WIW: a short reprieve between my travels

I am sorry for being mostly absent on the forum these days. We came back from our Cuban vacation (it ws great but so hard to return from +30C to -12C).
i had 3 work days (and of course they were crazy as hell as stuff piled up while I was away), then a full YLF meetup day in Toronto and I am leaving on business trip tomorrow morning (and then to Boston - yay!) It all feels like a whirlwind and I can hardly catch a breath...
... but I managed to take pictures of my work outfits and here they are :-0

pic 1 I think this is the last time I am wearing these cream trousers now - they are getting to big and need to be altered. The sweater color is blushy-beige, it does not photograph well. I SOOO desperately need new refined black booties! :-(
Cream slouchy trousers - BR
Cashmere sweater - JCrew
Danier satchel
Clarks black booties

pic 2 - 3 Another almost white outfit - inspired by my tropical vacation and in defiance of Canadian  endless winter. Could not resist to add a picture with my midi man coat :-)
Black man coat and tote - Danier
Cream t-neck - BR
Cream / black color-blocked dress - Winners
Chestnut booties - Vaneli

pic 4-5 Swinging from white to black here. I wanted to wear my cobalt moto and black is my favorite pairing with cobalt. I especially like how this "fluid" fit moto looks from the side - see pic 4.
Cobalt wool moto - Gap
Black skinny martin trousers - BR
Black t-neck - BR
Silver tote - Danier

pic 6 - 8 Bonus shots from my vacation - I want to go back right now!

Thank you for looking and please excuse in advance for not replying to comments tomorrow: I am travelling since early morning and going directly to work from the airport. It is going to be a busy week for me!


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WIW: my nods to spring before going away into summer

A quick WIW post before I am disappearing: we are leaving early Sunday for Cuba vacation and Internet is almost non-existing here. I am so excited to go for a week to somewhere warm where I do not have to think about work!!!!!
I did not get pictures for all days this week so this is what I have :-)

pic 1 The week started like spring so I felt like wearing a dress.
Jones New York polka dot dress
Danier leather jacket
Naya booties

pic 2 Another nod to spring - white jeans. This is the first time I am tucking them into these grey boots - works?
Club Monaco turtleneck
Cream jeans - Banana Republic
Franco Sarto grey boots
Danier silver tote

pic 3 We got 20 cm of snow on Wednesday, winter does not want to go away...but I am still feeling like spring :-)
I almost did not wear bootcut jeans last year and it looks like they will be getting more wear this time. My slouchy trousers are getting too big to wear but these jeans are just right now (they were snug last year) so here is my forced style change right here!
Lilac Tippi sweater (waving to Inge)
White Danier moto (waving to Inge and Suz)
Paige Canyon flares (waving to Angie who helped me to buy them in Chicago)
Dove satchel from Danier (waving to my hubby as it was his BDay present)
Vaneli Ceasar booties (waving to my naughty kitty boy who managed to chew them a bit :-( )

Thank you for looking! Please forgive me if I did not get to reply to your comments : tomorrow is going to be crazy with the last day before our trip.
Have a nice weekend!


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WIW: finally warming up!

This was a hard week and in the end I had to cancel a day off today and instead worked for 11 h! I did not have neither time not energy to put into dressing this week so it is all FFBO and quite a few repeats.

pic 1 Simple sweater dress
I am not sure these grey sweater tights are really working here but they are the warmest tights I have and it was freezing!
Gap sweater dress
Blondo tall boots
Danier silver tote

pic 2 Black, white and denim
Another simple outfit - jeans, turtleneck and a moto jacket
Paige straight leg jeans
Danier moto jacket and silver tote
Banana Republic turtleneck
Sam Edeman python booties.

pic 3 Radiant Orchid and grey
I love Radiant Orchid but this t-neck is a sole piece I have in this color I think.I hope to remedy it this  season!
Banana Republik t-neck
Halogen grey pencil skirt
Naya booties
Danier satchel

pic 4 Cobalt and polka dots

This is a repeat I am happy to repeat :-)...almost. Unfortunately it looks that I am going to take a break with slouchy trousers for a next while. I have lost some weight recently so not all jeans and pants which were on the snug side suddenly fit and my slouchy trousers are becoming too big - I am sure you can see it here. It looks like I will be wearing mostly bootcuts and skinnies for a while :-(

Cobalt wool trousers - Banana Republic
Polka dot sweater - Only Mine
Danier satchel
Clarks booties

pic 5 Forced to embrace skinnies again

...and this is why I wore skinny trousers today ;-0 I was leaving very early to hit the gym before work so this was a fast "grab and go" from the closet.

Banana Republic Martin skinnies
Banana Rebuplic t-neck
Vanelli booties
Danier satchel

Sorry for a very brief descriptions - no energy left today. :0(

Thank you for looking and as usual all comments and suggestions are appreciated!

Have a great and happy International Women's Day to all of you!


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Another K/R: blue sweater

In this WIW post Anna and other said that this light blue color in the dress is very flattering for me so I was looking to add this almost pastel color to my spring wardrobe. This Gap luxlight sweater (also featured in Angie's list) in simply blue attracted my attention in the store and I liked it the best from the available colors. Imagine my delight when it matched exactly to that pale blue in my sweater dress! I really love this color for me which is not a small thing because usually I stay away from pale blues as they do not flatter me.
I also like the feel of this cotton / nylon / silk blend against the skin. I think it should work for summer as well except for very hot days over +28C.
This sweater runs large. I got M and L in Tall - which do you think is better? I think M is very fluid fit and L is oversized.
Also I usually stay away from V-necks because I think they do not flatter me much. This one is not very wide and not deep enough to require a cami. Do you think I can pull it off with my small bust and short hair?

pic 1 : first 2  pics is size M; next 2 pics is size L
pic 2: size M
pic 3: size L

So: is this sweater worth adding to my spring wardrobe and if so which size - L or M?

