club Monaco
Kut BF jeans- -Nordstrom
Red Munro booties - NAS
Silver tote - Danier

#4 I liked Angie's grey, lilac and black ensemble so much that I ordered a lilac Tippi sweater from JCrew that very day. I like purple color in all incarnations and it is a very good color for me but I have dismally small amount of it in my wardrobe (here is I am looking at you with a hope, a Year of Radiant Orchid!)
Remember I complained that I have problems styling this knit blazer? I think I found another formula with it which I like!

Grey knit blazer - Gibson
Black Martin skinnies - Banana Republic
Lilac Tippi sweater - JCrew
Black  satchel - Danier
Silver pumps - JRenee (changed into them at work from my winter boots)

#5 This is a total repeat of one of the older outfits - the day was bitterly cold and tall boots and heavier moto felt just right.

Cobalt wool moto jacket - Gap
Grey tunic - Max Studio
NYDJ ponte pants - NAS
Black Blondo boots
Silver tote - Danier.

Thank you for looking and as usual any comments and suggestions are very welcome.

Have a nice week!


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I am a lemming or another BR cream trench saga

Nancy's post on BR cream trench reminded me how much I want to add a cream coat to my collection. I decided that I cannot deal with wool coat in this color because of the high dry cleaning upkeep but washable  trench would be ideal.
Then there was Emily's post on the same trench and something snapped inside me: even though I decided to have shopping reduce year I had to see that cream trench for myself!...so I caved in and ordered it.
Banana Republic delivery outdid itself this time:  I ordered on Saturday and it arrived on Monday. Of course I pulled it out of the box right away and had to try it on immediately.
My hubby liked it right away which surprised me because the color is as impractical as they come. I really like the color but I am not sure about the fit and fabric. Also I thought the buttons are black but they are tortoise color. I would really like a cream trench with black buttons.

Looking at the pictures I think it maybe too big on me. I am wearing it on top of my leather blazer. It looks like there is too much fabric on the back and on the sides - maybe I should try size down?
I am also not sure about cotton blend fabrication for a trench. My purple London Fog trench which has been a real workhorse for me is not cotton but polyester so it does not wrinkle, water-proof and wind-resistant. I have never owned cotton blend trenches - how do they take the elements?

Anyway I am not sure it is the one for me so most likely I will return it but I am glad I tried it because I know now that I have to have a cream trench in my life, just not sure this is the right one... 

Would you care to vote what do you think: Yay - keep, Nay - return



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WIW: winter white and winter blues!

I had a very busy weekend when I had to work so I am late with my WIW but better late than never, right?

Winter white and blue were to repeating theme it looks. A lot of FFBO as well :-)
pic 1 Last time I tried this sweater with cream skinny jeans and was not thrilled with the proportions even though I liked the almost white color scheme. I think I like this short sweater better with baggy trousers instead.

Only Mine polka dot sweater - NAS
Monogram cream trousers - Banana Republic
Munro Robyn booties

pic 2 - 3 Easy dressing for a busy day - what can be easier than sweater dress and boots? Could not resist to include a picture with my man coat!:-)

Sweater dress - Gap
Black wool coat- Danier
BP cognac boots - NAS

pic 4 Another FFBO and repeat: short dress + skinnies + tall boots. Not really creative but so easy and comfortable!

MK short dress - Macy's
NYDJ ponte skinnies - NAS
Blondo tall boots

pic 5 I like the proportions of this fluid turtleneck with cream skinnies much better than the short sweater. I also seem to be reaching for my scarves more often later after almost a year staying mostly away from them, especially when the rest of the outfit is pretty simple.

Yellow turtleneck - Banana Republic
Cream skinnies - Banana Republic
BP cognac boots - NAS
Silk scarf from Paris

pic 6 Trying this white dress with opaque black tights and flat boots. I would prefer to wear it with dressy low heeled boots (which I don't own yet) and sheer hose (which is too cold for this winter) but oh well! :-)

CK white/black sheath - Winners
Blondo tall boots
Cream turtleneck - Banana Republic

Thank for looking! As usual all comments and suggestions are very much appreciated.


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When you kitty is interested in fashion...

...the results may be pretty unexpected and sad. Look how my Winnie chewed my tomato red Chromia satchel which I accidentally left in the living room or 0.5 hour. Here he is, the rascal, and no guilty conciseness in sight!

I knew that dogs chew things but I never thought that cats do it too...now I know :-(

I guess the bag is ruined now <sign>


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WIW: with the common theme of the wrong footwear

I may not be much on the forum for a little while. Between my aunt visiting, busy work and some health issues I am dealing now my time and energy are pretty limited. I will try to post my weekly WIW just to keep myself  on my toes style-wise but may not be able to comment much on the other threads and for this I apologize in advance.
These are my work WIW from the last week. The common topic for the most of them is the wrong footwear: I guess my heart was not completely in the dressing this week :-(
pic 1 The day was VERY cold (-29C with windchill) and I was running late so I opted for an easy and WARM formula of straight leg jeans and oversized sweater. I wore my shearling lined UGG boots outside and changed into those booties at work. I am not sure the booties were a good choice here, especially with a black bag. Oh well!

Paige straight jeans
Gap chunky sweater
David Tate booties
Danier black satchel

pic 2 Another even COLDER day (-39C with the windchill) and another bundling up. I usually don't tuck my slouchy trousers into tall boots because they get wrinkled but these plaid trousers are wrinkle resistant so they are great for tucking. The booties were carried to work again but I was dressing in a hurry in the morning so it was only at work that I noticed that those putty suede booties do not work well with light grey of the trousers. It is not so obvious in the pictures but IRL the mismatch of the greys was very pronounced. I shuddered every time I looked at my feet! Well, another lesson learned! At least I liked the dove bag with those trousers and top!

