WIW which is short on words...

...because it is too hot now to think what to write! Last week was extremely busy for me with spending 3 mornings in the hospital so most of the time it was for FFBO to the rescue.

pic 1 Trying to find ways to incorporate these brown loafers into my summer outfits - here is with white. Works?

pic 2 Morning in the hospital to drive my hubby to and from a procedure and then to work. Of course I was running late in the morning and no time to dress properly so very simple shirt-pants formula was needed!

pic 3 I am trying to get more wear from my new summer pieces before winter is back. This one felt pretty good.

pic 4 Another summer shirt I want to wear more often while I can - and the vest too!

pic 5-6 I think I have a mental block wearing skinnies with shorter tops which I tried to overcome here. I am adding the side and back view as this is my most "tender" spot now - do you think I can wear shorter tops with skinnies or I ma better off sticking to the ones which cover my behind as much as possible?

pic 7 This is my "not NAS" purchase from yesterday trip - Vince Camuto tube skirt in black. I have one in stripe for the 3rd season now and while I love it sometimes pattern mixing is too much so I picked up this solid black yesterday. As you can see I am firmly on the Team Wear as I wore it to work the next day!

Thank you for looking and as usual all comments and suggestions are very much appreciated!


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WIW: to take my mind of NAS...

...I decided to post my outfits from the previous week which I did not have a chance to post yet. So here we go!

pic #1 White, black and nude.
I love this lace top from BR - amazing how much better it looks in person than in the stock picture. I prefer to layer it over a black tank so the lace pattern stands out more (neat trick I learned from Angie) The top may be too long for the skirt but I hope it is JFE!

pic #2 Orchid, black and navy
I really like the color of this J Crew sweater but I have an issue with the fit - it is too big. I am not sure if it stretched out that much or if it was too big to start with as I bought it before finishing my weight loss last year. I know some of fabbers have this same sweater (Suz? Tanya?)  - did yours stretched out too? I cannot wear it without a partial tuck and sleeve scrunching as it is too oversized for my liking.
It also definitely faded after a couple of washes!
Other than the sweater fit I was really happy with this outfit includig the scarf. I am really warming up back to them now!

pic #3 Almost whiteout
I got this BR silk shell on a big discount at the store to use as a layering piece and this is my first attempt to wear it. I am not sure though - may be this neckline which is not the best for layering? I don't think I was as happy with this outfit as I was with the other two...

OK, thus distracted from NAS browsing I am going off to bed :-)
Thanks for looking nad as usual all commenst and suggestions are very much appreciated!


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WIW: inspired by Angie and others

The first time I saw Angie's outfit with the matching scarf and blazer I was smitten. So pretty and sophisticated! I could not copycat it because I don't have such brilliant wardrobe items - and don't even have enough matching pieces in any other colors either. 
So I came up with my own version ( pic #1 ) which was inspired rather than copied. In my case it was rather tonal than matching with 2 colors - ink and pastel blue. I really love this blue scarf I got at The Bay - the perfect lightweight summer scarf in a flattering for me pastel blue - not easy to find!

Now #2 did not come out as I expected at all. It looked fine in the mirror but I cringed when I saw the picture the same evening. I even made a note in the ensemble ( I try to save my daily outfits as  ensembles in my collectios - thanks Greg and Angie for the awesome feature!) not to pair this shirt, pants and shoes in the same outfit again. At least the lesson is learned!

For keeping it real I am posting a rare weekend outfit in #3 - rare because I rarely get to snap pictures of them. The slip ons are new and I hope the orange was not too jarring here. 

#4  was worn to the dance on Sunday. Love my regular occasions to dress up and wear dresses! :-)

Thank you for looking and as usual any comments and suggestions are very welcome!


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Introducing my new little darling

You may remember that I am trying to build my dance capsule for our new hobby - ballroom dancing. This trend - handkerchief hems - is perfect for this because it adds a lot of movement and interest during the dance so I am always checking this option online. Unfortunately it is also a hard trend to get right, at least for my taste so
I saw this dress on The Bay website when they had a sale a week ago and it looked interesting and unusual. The brand (Kensie) was not known to me but the price was right so with free shipping and returns I had nothing to lose. I have also ordered this Vince Camuto handkerchief skirt and a couple of tops while I was on it :-)
The tops and the skirt came on Monday and they were a bust. I was not sure about the skirt but my hubby took one look at it and said "no" - and he was right. It had too much volume on the top and too many handkerchief parts and all together looked as a shapeless mess. I did not even have to post K/R for it and did not take a picture either - returned the whole lot the next day.
I thought that I forgot to order a dress and thought "oh well". Imagine my surprise when I cam home from work on Friday and there was a small package waiting for me.I had no idea what was it and there was this dress...
...and I fell in love from the moment I put it on. It was a completely new style for me and I worried that it may be too short but strangely it did not bother me.The handkerchief pieces are so cleverly done that this dress has a lot of movement to it and even though it is too short in some places but overall effect is quite decent on me (I think0.
And hubby loved it too! He called it "mermaid dress" :-) And as I am firmly on the Team wear I wore it to the dance the same night!

So here it is for your viewing pleasure :-) because it is not a K/R post. Nothing in the world will make me to part with this little dress! I can also wear it with leggings and may do it for winter dances but I think it is decent enough with bare legs.

Here are the pictures from different angles and also how I wore it to the dance - with a white jacket and a nude clutch.
Welcome to the my dance capsule, my little darling! :-)


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WIW: climbing back to the world of living :-)

Between the recovery from my surgery, my Dad being in the hospital and my acute gastritis for the last 2 weeks I did not manage to take many outfit pictures so this is what I managed. All but the last outfit were worn to work.

pic #1
A shirt, jeans and sandals - it does not get any easier than that. 
pic #2
White out - a debut of a white eyelet tunic from BR. It took me long time to select between a black and white tunics and in the end the white won.
pic #3
We had an event at work with a lunch and golf but at the last moment the golf was cancelled as the course was closed due to a heavy rain on the weekend (and to my relief as I hate golfing :-) ) The invitation said "no jeans" but I gathered that nobody will guess these Kut skinnies as jeans so I should be safe :-)
pic #4
After days in jeans I felt like wearing a dress! 
pic #5
Day off today! I took my Mom to a farm for some strawberries and then we went for a long walk in the park. The weather is strange this summer again - July 1 and it did not even reach 20C by noon! These are the same Gap resolution straight jeans Angie has and which were in her funds. After a long internal debate I decided to get the after all after I purged my light grey jeans which were stretching like crazy - and I am so happy I did. Love these jeans! I wore them 4 times already and they do not stretch at all. The fabric is very pleasant to the touch and the color is really nice. The only issue is they are REALLY cropped on me but maybe it is a good thing: after all I wanted to branch into cropped pants this year and these fit the bill (an hopefully they are cropped at the flattering length).

Thank you for looking and as usual all comments and suggestions are very much appreciated.


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