WIW - stripes, dots and swirls in the heat wave!

This was a short work week after a long Victoria Day weekend and it was getting hotter and hotter as the week progressed. I find this transition form cool sprig to hot summer very hard especially when it feels that spring weather evaporates overnight. We have a lower than average water level for 4 month and lawns are as yellow as they usually in August. We desperately need some rain!
Anyway back to my outfits:
pic #1
This was a day when it was still cool in the morning so I wanted to wear my emerald riding jacket while I still can.
Jacket - my mom's creation
white / navy striped tank - H&M
Canyon flares - Paige via Rack
Ron Hommerson patent black open toe pumps
Red Chromia bag

pic #2
After my experiment with denim shirt and a dressy skirt last week which was not very successful I wanted to try this shirt with another skirt - this time knee length polka dot flare. I have added my faux pearl necklace and liked how these bog baubles mirrored the skirt's dots.
denim shirt - Anthro
polka dot skirt - Jessica Howard via cosignment
3-strand faux large pearl necklace - Winners
nude Fidjis form Nordstrom

pic #3
It was a business casual day at work and pretty hot one and I decided on a roomy silk tunic. I wanted to wear my cream slingbacks and added a white studded belt to bookend them. Alas, I think it was not PPL with these shoes. I really need to get my 4 pairs of wide hem trousers and jeans and try them with all my footwear to determine which to wear with which...
Teal silk tunic - Le Chateau
Express Editor trousers
white studded belt - Winners ( 6 years old)
cream / silver snake slingbacks - Ros Hommerson.

pic 4/5
It was a casual and very hot day so I debuted my new printed pencil skirt. It is thin stretchy cotton so it is perfect for hot weather. Also it is quite high waisted - actually the waist is higher in the front that in the back. So here is some pattern mixing.
Does it work with flat oxfords? My legs and ankles are on the thick side and I always worry they look stumpy in high vamp shoes and skirts...
black/white patterned pencil skirt - Winners
white / navy striped tank - H&M
CK cropped denim jacket - Winners
Hush Puppies yellow / white oxfords
teal tote - Winners

Bonus shot - I got a sun hat today. My last year hat is fabric and black on top so it faded quite a bit. I am on SYC until NAS but I considered this is gear, not clothing - right?:-) Does it look silly with my short hair?

This was my week - thanks for looking and as always I appreciate all comments and suggestions!

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  • Kiwichik replied 8 years ago

    Like all these looks I think you have sucessfully combined the polka dot skirt & denim shirt.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 8 years ago

    Your Mom made that gorgeous jacket in #1??? It's so fantastic on you Sveta in both fit and colour. What a talented mother! The jeans also look amazing on you - talk about a perfect fit!

    What can I say about #2 other than LOVE!!!

    That cobalt blue blouse in #3 is divine with your skin and hair colouring and I really like the pairing of the cobalt with the soft beige trousers.

    Your new skirt is fab and like the pattern mixing with the swirls and the stripes. The oxfords are perfect and such fun with this outfit.

    Another fab Sveta week!

  • Janet replied 8 years ago

    Sorry about your weather, but you look cool and fabulous!

  • Sveta replied 8 years ago

    Thanks, Kiwichik.
    Shannon, the blouse in #3 is a deep bluish teal. For some reason it never photographs in its true color: it is much more saturated IRL and you are right, it is a very good color for me.

  • Amy replied 8 years ago

    Great outfits and I love your new skirt. Fun! Enjoy the nice weather :)

  • Beth Ann replied 8 years ago

    What a wonderul week, Sveta. First, let me say that my absolute favorite is #4 -- love the pattern mixing. I think the oxfords work well --- the low constrast keep them from being so stumpifying.

    Teal is amazing for you, please wear more of it, and I think you've nailed the denim/dressy skirt formula here.

    Finally -- the hat is very "Great Gatsby" and, as you know, Daisy would only sport the shortest of bobs! I think this is the perfect hat for short hair!

  • Suz replied 8 years ago

    Sveta, these are all terrific. But I'm especially in love with the two skirt outfits. Not to mention with the skirts themselves! Those are both fantastic!

    Although I share your fears of stumpifying footwear, I do not think the oxfords are a problem here; they almost read as a nude.

