WIW - from hot and bright to cold and muted

This week started with an oppressive heat (32C and 85% humidity) and ended up with November-like weather: cold, rainy and miserable. The weirdest spring ever!
pic 1

It was the hottest day of the week so I went with a simple formula - bermudas, silk tunic and sandals. I wanted to wear the collar buttoned up and decided to add my swirly necklace on top of it - does it look weird?
turquoise silk tunic - Le Chateau
white bermuda shorts - Kut via Nordstrom
debut of my nude cage sandals - Franco Sarto via Long Tall Sally via Jonesy <waving!!!>

pic 2

OK, I was not entirely happy with the result when I took pictures in the evening. I may slowly converting to midi skirts but I definitely have my challenges with them. This outfit looked to me better in the mirror - but maybe it is because it is hard to see it full height in the mirror? I tried to casualize the skirt a bit by using a casual shirt tied on the waist - was it a mistake? Or the mistake was to wear the gladiators with this midi - ankle strap stumpifies my legs? I am not sure why but this outfit will not get into my Hall of Fame folder...:-(
ink blue shirt - Le Chateau
charcoal midi skirt - Spanner via consignment
raspberry gladiators - Clarks

pic 3
This outfit felt better that the previous one. However looking at Angie's outfit from today's post I think that maybe this blazer is a bit too short here. Does it look right to you proportion wise? On the other note I really love these two toned oxfords: they are comfortable and fun and I feel cool every time I wear them!
cream cordi blazer - thrifted
silk patterned shell - Halogen via Nordstrom
clams fashioned from too short bootcuts - Nine West via Winners
yellow/white oxfords - Hush Puppies

pic 4
The weather cooled down and I pulled out my red jeans again! This is a very simple outfit but it was my favorite from this week.
white shirt - Tahari via Winners
grey F cardigan - Gap
red jeans - Urban Outfitters
grey oxfords - Trouve via NAS
silk black and white polka dot scarf - boutique in Paris

pic 5
I planned a completely different outfit for today involving Paige bootcuts, nude pumps and green jacket. Alas - I woke up to pouring rain and cold weather so bootcuts and nude pumps were out of the window! So for the first day of calendar summer I pulled out my knee high boots, sweater and raincoat!
It was also raining when I cam home but I like to take my pictures outside. To solve this I moved my "studio" to the front porch and kept my camera under the roof while myself was standing in the rain. Sorry for my "wet" facial expression but as a bonus you have a new backdrop of my front garden for my picture! :-)
raspberry oversize sweater - Winners
grey Martin skinny pants - Banana Republic
animal print shirt - Bellatrix via Rack
grey boots - Franco Sarto

Thanks for looking and as usual all suggestions for improvements are very much appreciated!

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  • Suz replied 9 years ago

    Sveta, I think you look wonderful in each and every one of these. Those Sarto sandals are fabulous on you, and I love the top done all the way up with the necklace. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I'll drink it!

    I like #2, as well - it's a fun 50s south of France vibe! If you are worried about the stump factor, maybe the nude sandals? Or your nude shoes? Not sure if you would want to bookend, though.

    Argh, the jacket proportion thing. I will leave it to more advanced stylists to answer. I know I often have trouble deciding for myself on this. I do sometimes like to wear a shorter jacket with trousers. I think it works here because the white in the top echoes the jacket, giving the whole thing a unity (plus the shoes bookend). But I'm all ears.

    LOVE #4. Enough said. It is perfect!

    And #5 is equally wonderful, not to mention that glorious garden!

    It was such a strange weather week, you are right!

  • replied 9 years ago

    You always look nice, Sveta, but I'm dying over #4. It might be my most favorite red jeans outfit that I've ever seen. Gorgeous! #5 is my second favorite. I'd totally wear that.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 9 years ago

    I don't even know where to begin - these looks are all fantastic!

    #1 - I like the necklace over top of the buttoned up shirt. It looks crisp and modern.

    #2 - I never would have thought of tying the shirt that way with a fuller skirt but I think it works with this. I think I might have preferred a nude shoe with it though so that the skirt and shirt are the stars - my eyes keep wanting to go to the red.

