WIW - very stressful week!

This week was very stressful for me. I have not recovered from my virus yet but I almost had to forget about it because my kitties were sick - all 3 of them! That involved a lot of vet visits - constant litter box cleaning - floor wiping - medicine giving - general cuddling this week so I just did not have time to be sick myself. Add to this 33C temps for the major part of the week and usual stress at work and you have my week at a glance!
I hope I looked not as disheveled as I felt though :-0
pic 1
I found this olive animal print silk thrifted shirt in the donation pile and decided to give it another try. The main problem with it that it is too short to tuck in even for skirts - it gets un-tucked when I sit...
Yellow seamed Halogen pencil skirt, olive silk Jessica shirt (thrifted), nude Franco Sarto to wedge sandals, necklace from a local boutique.

pic. 2
That was the first 33C day and I could not stand anything with sleeves outdoors so I wore this sleeveless dress and used jacket indoors only. This color combination did cheer me up though!
coral lace dress - Banana Republic, sky blue corduroy blazer - thrifted, nude Fidji pumps, Monty's cousin (bag)

pic. 3
Another scorcher day at 33C so another sleeveless top was in order and - ta-ta- debut of my white Editors! This was the day I learned that wide leg white trousers look great but come with the price. My mom took in the waist in the front and on the back and when I got them hope I realized they are a bit too tight so I un-stitched the front darts. Well - you guessed that - it made the trousers longer and as a result the hems were touching the floor. Let's just say that I had to throw them into wash right away and even then one hem remained dirty :-( I am shortening them a bit more no0w and make sure they clear the floor by at least 1 cm (sorry Angie!)
White Editor trousers from Express, hot pink tank from Le Chateau, nude Franco Sarto wedges, spider pendant, grey denim jacket from Winners.

I don;t have a picture for the next day because it was a fashion disaster. We had a golf day at work so I decided to wear my white denim bermudas as they have no denim policy at the club. I figured out nobody will recognize them as denim, right? It did not work out: when I dressed in the morning and looked at myself in the mirror I discovered an old stain on the back which was pretty visible on the optic white shorts. So I had to change them last minute for casual cotton bermudas in stone color and it looked not as crisp with my ink blue shirt as the white shorts. Well, these things happen, right? I did not take a picture because we were caught in a real tropical thunderstorm on our way home but you did not miss much :-(

pic 4
Today was a bit cooler so decided to dress down my dressy skirt with denim vest.
Spanners midi skirt - thrifted, medium wash denim vest - thrifted, lace white top from Zara, teal Born flats. I know that flats with midi skirt can look frumpy but I thought this works with the denim vest even if it is not the most flattering combination for my legs.
For some reason I always feel I need to match these flats with the bag - never happens for my red bag though. Weird, huh?

As usual any comments and suggestions are very welcome!
I hope you all have a lovely weekend: ours is going to be cooler than the week was so we can breath for a while!

P.S. bonus shots of my patients...


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WIW - feeling like a shameless Angie's copycat...

This post is a bit short: I stayed at home sick on Wednesday so no outfit for that day (don't want to treat you to my old PJs :-)
It is getting pretty hot here and the dressing gets more difficult. All these outfits were fine for the morning and AC office but too hot for after 5PM commute home...:-(

pic 1
Very simple: white bermudas from Kut, indigo silk tunic from Le Chateau, nude cage wedge sandals from Franco Sarto. Silver cuff was the only accessory that day.

pic 2
A bit playful with patterned pencil skirt and waist-tie shirt.
skirt - Winners, magenta silk button down - Banana Republic, Born teal flats, glass heart necklace

pic 3
Slightly androgynous for a business casual day at work. I wore jacket in the morning only as it was too warm for it after that.
Gibson knit jacket - Nordstrom, light purple button down - Banana Republic, Express Editor trousers, old off-white studded belt from Winners, bone- silver slingbacks - Ros Hommerson. Interestingly I wore these shoes the same day Angie posted about white shoes :-)

pic 4
Completely dotty. Jessica Howard polka dot skirt via consignment, coral button down from Winners, nude Fidjis, wire necklace from a local boutique.

I think Angie has a HUGE influence over my style lately. Statement necklaces were a bit part of my style and here I am - leaving them completely off for half of the week.

Today for the outfit with my dotty skirt I tried on around 5 necklaces and was not satisfied. I went with this coiled wire one but had a huge inclination to go without any.
I think that Angie's latest minimal style kind of rubbing off me - completely unintentionally I must say but still... Sometimes I feel like a shameless copycat - no wonder I have hard time to articulate my style!

Anyway, that was my week at a glance. Any critiques and suggestions are very welcome as usual.
Have a nice weekend!


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I don't really need this dress...

... but I LOVE it!

OK, deep breath, no shopping before NAS - remember?


WIW - the week when I tried Angie's formulas..

