WIW: before I disappear for 3 weeks!

We are leaving on our vacation on Wednesday so this is most likely my last WIW post in September. 

pic 1 Light blue and plaid
I am having fun trying different color combinations for these plaid jeans. This time I went for low contrast with a light blue, cream and nude. I wore the sweater untucked and did not put on a belt but during day it bothered me that jeans kept sliding down a bit without a belt to hold them up. I think I will always wear them with the belt and semi tuck.

pic 2 Tuxedo orchid
Official business casual day at work! I love these tuxedo trousers but find that they are a bit hard to style without going too maximal for my liking. I felt good in this outfit though when I paired them with orchid sweater and cream Zara jacket. What do you think?

pic 3 Stripes and sequins
This is quite bold but I hope that minimal black and white scheme keeps it from being too busy. The day was very hot and humid with huge thunderstorms so I decided to wear my ankle strap flat sandals but I regretted this during the day because my feet froze in my office AC. Unfortunately I cannot wear sandals to work anymore :-(

This was my (short) week. As usual all suggestions and comments are very welcome. Have a great weekend and see you in October (except those I see in Seattle - SQUEE!!!)


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