    #3 - I'm not sure about the blazer but I struggle with proportions so will that to the experts. I love the oxfords with this outfit though - perfect choice.

    #4 - absolute perfection!

    #5 - I'm sorry I don't notice the outfit - your front yard is GORGEOUS!

  • sarah replied 9 years ago

    Sveta, honestly, you look great in each and every one of these! FAB looks!

  • Diana replied 9 years ago

    I like all of these, Sveta! #4 is my favorite - such great proportions and I love how all the elements come together perfectly. I also like #3 a lot (and no, I don't think the jacket is too short at all because the top underneath is long enough that it looks like a deliberately shrunken jacket look) and I'm actually inspired to make a copycat outfit! I don't have a white blazer but my white denim jacket might work.

    I do like the idea of the outfit in #2 also, but I might change out the shoes to something lower contrast. Maybe the oxfords even!

  • Beth Ann replied 9 years ago

    Love the color in #1 -- honestly, I'd like an open neck to echo the skin in the legs and forearms, but I would definitely wear it closed with jeans or trousers! I've knotted tops with fuller skirts recently, and I like the casual retro-girly vibe it gives. I agree with the others on lower contrast shoes.

    Love the colored trouser outfit just as it is, as well as the white jacket. In the final outfit, it's your boots that I am dying over. Love the height and the color!

  • Kiwichik replied 9 years ago

    All these looks rock. I particularly like the red pants. The midi with blouse tied at waist looks perfect I don't think your legs look short however I agree they would look longer if you wore a shoe or sandal that didn't create such a strong horizontal line near your ankle.

  • rae replied 9 years ago

    #3 is actually my favorite - not too short!

    You look great every day of the week! You'll have a learning curve with any new type of item... I'm sure you will find a midi look that makes *you* 100% happy very soon. #5 is such a pretty picture; I love all the saturated, "wet" colors in the garden and on you!

  • Midwest Girl replied 9 years ago

    You always look fantastic, but my favs are #1 and especially #5.

  • Mona replied 9 years ago

    Sveta, Outfit # 4 is my favourite of the lot. I love how you tied the scarf around. did it stay that way during the day? I hear you about the weather.

  • Angie replied 9 years ago

    Three seasons in three days. We are experiencing a similar situation.

    #1 = KILLER

    #2 = Love it too! The sandals look super to me. Not stumpyfying.

    #3 = Sweet! That said, I am yearning to see you in longer blazers with jeans and trousers, and we touched on this before. More elegant and sophisticated. Those shrunken blazers are ideal for skirts and dresses, though.

    #4 = KILLER

    #5 = a solid faithful basic :)

  • replied 9 years ago

    So much fabness in a week of crazy weather!

  • harmonica replied 9 years ago

    Unstable weather is a challenge - you're fab all the way nevertheless! All of these are great - love #4 for the bright colour and mix of flowing and streamlined look. #5 is also a fab for its simble combo of basics

  • replied 9 years ago

    Sveta, I am gasping at the fabulous outfit in #5! You look like you are wandering around Paris in the rain, so dramatic and romantic! Have we seen that tunic before? I'm bowled over by the enormous collar: LOVE! Perhaps you've posted this outfit before, but I'm noticing the silhouette more because of the distance between you and the camera. You are so incredibly beautiful! *deep breath*

    Ok, moving on! Love the perfect tunic and white clams. Nude sandals just disappear on your long legs. #2 is fun but it might be nice if you could tie the shirt a little higher so we see some skin (JUST KIDDING). For the record, skirts and shirts are giving me fits with all the tucking and untucking belting and tying possibilities! This looks great. Maybe a bodycon knit top with this skirt and some dark espadrilles for another option?

    I love outfit #3 with the short blazer! I see Angie is trying to move you away from that look just as I am discovering it. I would wear everything here, but just substitute ballet flats. I love the length difference between the top and jacket here and the shirt and sweater in the next outfit, which is absolute perfection in my mind. No wonder it was your favorite! Thank you for being a continual style inspiration! :)

  • Scarlet replied 9 years ago

    Sveta, I am right there with you on the confusing weather. I wore a sweater jacket and scarf today, all light weight, admittedly, but still. I agree with all of your self-assessments. I like the necklace in 1. I think this looks up-to-date and funky. 4 is also my fave. The only one I am not sure about is 2. I think for me it is the volume and length of the skirt combined with the high vamp of the shoes. Love those boots in 5!

