WIW - from heat to cool in one week

It is a short post this week as it was a short week because of the holiday. I think the common part here is fun footwear to liven up otherwise simple outfits...
Hot day so a light dress was in order with a cover up denim jacket for the office. I really like the combination of teal and coral together, so summery! I really need to retire these Born tel flats as I almost worn them out but this is my only pair of the flats and I cannot find a comfortable replacement :-(

Cooling down.. I have thrifted this patterned shell to wear over other tops like a vest. Do you think it works here or is it too short? I like my yellow / white oxfords for the fun factor they bring to any outfit.

The coolest day! Actually I decided to wear booties today as it was raining all day. Here is a debut of my NAS python booties. I have decided to go big or go home with them and paired them with BF jeans, striped top, leopard belt and bright red bag. It maybe too much for some but I really liked it even though it may be not the most flattering outfit.

That was it - a very short week. All comments and suggestions are appreciated!
Oh, and this is a fresh haircut too! I decided to go shorter too <waving to Suz>

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  • catgirl replied 8 years ago

    #3 has me staring in awe! I can't believe how you own the demi-tuck!

  • JulieJohn replied 8 years ago

    I adore #3, the booties make it pop. Una - demi-tuck is an even classier word than semi-tuck. She's right, Sveta, you have perfected the demi-tuck.

  • AJ replied 8 years ago

    #3 made me gasp with admiration! I am curious if the crop jeans in #2 would make the leg line longer? The cuffs in your BF jeans look a tad off with the higher vamp of those gorgeous python booties.

  • Lyn D. replied 8 years ago

    Sveta, I agree with AJ re length of the B.F. with the booties, maybe another roll?

    Love the vest over the black shirt in pic #2- perfect!

  • CocoLion replied 8 years ago

    #3 has a very daring quality with the rolled jeans, booties, pattern mixing (booties to sweater). You could also unroll them a little longer so the roll hits at the top of the bootie, that would be a more conventional length though.

  • Kirti replied 8 years ago

    I love #1 and #3! :-)

  • jayne replied 8 years ago

    Funny, I think 3 is super flattering....you have the half tuck perfected here.. I need to practice more

  • Zapotee replied 8 years ago

    A short but very productive week. I am in awe of #3. Wow, I did not pull the trigger in those booties as I was stumped on how to wear them ....

  • Krista replied 8 years ago

    Sveta, I love them all! And that is one sassy new haircut. It looks great on you!

  • Suz replied 8 years ago

    Wow, wow, wow, I am so jealous of #3 I can't sit still! That is fantastic! I agree it might be a good idea to play with the length of the roll, but quibbling aside, what a LOOK!!!

    Have we seen this striped sweater before? It looks fab layered with the shirt. Love it!

    The other outfits are great, too, of course!

    And your hair looks spectacular! :-) I really love it.

  • marianna replied 8 years ago

    I love when you go big or go home because it totally works! That is my favorite outfit of the bunch -- it's so perfect and chic!

  • Aida replied 8 years ago

    A big wow to #3, seriously, WOW! And that is one awesome striped sweater. I have to say I still really love your hair in this darker shade, are you planning to stick with it? The shell-as-vest in #2 works, but I think I would prefer to see a shorter "vest" with a longer shirt like this; for this particular shell I'd rather see a shorter top underneath. #1 is pretty, great color combo! Could you maybe replace the flats with another pair of Borns?

  • nicoleb replied 8 years ago

    Super cool looks! I'm with everyone else and i'm really digging the 3rd one -- it's so much fun to look at.

  • replied 8 years ago

    Oh, how I am stealing #1 from you when you aren't looking....look Sveta, what's over there? (snatching) ;)

  • Heather replied 8 years ago

    Sveta, you are in a style sprint, also! Smokin!

  • Sveta replied 8 years ago

    Thank you for the comments!
    For the length of the BF jeans in #3: I was changing it several times during the day LOL
    I am still trying to find out that sweet spot but I liked the length in the picture the best with the boots. I may be completely off the mark but I don't feel that my legs look short there. Somehow with the booties I prefer a longer hem but still showing some skin between the jeans and the booties... but I am still learning here! I would really like to hear Angie's verdict on the length here as the opinions are so different!
    Suz, I am sure you have seen this striped sweater before: I have posted a lot of outfits with it in the spring. I got it at Winners! <waving to a short hair twin>
    Aida, dark hair is here to stay until I run out of this chestnut henna which turned out to be black :-) I really like it and will not do back to a medium brown. I preferred to color my hair lighter and closer to my color so root growth is not as visible but with henna root growth is almost not existing. I also thought that a shorter shirt may work better with the vest... need to experiment. As for the flats - I bought 2 pairs today!!!

  • shevia replied 8 years ago

    #3 is fabulous and I love the dress also. The jeans in #2 look perfect with the oxfords.

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