    I have to confess that if I am jealous of Shannon's thrift stores and Deborah's Op shops, I am almost as jealous of your Winners, which seems to be so much better stocked than ours. I can't believe you find so much good stuff at yours. I almost never find anything worthwhile there. I admit, the few times I have, it really WAS a great find...but clearly our store is substandard. I was there a few days ago and came out completely empty handed.

    By the way, I think you look glamorous in the hat and you can certainly carry it off! It is the very definition of "soft dramatic."

  • Sveta replied 8 years ago

    Amy - thanks!
    Beth Ann, giggling on Great Gatsby reference here...
    Suz, Winners is hit and miss. I went in there today (this is where I bought the hat) and it was very sad indeed: nothing to even close to tempt my SYC. I think I maybe have 1 buy out of 5 visits to the store and it takes a lot of browsing to find anything good. I also noticed that different stores in the city (we have 4 of them) have some different merchandise...

  • Suz replied 8 years ago

    Yes. That is true in Toronto, too. I have had better luck at Winner's there. But Kingston only has the one store and it's not a very good one. Sad! ;(

  • Meredith1953 replied 8 years ago

    You are gorgeous in all of these outfits but holy cow! I love that printed skirt so much! P.S --Your ankles etc. look great in the oxfords!

  • AJ replied 8 years ago

    All lovely outfits, Sveta! I too luv both skirt outfits.

    I think your hat looks FAB with your short hair. Long hair would have made the hat's brim less dramatic.

  • Lisa replied 8 years ago

    A fab week, the polka dot skirt and denim shirt is my favorite look of this bunch. How neat that mom made your blazer in #1!

  • replied 8 years ago

    I think you look fresh and stylish in them all, but I particularly like the polka dot skirt and denim shirt combo!

  • Reneeb replied 8 years ago

    Love the polka dot skirt and denim shirt but they all look great. The hat looks adorable.

  • Midwest Girl replied 8 years ago

    Lovely week! I really like outfit #4 with and w/o the jacket. You look like a movie star in the hat!

  • CocoLion replied 8 years ago

    Sun hat = not silly! You look stylish and feminine and your skin will look better and younger longer. I have a friend who has been wearing hats since her 20s every single day of the year (she lives in S. California). She is now 50 and looks no more than 38.

    As for the outfits, they are all really good. No style stumbles in sight! Your hat would look nice with the full skirt in the second outfit as well.

  • Zapotee replied 8 years ago

    These are all awesome. I am in love with the polka dot skirt.

  • cheryle (Dianthus) replied 8 years ago

    I like them all Sveta but particularly love the polka dot skirt ensemble and that silk shirt is absolutely perfect.

  • Jonesy replied 8 years ago

    Such a beautiful week! Very cohesive too! I truly cannot pick a favorite--you look fab each and every day. Love the pattern mixing, especially, in the last look!

  • replied 8 years ago

    You do so well with pattern mixing Sveta, so sophisticated. Sometimes it comes off clownish on me so I'm taking notes! I love the bright blazer in #1 and the polka dot skirt is amazing. I love your red domed satchel too. I'm not sure if I've *met* that bag yet! Your teal tunic is a beautiful color and cut on you, and I love the black and white printed skirt you found at winners! Great elements = great outfits this week! Love them all.

  • Sona replied 8 years ago

    Fab week. Your clothes are always crisp and fabulously tailored: in that you remind of Angie so very much in your WIW's. Your mum's influence on your tailored style is evident !

  • Tanya replied 8 years ago

    Stunning week Sveta! Everything looks beautiful, and I really want to still that gorgeous polka-dot skirt!

  • christieanne replied 8 years ago

    Despite the heat fluctuations, you managed to have a very stylishly turned out week. I think the denim shirt/skirt is absolutely the best pairing ever of a denim shirt with dressy bottom. I would love to see that with your striped black and white clutch!
    Not seeing the ppl concerns with your trousers - just a modern classic tailored outfit (such a great color top!).

    The hat is fun and perfect with your short hair.

  • Jjsloane replied 8 years ago

    Very stylish week. #2 is my favorite. Whimsical and sophisticated.

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