  • krishnidoux replied 9 years ago

    Du pur Sveta en action!

    How do I love you in the skirt in pic2! So feminine and graceful. Pic 3 is your style completely, and I really like your combination of casual clams with the more dressy crisp white jacket. 5 and 6 are simply so stylish I wish I had you height to copy you. I am less a fan of the turquoise shirt in pic1, somehow I feel it kills your skin tone, that there is too much of it, then again maybe it's the light. You just look so gorgeous and model-like in a an open shirt of a darker hue like in pic2. My honest opinion...

    But the rest is, as usual, full of style and inventiveness. You truly have what we call in French "du chien". "Avoir du chien" (literally, to have some dog) means to have style, but it's even a bit more than this, it's to be a fox while being very stylish and distinguished. Like a "je ne sais quoi" on top of perfect dressing sense.

    Anyway, you have it.

    (I know that the literal translation in English lands to the very opposite meaning and it is not the intent here).

  • Debora replied 9 years ago

    Wow! Each outfit is amazing - I can't pick a favorite. What a great week you had! Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Meredith1953 replied 9 years ago

    You look lovely in each and every one of these! I think the necklace over the blouse is very creative and really works! I also particularly love outfit #4 but they are all very beautiful on you!

  • Kyle replied 9 years ago

    Sveta, Outfit 1 is chic, simple and bold. It's the style I love, so this one speaks to me. The buttoned top button and necklace are unexpected, and take this outfit to the next level. The colors are crisp and pretty, and those sandals are perfect.

    Outfit 2, I like it but don't love it. Something feels off to me, too. I wonder if it is the colors? That color blue in the blouse is killer on you, by the way. It would also look amazing with the white bermudas and those red jeans!

    Outfit 3. Sassy and fun. I'd love to see this with the pearls and those nude sandals from No. 1, too.

    Outfit 4. You're killing me with this. LOVE. Those pants are sooo good on you! The shoes! The lipstick! The scarf! The cuffs! Everything!

    Outfit 5: Chic in any weather.


  • Sveta replied 9 years ago

    Thank you for all your comments!
    Suz, I really like these Franco Sarto sandals - too bad they did not fit you. I guess they fit me because I have wide ankles...
    Anne, Sarah, Kiwichik, Midwest Girl, Alicat, harmonica, Debora, Meredith - thanks!
    Shannon, I am happy you like my front garden. It was pretty crazy for me to rip off all the grass and plan the garden but I like it this way. It is still in the progress though...
    Diana, I need to experiment more with this skirt pic.2 and footwear. I did not dare to wear oxfords with it yet...
    Beth Ann, these boots were love from the first look. I also love the color very much - the same boots in black just do not look the same.
    Rae, you are right. It is a learning experience and as frustrating it is to get it wrong from time to time it is a fun process to learn!
    Mona, the scarf in #4 did stay like this all day: it is a very thin silk and I tied the ends in the knot and hid it behind the rest of the scarf.
    Angie, thanks for K-ratings! That was my thought on the jacket in #3 too. It hits me right on the hip bone - and I gather it should be below the hip bone, right? Also is this longer length for blazers only: will a denim jacket of the same length work here? I think I will post this question separately with pictures...
    Claire - thanks! I did posted this raspberry tunic before - I bought it last fall. It is very cozy even if not very glamorous but the huge cowl adds a dramatic flair so it is still true to my style :-)
    Scarlet, we are definitely on the same wave length :-)
    Krish, thanks! You are right, I suit teal and dark saturated blues better than bright turquoise but I like this color so much, it makes me happy so I ignore this and wear it from time to time :-) Thank you for the french description - I am really flattered to be described like this.
    Kyle, what do you mean by colors in #2? You think this blue does not work with the charcoal of the skirt or with raspberry sandals?

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