...but almost nothing went according to plan or worked like I envisioned it!
pic 1
Another try with a lace midi pencil skirt. It looks pretty boring in the picture, isn't it? At least I have a piece of my front garden to add some interest here!
teal lace skirt - my mom
white and black striped sweater - Winners
red patent pumps - Me Too via NAS

pic 2
Still a pretty cool day so I decided to wear my booties once more - who knows, maybe the last time before fall... This is a light grey lurex tank I thrifted last week with the main intention to wear it like a vest. However I wanted to wear one of Angie's formulas that day (dress skirt and denim jacket) and need something light (because the jacket is dark) and sleeveless (because this jacket has tight sleeves). Itried to leave the top un-tucked but it did not look right to me.
Dark wash denim jacket - Calvin Klein
Striped midi skirt - Spanners
Light grey lurex tank - Laura
Animal print booties - David Tate

day 3
Tried another formula that day - column of denim and bright jacket. Things could have not been any worse! It was supposed to be 21C so I thought I should be fine in A/C office in a blazer. Boy, it was hot even in a denim shirt alone. So as a result instead of wearing an outfit on the left I ended up wearing outfit on the left for the whole day - it looked pretty dull, didn't it?
bootcuts - Paige
denim shirt - Banana Republic
green blazer - my mom
grey Trouve oxfords - NAS

day 4
I felt pretty well in this outfit but again it looks kind of blah in the picture. This is my BB shirt, I thought it is OK to wear this length with wide leg trousers - is it? The shirthas a very fine stripes and the light grey and silver lurex tank is a very low contrast with this shirt which I actually liked. Too bad it does not photograph well (at least with my photography skills)!
striped shirt - Brook Brothers
lurex tank - Laura
wide leg grey trousers - Long Tall Sally
animal print pumps - Fitzwell
red Chromia bag

pic 5
I was ready for hot weather today in my new coral dress - again in one of Angie's formulas! I liked this outfit the best from the whole week. I also put a skinny yellow belt but then I felt that it is too much with the scarf and removed it. I guess flat oxfords with this dress are not for everybody's liking but it felt right to me!
What do you think of this bag? It is Tommy Hilfiger and I have it for more than 5 years now. Last summer I did not use it even a single time.so I thought maybe it is time to retire it? However this morning it felt like the right bag for this outfit. What do you think - keep or toss?
coral lace dress - Banana Republic
white denim jacket - Old Navy
white / yellow oxfords - Hush Puppies
sherbet check tote - TH
white / black silk scarf - boutique in Paris

And a bonus pic #6 - coral dress before and after alterations. The changes may be not very drastic but they make all the difference to me between feeling fab or drab in this dress!

Thanks for looking and as usual any suggestions and feedback are welcome.
Have a great weekend!


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WIW - from hot and bright to cold and muted

This week started with an oppressive heat (32C and 85% humidity) and ended up with November-like weather: cold, rainy and miserable. The weirdest spring ever!
pic 1

It was the hottest day of the week so I went with a simple formula - bermudas, silk tunic and sandals. I wanted to wear the collar buttoned up and decided to add my swirly necklace on top of it - does it look weird?
turquoise silk tunic - Le Chateau
white bermuda shorts - Kut via Nordstrom
debut of my nude cage sandals - Franco Sarto via Long Tall Sally via Jonesy <waving!!!>

pic 2

OK, I was not entirely happy with the result when I took pictures in the evening. I may slowly converting to midi skirts but I definitely have my challenges with them. This outfit looked to me better in the mirror - but maybe it is because it is hard to see it full height in the mirror? I tried to casualize the skirt a bit by using a casual shirt tied on the waist - was it a mistake? Or the mistake was to wear the gladiators with this midi - ankle strap stumpifies my legs? I am not sure why but this outfit will not get into my Hall of Fame folder...:-(
ink blue shirt - Le Chateau
charcoal midi skirt - Spanner via consignment
raspberry gladiators - Clarks

pic 3
This outfit felt better that the previous one. However looking at Angie's outfit from today's post I think that maybe this blazer is a bit too short here. Does it look right to you proportion wise? On the other note I really love these two toned oxfords: they are comfortable and fun and I feel cool every time I wear them!
cream cordi blazer - thrifted
silk patterned shell - Halogen via Nordstrom
clams fashioned from too short bootcuts - Nine West via Winners
yellow/white oxfords - Hush Puppies

pic 4
The weather cooled down and I pulled out my red jeans again! This is a very simple outfit but it was my favorite from this week.
white shirt - Tahari via Winners
grey F cardigan - Gap
red jeans - Urban Outfitters
grey oxfords - Trouve via NAS
silk black and white polka dot scarf - boutique in Paris

pic 5
I planned a completely different outfit for today involving Paige bootcuts, nude pumps and green jacket. Alas - I woke up to pouring rain and cold weather so bootcuts and nude pumps were out of the window! So for the first day of calendar summer I pulled out my knee high boots, sweater and raincoat!
It was also raining when I cam home but I like to take my pictures outside. To solve this I moved my "studio" to the front porch and kept my camera under the roof while myself was standing in the rain. Sorry for my "wet" facial expression but as a bonus you have a new backdrop of my front garden for my picture! :-)
raspberry oversize sweater - Winners
grey Martin skinny pants - Banana Republic
animal print shirt - Bellatrix via Rack
grey boots - Franco Sarto

Thanks for looking and as usual all suggestions for improvements are very much appreciated!


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