I thought I am done with spring shopping...

...but these powder blue culottes are seriously tempting! Bonus for being made for tall gals and available in Canada.
I just can pop into the store and try them on just for fun. Hopefully they are not as gorgeous in person as online...:-)


If only my feet could handle pointy toe shoes at all...

...these would be mine:
Actually I cannot select which one I like better - leopard print or patent red...
Ah, if only they come in Wide in my size! :-(

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High treason in the realm of Urban Prince!

Not a day passed since our Ruling Urban Prince Angie graciously accepted me into her domain and I think I committed a high treason to this noble kingdom.
I fell in love with almost all of those looks from Sarah Pacini site:

For my excuse I must say that I was browsing for inspiration for outfits with tall boots and skinnies as I don't feel inspired towards them this season. Let me say that I found this inspiration in spades there!

I don't know how to call this style. It is too layered to fit my usual preference of "simple and strong" outfits but I am strangely drawn to these looks. Although dark and muted palette keeps it simpler that if it was a riot of colors but still... I think I would not like these layered looks if they were more colorful...)
So I tried to use them as inspiration for today's outfit. Of course I don't have anything so gorgeous in my closet and don't look as stunning and slender as this model so this is my 'poor prince' substitute.

Forgive me, noble and gentle Urban Princes for I have sinned...

...but now I have my travel practical capsule with skinnies and tall boots inspired and visualizing in my head!


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I don't really need this dress...

... but I LOVE it!

OK, deep breath, no shopping before NAS - remember?