WIW - after a break

I took a break from posting my WIW last week and thought I would skip this week as well - I just don't feel much inspired lately with my crazy work schedule. Honestly I am so tired for working overtime for over a month that it is hard to get excited over anything.
However I have changed my mind mid-week and here they are with some fancy names :-)
pic 1 - Stripes and Lace
This is as bomb-shelly as I can go while still feeling like myself. I wonder if this belt would be better in low contrast color...
pic 2 - Leggings and Oxfords
I hoped that my hair is enough to bookend my black leggings here...:-)
pic 3 - Almost White-out
This was my favorite of the week. I LOVE this white Melanie Lyne blazer, especially paired with these white Express trousers: almost a suit. Last time I paired them with a black tank for a bit of drama but this time I was drawn to less contrast and wore a silver lurex tank. I only wish the tank was a bit longer though. I don't get many compliments at work (male IT environment, you know) but this day I got quite a few. The most interesting was from one guy: "you look like you are ready to rock the stage today" :-)
pic 4 - Bold Pattern and Bright Bag
Trying to get more wear out of my summer dresses before summer is still here. This is my first piece with a bold and bright pattern and I quite like it. I also like how I can wear bright turquoise (which is not my best color) in a pattern with white and black and it suits me better than the solid color.
pic 5 - Buttoned up Boyfriend
This was another favorite from this week. First I wanted to wear an indigo blue silk tunic with these BF jeans, but something was off. Then I saw my Tahari white button down and thought its sharpness would contrast nicely with slouchy jeans. I also threw in my chunky pearls, white studded belt and nude wedges to keep it simple but interesting. I am surprising myself how I like to semi-tuck with BF jeans - something I never attempted before. I think I understood why today. First semi-tuck is more flattering for fuller hips with a low rise jeans - gentle curve instead of a sharp straight line. And second to keep the top tucked in with low rise it must be a tunic length: normal length tops just don't stay tucked for me. With a semi-tuck this problem is solved!
This was my week and thanks for looking. Have a great weekend!


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WIW - from heat to cool in one week

It is a short post this week as it was a short week because of the holiday. I think the common part here is fun footwear to liven up otherwise simple outfits...
Hot day so a light dress was in order with a cover up denim jacket for the office. I really like the combination of teal and coral together, so summery! I really need to retire these Born tel flats as I almost worn them out but this is my only pair of the flats and I cannot find a comfortable replacement :-(

Cooling down.. I have thrifted this patterned shell to wear over other tops like a vest. Do you think it works here or is it too short? I like my yellow / white oxfords for the fun factor they bring to any outfit.

The coolest day! Actually I decided to wear booties today as it was raining all day. Here is a debut of my NAS python booties. I have decided to go big or go home with them and paired them with BF jeans, striped top, leopard belt and bright red bag. It maybe too much for some but I really liked it even though it may be not the most flattering outfit.

That was it - a very short week. All comments and suggestions are appreciated!
Oh, and this is a fresh haircut too! I decided to go shorter too <waving to Suz>


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The evidence of my experiment with cropped trousers

Earlier this week I have posted a plea for help to help me understand why my cropped trousers outfit did not feel fab:
I received a lot of great and helpful feedback and decided to experiment.
Pic 1 is from the original post.
Pic 2 is my today experiment.

I think I know the answer now but I want to hear what do you think?


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Ask Angie: help me to troubleshoot the cropped pants outfit!

...and of course everybody else! :-)
I tried to wear my mini-houndtooth cropped trousers again this week with a different blouse. I am not sure I like the result though so I pulled out the previous outfitwhich I liked and decided to compare it.
Am I right that the outfit with tucked in turquoise blouse is less flattering than the one with a ink blue shirt? If so what is the critical factor here:
- full tuck vs.semi-tuck;
- both shoe options are nude but there is 1" difference between sandals and the pumps (1 1/2" vs. 2 1/2");
- higher contrast belt? I also see that the belt slid a bit down in the loops which makes the look less crisp I think.

So which is the culprit: shoes, tuck, belt, combination of the above or something completely different? Or I am just being off the mark here and outfit 2 is fine?

Thanks in advance for clearing this for me!


WIW - including another BF jeans attempt!

Sorry I was MIA this week: our home computer caught the virus and my DH was trying to get it back to health. Also the work is crazy now: we were officially asked to work extra 10 hours a week because of tight deadlines - for the next 2 months. I don't have time at work even to look at the site and by the time I get home I am completely exhausted to comment on anything. :-( I will still try to post my weekly WIW as they help me to stay out of style rut though and here is this week's one.
Also sorry for the state of my hair - I have a long overdue appointment for tomorrow!
pic 1
My attempt on the white summer suit with Melanie Lyne white blazer and Express Editors. I got this black tank at Laura last weekend very marked down ($75 to $12). It is long enough but the embelishment if not attached very well: I wore it once and already some applique pieces are coming off. It is good I got it on sale!

pic 2
Midi skirt with flats! I know it is not for everybody's liking and my mom told me that this skirt is not as flattering on me as the length in #3 but I quite liked it.
Spanners midi skirt via consignment, BB shirt, Born teal flats.

pic 3
I blame Shannon! I wondered into the mall a couple of weeks ago and how could I pass Cleo store after seeing so many amazing dresses on Shannon? Well, let me tell you that they don't look anything amazing on me. I guess Cleo is not a good brand in dresses for pear-ish bodies. I had to size up from my usual size to get the his fit but the top part was at least 2 sizes too big on me in this dress. I liked the pattern though so I bought it and my mom did her magic.
Cleo dress, CK denim jacket, Chromia bag, Fidji nude pumps.

pic 4
Another find from my last weekend in the mall: striped shirt from Suzy Shier. I don't usually shop there as the quality is not to my liking but this shirt caught my eye with its almost architectural look. I am returning the NAS houndtooth shirt (too short) and this will be a substitution for a bold graphic white and black shirt.
I hope I don't look like a prisoner in it :-)

pic 5-6

Here is another attempt on BF jeans - less structured this time and I liked this one too. I bought this linen sweater in Madewell during my meeting with Jonesy at NAS. The color is not my best - I think you can call it taupe - but together with the texture of the knit and a sparkle from a silver lurex thread I think it is not soul sucking at me. Bonus here: polka dot knit pattern (I hope you can see it in pic 6)
I thought of wearing my nude wedges for a leg lengthening effect but then I rebelled and decided to go with bold flat oxfords. I have also added my Parisienne polka dot scarf to echo the polka dot pattern in the sweater and animal print belt - just for fun. Does this less structured BF outfit works -what do you think?

Thanks for looking and helping me to to still look presentable even if my work is crazy now!


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