Orange / grey cashmere sweater - Winners
Plaid trousers - Banana Republic
Putty (greenish taupe) suede booties - Sam Eldeman
Danier dove satchel
Silver belt from the discount store

pic 3 It warmed up a bit so I was brave enough for a dress. Paired my cobalt moto with polka dot sheath dress and flat boots: hopefully de-bombshelled it enough without getting into frumpy territory. For once footwear choice felt right here.

Dress - Jones New York
Moto jacket - Gap
Blondo tall boots
Danier silver tote

pic 4 I would be happy about this outfit if I liked my black booties better. They are the only black booties I have (their 4th season now) and I like them less and less every time I wear them. I guess the shootie height combined with chunky heel and tough straps just are not me anymore. I wonder if it is  time to say good bye even though they are still in a good shape and I don;'t have other black booties.

Only Mine polka dot sweater - NAS
Cobalt Martin trousers - Banana Republic
Cream snake belt
Danier black satchel
Clarks black booties

I did not even take a picture on day 5 as I was sick half the night and just threw on a t-neck, jeans and booties before leaving for work. Was not even up to applying makeup that day! I felt so bad that I also decided to skip the company party that evening so I did not get a chance to wear the outfit I asked your advice about here :-(

So this was the last week and I hope this week will turn up better....at least I am much more careful about my footwear choices this week :-)
Thank you for looking and as usual all comments and suggestions are very much appreciated.



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WIW: for a big birthday surprise for my Mom!

YLF is a unique community where we get support for hard moments in our lives but it is also a place where we share the happy moments as well. I would like to share such a moment with you today.
I have sponsored my parents to come to Canada 10 years ago. My mom's only  sister is living in Russia. Over these 10 years they met 4 times and the last one was 2 years ago.
My mom had her 70th birthday last Thursday and her sister decided to come for a surprise visit from Russia. I was in on the secret and convinced my mom to move the dinner party from Thursday to Saturday because "I am busy at work". In reality it was because my aunt was arriving on Saturday and we wanted to have a surprise.
I was able to keep the secret for months and my mom had no idea. This morning we drove to Toronto to pick up my aunt from the airport and then showed up in the restaurant. My mom had a shock - she could not believe her eyes! (pic 5) Then she found out that as my birthday gift for her I am sending her and my aunt for a week to a resort in Cuba! They both were very happy and excited (pic 6) - and I was happy and excited too! (if my aunt does not look very happy in the picture this is because she was up for 20+ hours and was very tired)
Now to the WIW part :-) :
Pics 1-3 were what I wore to the trip to the airport. BF jeans are ideal for this 6 hour trip. I am including pictures from the back and the side as well because I was not sure lately that these jeans still look good. Somehow they feel too big and baggy when I look in the mirror but looking at the pictures I think they look ok.
Teal t-neck - Banana republic
KUT BF jeans
BP cognac tall boots
Aqua scarf - a recent b-day present from my friend. I was neglecting my scarves lately but somehow it felt right here.

Pic 4 what I wore to a restaurant to celebrate my Mom's birthday.
Pleione crossover top - Nordstrom
Martin black trousers  -  Banana Republic
Vaneli cognac booties

Thank you for looking and for sharing my happy moments with me today!


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Company event this Friday: help!

We have company party this Friday and dress code is business formal.
I have hard time deciding what to wear but I know one thing for sure: I want to wear my tuxedo jacket, silver pumps and striped clutch! The rest is open for debates :-)
#1 Black/white sheath dress
#2 Black silk shirt with cream trim, cream fluid trousers
#3 Silver stripe sweater, cream trousers
#4 Le smoking with black trousers and white BB shirt tucked in with the belt
I like the tucked look but it drives me  crazy because the shirt gets un-tucked when I sit down so here is another version:
#5 the same but shirt untucked
#6 Silver stripe sweater, black trousers
#7 Cream silk sweatshirt, black trousers
#8 Indigo silk sweatshirt, black trousers

Any preference? What should I go with?


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WIW: winter whiteout

I was inspired by Angie's Friday post and wore winter whiteout outfits 2 days in a row ignoring snow and cold.

pic 1 Angie's copycat
I wore this to work on Friday. it was bitter cold in the morning (-29C with windchill) so I wore my tan shearling lined boots outside and changed into the booties at work. This is almost a exact copycat of a recent Angie's outfit (the same sweater and jeans) and I shamelessly admit it. As I don't have white booties I wore my python booties. As for the bag I decided that I like the dove grey here. Jeans stayed clean for the whole day defeating ride back and from work in a dirty car (snow and salt) and a 0.5h lunch break walk in downtown. I did not feel out of plce wearing winter white in a sea of black and dark at all!

pic 2 Winter white and little black
This is what I wore for a friend's birthday party today - similar to a previous day but with different sweater and bag. However I am afraid this dotty sweater shrank a bit after a wash :-( or is it just too short and fitted for the skinnies?  If I won't be able to stretch it I will reserve it to wear with roomier trousers...

pic 3-4 Bonus of New Year Eve outfit
This was a final version of my New Year Eve outfit I asked your help for I added a brown leather jacket for warmth and I was glad I did!

Thank you for looking and have a great Sunday. I hope nobody was affected by the winter storm in the US North East this weekend. It looks like this storm is catching up with us now as it has been snowing for the last couple of hours. Please stay warm and safe!


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