WIW: catching up

I am still here and trying to check YLF from time to time when I surface for a gulp of fresh air :-) Here is a quick WIW post before I have to dive again :-(
pic #1 
These jeans are full length with the scrunch so they are too long for these low ankle strap sandals but I ma not ready to hack at them: it is so hard to find full length jeans for me and full length is more useful for me in a cold season. So this is the "cropped" version with hems rolled under. I think I will pass on this Gap yellow blazer in the end of the season. It starting to look tired and fabric does not hold that well.  I need to find a new one in this color as it makes me happy.

pic #2 
Trying to wear skirts with flat footwear - this time white loafers. Hopefully it was JFE. Not sure about the top tucked into this skirt though. I blousoned it out so the elastic waistband of the skirt does not show but still...I wish I had high-low top like Suz's CM tank: it looked awesome!

pic #3
Another thing which most likely is in its last season - this floral dress from LTS It is a bit too big on me now and I don't fancy how it fits. Was not really excited about this one.

pic #4
I am not very original in how I wear this BR vest and tunic - combine them together every time I think. Hopefully it does not look boring because it feels good :-) 

pic #5
This was inspired by one of Angie's ensembles - white, black and light blue. Again - flat shoes with the skirt. I decided on the animal print loafers here just for fun! I really enjoy pairing this lace top with faded denim.

That was my week. Thanks for looking and as usual all comments and suggestions are appreciated!


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WIW: just to prove I am still here :-)

I wanted to follow my off topic post with this quick WIW just to prove that I am still here and kicking :-) Hopefully I can get back to normal soon and return to taking my outfit pictures on a regular basis.
These were my outfits for the last week - before the heat wave struck as you can see.
#1 Navy and orange.
I am continuing to experiment with low heel high vamp shoes as they are the most comfortable for me. This time the loafers with track pants and long vest - is it at least JFE?

#2 Whiteout
I think I already posted almost identical outfits a couple of times - this eyelet tunic and leather vest continue to be one of my favorite combinations this summer.

#3 Denim and lace
This lace blouse was another buy this summer which made me happy - I
feel happy every time I wear it! I love these old Paige flares but I am afraid they are too big for me now - what do you think?

#4 Leather and stripes
Angie's twin! :-) After much agonizing I decided to keep this peplum top and here it is with the skirt. Do proportion look OK to your eye? I am stll getting used to the peplum style on me so not sure. I have also added a leather vest to keep me warm in blasting A/C - do you think it all works together?

Thank you so much for looking and as usual all comments and suggestions are very much appreciated!


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