WIW: black, white and blue in a hurry

This winter continues to present dressing challenges. It was much warmer this week but because we have so much snow which began to melt and then freeze over again (eek!) footwear choice is pretty limited unless one is willing to change shoes in the office...not to mention that chronic running late every morning added its own challenge :-(

pic 1 - 2 Black and white
I was in the mood for a simple black and white theme, I wanted to wear a tux jacket and was looking for a top which is not very formal or the look would be too over the top in my casual office. I decided to go with this studded black tank which is on the casual side because the fabric is tshirt-like cotton. I wore the jeans full length all day  and then decided to cuff them as well and take a picture. Well, I think I like the full length version much better: I don't think the cuffed length does me any favors here...

Cream jeans and tux jacket - Banana Republic
Studded tank - Winners
Clarks booties
Danier satchel

pic 3 Black, white and cobalt
I wanted to wear my cobalt moto that day and was limited to Blondo boots because I had to take bus to work. It was not very cold so I galdly wore sheer patterned hose instead of tights! (excuse my red vampire eyes here!)

Polka dot dress - JNY
Cobalt moto jacket - Gap
Blondo boots
Danier silver tote

pic 4 Stripes with the touch of red
I was running late this morning so basically grab-and-go basics here.

Striped sweater and black Martin trousers - Banana Republic
Red Munro booties
Danier silver tote

pic 5 Classics and pastels
I don't remember if it was intentional or not but this outfit was pretty much by Angie's post. After I left the house I realized that pairing cognac boots and dove grey bag may not be the best color combination here...oh well!

Gap chunky sweater
Kut BF jeans
BP cognac boots
Danier dove satchel

That was my week  - thank you for looking. As usual all comments and suggestions are welcome!
Have a great Sunday!!!!


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WIW: I am back after a long(ish) break!

First it was a business trip, then I got sick (I blame the planes and airports) so it has been quite a while since I posted my last WIW. I was more or less back to normal last week so I managed to take pictures again and also trying to be more active on the forum.

pic 1 Homage to Angie's outfit post and Feeling Fab in White post
Ever since I bought these cream BR skinnies in December I wanted to pair them with my black riding boots but something hold me back. After seeing Angie's outfit I took the plunge!
I think I am warming back to scarves especially when I do not wear an exposed belt in the outfit. Somehow this silk black / white scarf just felt right here to add interest to otherwise very simple and even severe outfit in black and white.

Cream skinny jeans - Banana Republic
Black t-neck - Banana Republic
Blondo blackriding boots
Danier satchel

pic 2 De-bombshelling the pencil
This boxy turtleneck in ink is too short to wear with skinnies (at least for my eye) but I think it is the right length for skirts. I wish I have more refined black booties for this outfit but so far my search for them was futile :-(

Yellow Halogen pencil - NAS
Ink boxy t-neck - Club Monaco
Clarks black booties 
Danier silver tote

pic 3 Not so trendy
I guess tunic over skinnies is not a trendy look any more but I still sport it at least once a week because it is a flattering formula for my pearish bottom part and because it pairs well with tall winter boots. I usually pair this Missoni (for Target) tunic with black or grey top but this time I decided to cheer myself with a bit of yellow.

Yellow t-neck - Banana Republic
Missoni tunic - Target
NYDJ ponte skinnies - NAS
Blondo black riding boots
Pleather "python" tote - Winners

pic 4 Inpired by midi skirt post
I really enjoyed Angie's midi skirt review from the fashion week, got inspired and tried to recreate this pin with what I had on hand. This midi fit and flare dress has the neckline which is too deep and wide for my liking so I always ned to layer over it. I bought this cropped camel blazer 2.5 years ago but somehow it does not get worn very often so it is almost an orphan now. I also think I need to get a low contrast belt for this dress for a more streamlined effect. I thought it looked good but now looking at the picture I am not so sure...

Donna Morgan cranberry midi dress - Nordstrom
Trouve cropped jacket - Nordstrom
BP cognac tall boots - Nordstrom

pic 5-6 Unorthodox cobalt on Valentine day
Not very traditional for Valetine day but I wanted to wear cobalt trousers with navy and ink. I wore my cognac booties to work and discovered that my kitty chewed them as well! The naughty boy!!! Now I am definitely dyeing them ink  blue to cover all those teeth marks and scratches (and I think they would work better for my current wardrobe in this color anyway)
Also could not resist from posting the shot with my Danier black coat and cobalt/black checkered scarf :-)

Cobalt Martin trousers - Banana Republic
Ink Tippi merino sweater - JCrew
Cat shirt - Gap
Cognac Vaneli booties

Thank you for looking. As usual all comments and suggestions are very appreciated.


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