Potential glasses: installment #2

I have already asked for your help with glasses before and I was going to look for other options. My car troubles took over so I was not able to resume the specs search until today.

Here is a new installment - please tell me if any of those are good options. Unfortunately the colors did not photograph well but I tried to stay away from solid black and went for other dark colors instead.

pic 1: Dark teal / clear  These ones are big but I kind of like them anyway

pic 2: Oakley with turquoise inside and details - the front seems almost black though

pic 3: the same style as in #2 but  dark purple

pic 4: Versace  - medium purple 

pic 5: Vogue  - very dark purple. This one has a pearl embelishment at the temple but I think I can live with this kind.

Any of those get your vote or should I keep looking?
Thank you so much for your help!


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WIW: mostly neutrals with a break of sky blue!

I am heading off to pick up our new car (YAY! My old Buick survived until this day!) so this is a quick post. Hopefully with our car woes over I will have more time for the forum this coming week...

pic 1 
It was very warm day (even if rainy and overcast) so I braved a skirt sans hose for the first time. Everything in this outfit is from the last season or older but I hope it still reads modern?

Striped tee - Brooks Brothers
Bone slingbacks - Ron Hommerson
Nude clutch - boutique in Portugal
Midi flared skier - Spanners (consigned)

pic 2.
I bought these trousers last fall but did not get to wear them then because they are summer weight fabric. They supposed to be slim fit but I sized up to get a slouchy fit in them - and full length. They are quite OTT with mini-windowpane pattern and black tuxedo stripe so I tried to keep the rest of the outfit in the same colors and simple

Trousers - Long Tall Sally
Tux jacket - Banana Republic
Tee - Lord&Taylor via The Bay
Danier black satchel
Me Too red pumps

pic 3
It was raining and  gloomy for the second week in a row so I rebelled and decided to wear this sky blue Zara jacket to brighten my day. This is another piece which require a careful styling because of the striking color and style. I decided to wear "almost" a column of black with it. This silk shell is in a pattern of black and taupe and I may be crazy thinking it works with this blue but I quite liked it: somehow all black felt too dark here.  These skinny pants are full length so I cuffed them to be cropped (remembering that Angie said this length of the jacket looks best with crops)

I tried the shell untucked and with a faux tuck on the side - any preferences?

Zara gathered shoulder jacket
Skinny black pants - Banana Republic
Halogen silk shell
J.Renee Tomlin pumps (Angie's pick)
Danier dove satchel

pic 4
Cold! We woke up to a mere 3C that morning so this felt almost like winter again (I also wore a trench over this outfit and it was still chilly).
I tried to lighten the winter look with cream jeans, light booties and a bag though. Only in the middle of the day I realized that I have 2 snake patterns going on in this outfit - in the booties and in the jacket panel. I hope it was not too much!

Danier asymmetric leather jacket
Tippi merino sweater in navy - JCrew
Sam Eldeman python booties
Danier dove satchel

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend (and for Canadians a LONG weekend - YAY!) 


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WIW: another hard week

This week was full of challenges and surprises. It is a madhouse at work when we have a delivery to a client and issues are piling up. One of my kitties disappeared for 3 days and I thought she was hit by a car or something and I will never see her again. (she appeared this morning like nothing happened, naughty girl!) And if this is not enough our 11 year old car needs replacement ASAP now (so here I can say good bye to my NAS and new furniture for the deck this year ). In addition it was gloomy and rainy for the second week in a row- and quite cool until today. How to keep one's spirits up in such conditions? Playing dress up of course! :-)

pic 1 I wanted to wear these red booties and these wide leg trousers so the rest had to play along. I felt like almost neutral outfit except for shoes. The only thing I would change here is the belt: I tried a wide black belt in the evening and liked it much better

Danier leather blazer
Suzy Shier striped blouse
Express Editors trousers
Munro booties

pic 2 This outfit was a debut of this Zara blazer. I decided to return the pink one and keep the blue as it is more fun and a different style for me. I wish it was a bit longer but I hope it was not a complete disaster. I also became a bit adventurous to wear a tomato red bag with this sky blue blazer :-)

Zara gathered shoulder blazer
Paige straight leg jeans (my BF)
JCrew cream oxfords (I am totally in love with those - and my feet too!)
Gap relaxed white shirt
Chromia satchel

pic 3 I usually pick one item I want to wear and build the outfit around it. This time the slouchy and tapered trousers. I decided to tuck in the cross-over shirt for a more streamlined look with the jacket.

Pleione crossover blouse from NAS
Log Tall Sally trousers
Sam Eldeman Petty booties
Danier silver tote
Danier white leather jacket

pic 4 This is my interpretation of blush and tomato red trend for spring: blushing peach and true red for my  version. I could not decide which footwear to wear and in the end decided on those low tweed wedge pumps in grey. I bought these pumps so I have a pair of neutral shoes which go with everything thinking that grey color and this style are quite versatile and will go with almost everything. I was wrong - I hardly reach for those "safe" shoes  and wear my stand out leopard flats, python booties and silver pumps much more often. I guess playing it safe does not play well with my style!

Blush blouse - Ann Taylor
Halogen red skirt
Trotters pumps
Danier satchel

pic 5 Today was a first day of almost normal weather for May day and I decided to celebrate with wearing my white BF jeans for the first time this season. This "orange peel" marled Gap sweater felt like a perfect top for today. I wore it with semi-tuck but here is the un-tucked version as well - which one do you prefer?

KUT BF jeans
Gap marled sweater
Mee Too red patent pumps

Wish me luck tomorrow in car hunting - and happy Mother's day to all!


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WIW: modern midi and others

I am going back to posting weekly WIW starting with the remainder of this week.

pic 1-2. Modern Midi?
Another attempt on "modern midi", this time using a midi dress instead of the skirt. I was really happy with this outfit all day...until i took pictures at home - and now I am not sure. It looks kind of shapeless in the pictures. I don't know, maybe in movement it looks better than in the static picture because I really liked it in the mirror? I liked the ink and cranberry red together but I also not sure that this nude clutch looks right here.  I wore the scarf part of the day and then removed it - which do you think better?

Ink merino Tippi sweater - JCrew
Cranberry midi dress - Donna Morgan
Animal booties - David Tate

pic 3 Radiant Orchid
That day I worked from home in the morning and then had an endoscopy at the hospital so I needed warmth and comfort in a casual outfit.

Orchid t-neck - Banana Republic
Paige straight leg jeans - my new BF
Naya burgundy booties

pic 4-5. Inspired by Boden's post
I know, it does not really look like beautiful Angie's outfits from that post but I was inspired by it to wear stripes and navy jacket and BF jeans. I tried to semi-tuck the top but found that I don't like that high contrast below the jacket on the back. I usually did not like to tuck in my tops as I felt  that this is not the best proportion for my hips but now when I lost a bit of weight I don't mind the tuck as much as before. I am including the view from the back as well even though I don't think it is too flattering one :-).
This is my navy Gap moto jacket. I had a chance to try Tall as well and decided to go with Regular. I like the body lengthof the Tall one but sleeves were too long and also it was cut wider on the sleeves and underarms. Somehow it did not speak to me at all...

Navy moto jacket - Gap
Striped sweater - Banana Republic
Paige straight leg (BF) jeans
Naya burgundy booties
Danier silver tote

I just realized that the bottom part is exactly the same as on the previous day - something I don't do often :-)

That was it for this week. Sorry to disappoint you with less than stellar outfits here but I though I post them anyway :-)

As usual all comments and suggestions are highly appreciated! Have a great weekend!


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