Thank you!


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Gap marled sweater: which size and color?

One of the spring / summer trends on Angie's list was pastels.Usually pastels do not love me back and tend to wash me out so I was very excited when I saw these marled sweaters on Gap website. Because pastels here are the result of mixing color and white threads together they have depth to them which make them more wearable for me.
I went to the store but could not make up my mind about the size so I ordered 3 different sizes and 3 different colors to try at home. Result: I cannot decide and need your help!
From left to right:
a) neon lemon yellow in L Tall - actually it i closer to lime than to lemon IRL - lime milkshake anyone? :-)

b) bright guava (pink) XL Regular

c) orange peel (coral pink) L Regular

 pic 4 - a better view of the width between L and XL
pic. 5 - how they look with my blush trousers 
pic. 6 - how they look with a flared midi skirt length wise: I really want to wear this sweater with skirts so it should work

Please help me out: L or XL? Regular or Tall? neon lemon yellow, orange peel or bright guava?

Thank you!

P.S. XL is boxy enough and thick enough to be layered over a shirt!!! :-)

ETA: I think I created a bit of confusion here because I mislabeled the guava and orange in the beginning. Guava (pink) is in the middle in XL and orange peel (coral pink) is on the right in L. :-)


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In defense of skirts in winter...

In today's post Angie said: 
I’m uncomfortably cold wearing skirts and dresses no matter how I wrap up and layer with hosiery and boots, so I almost exclusively wear jeans and trousers during Winter and some of Spring.

I understand this perfectly and honestly I wear jeans and trousers to run errands on the weekends too. However I would like to defend skirts and dresses in this frigid winter. If not for them I would be forced to wear a single style to work: skinnies tucked into tall boots - day in and day out. For me winter dressing is first and foremost footwear: it dictates everything. I can wear a skirt to work with tights even in -20C like I wore today and walk from the car to the office and even 10 min to the gym no problem. On the other hand I need waterproof and slip-resistant footwear even for a short walk. Right now it is either Blondo tall boots or UGG tall boots. Unfortunately skinnies are the only pants option for them: either wide leg or slouchy trousers look too sloppy tucked in and in addition get all wrinkled even if I change into shoes at work.
Skirts and dresses to the rescue! At least I can get some variety this way which makes winter dressing more bearable.

Now I have a new hole to fill: short winter boots (waterproof, warm and slip-resistant) so I can wear my slouchy and straight leg trousers as well in winter...but this year - thanks God for skirts and dresses!!!


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WIW: inspired by Angie's posts, constrained by the the Arctic Vortex...

Is there any end to this winter? It is going to be -24C Monday morning and it is March 3! The spring is definitely got lost somewhere. I read in the local newspaper that our city snow removal activity was already 25% over the average yearly budget in February. It is really a brutal winter...but I saw robins in the park today so spring should not be far behind! :-)

pic 1 Angie's grey, white and citron ensemble
I have received my JCrew order and now I can give a try to this ensemble. I was a bit hesitant to order a yellow sweater on final sale when I did not see the color in person but I risked it and I think it works - what do you think?

Yellow merino Tippi sweater - JCrew
Cream skinny jeans  - Banana Republic
Grey Gibson knit blazer
Danier dove satchel
Sam Eldeman python booties

pic 2 Black, red and silver
I guess I was in a mood for brighter colors this week to fight the winter gloom.
This red tunic just filled the bill.

Tunic- boutique from Annapolis
NYDJ ponte skinnies
Blondo tall boots
Danier silver tote

pic 3 Angie's boxy shirt under boxy sweater ensemble
I have already posted this outfit as an illustration of a disastrous implementation of Angie's formula. The sweater is fluid enough but the weight is very thin so it clings a lot to the shirt. It drove me crazy all day to adjust it and I will not be wearing these Tippi sweaters layered over shirts again. I will stick to wearing them on their own or layering them under toppers which they are great for being lightweight and having 3/4 sleeves. 

Yellow merino Tippi sweater -JCrew
White boxy shirt- Gap
Plaid trousers - Banana Republic
Danier silver tote
Sam Eldeman python booties

pic 4 Totally wild card
This JCrew sweater was a much bigger risk than a yellow one: at least for Tippi I was sure about the size and style. This cashmere framed long sleeve tee  in heather pebble was a complete wild card for me. Not sure about size, not sure about style, have no idea what this color really is (beige? blush? stone? totally not a color I usually wear) and final sale. Can it get any crazier than that?
Well it came and I think it is a winner. The cashmere  is nice and lightweight, the size is just right for a fluid fit and I love the black piping. I am still not sure what this color is - pinky beige? barely blush? - but I don't think it is too horrid on me and I like it with whites and light neutrals like taupe and grey. I think it will also work with black and I just love my dove satchel with it. What do you think?

Cashmere sweater - JCrew
Slouchy trousers - Long Tall Sally
Sam Eldeman putty suede booties
Danier dove satchel

pic 5 Black, cobalt and silver
Another FFBO for the arctic vortex of skinnies tucked into tall boots and a tunic. This is an exact repeat of what I wore before but if it works why change -right?

NYDJ ponte skinny pants
Michael Kors colorblocked tunic
Blondo tall boots
Danier silver tote

This was my week at a glance. As usual any comments and suggestions are very welcome.
Have a nice week!


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