WIW: to take my mind of NAS...

...I decided to post my outfits from the previous week which I did not have a chance to post yet. So here we go!

pic #1 White, black and nude.
I love this lace top from BR - amazing how much better it looks in person than in the stock picture. I prefer to layer it over a black tank so the lace pattern stands out more (neat trick I learned from Angie) The top may be too long for the skirt but I hope it is JFE!

pic #2 Orchid, black and navy
I really like the color of this J Crew sweater but I have an issue with the fit - it is too big. I am not sure if it stretched out that much or if it was too big to start with as I bought it before finishing my weight loss last year. I know some of fabbers have this same sweater (Suz? Tanya?)  - did yours stretched out too? I cannot wear it without a partial tuck and sleeve scrunching as it is too oversized for my liking.
It also definitely faded after a couple of washes!
Other than the sweater fit I was really happy with this outfit includig the scarf. I am really warming up back to them now!

pic #3 Almost whiteout
I got this BR silk shell on a big discount at the store to use as a layering piece and this is my first attempt to wear it. I am not sure though - may be this neckline which is not the best for layering? I don't think I was as happy with this outfit as I was with the other two...

OK, thus distracted from NAS browsing I am going off to bed :-)
Thanks for looking nad as usual all commenst and suggestions are very much appreciated!

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  • Maneera replied 8 years ago

    Hey Sveta! Good to see more WIWs!

    Love the top in #1. The whole outfit looks very classy and I don't think the top is too long for the skirt.

    While the sweater is oversized in #2, the relaxed fit looks lovely with the navy pants and the scarf is a winner! I love this outfit...the colours are beautiful together.

    I also like outfit #3. Love the jacket and the silk top looks good both layered and on its own because of the lovely color combination. The whole outfit looks great....though I can see that neckline looks better by itself only after I read you mentioned it. In any case, it doesn't look odd when layered. Did it 'feel' wrong?

  • lyn67 replied 8 years ago

    What a great "distracting from the NAS" week you had, Sveta!:-) My fave is nr 1, esp love the black top with it, but other 2 are also impecable.

  • celia replied 8 years ago

    Beautiful outfits all of them.
    I love outfit #1, the mix of patterns and texture is absolutely wonderful.
    On #2 I think that with the semi tuck the whole outfit seems drapey , I wouldn't know that the sweater was too big if you hadn't told us.
    #3 , and after you pointed out, it looks awesome without the jacket. I also have a hard time layering with certain necklines.

  • Elizabeth P replied 8 years ago

    Great outfits Sveta!  I love the pattern mixing that the black under white creates in #1.  I have the v-neck version of that sweater, and mine has always been big, so no help there.  I do think you've disguised any fit issues well, we'd never know.  And the top in 3... I do prefer it on it's own.  Not saying it's not good for layering, but maybe a less "complicated" collar might work better?  Like a v-neck cardi?

  • viva replied 8 years ago

    Wow, I love the variety here, Sveta! The layering in #1 is really brilliant. And the pants in #2 are spectacular on you. I love the scarf with the look, too -- I don't know why it works so well but it really does. Fabulous fashion here.

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 8 years ago

    These are all fantastic, Sveta! The subtle pattern-mixing in 1 is so appealing, I love the colors and the slouchy vibe of 2, and 3 is so fresh and gorgeous on you. I like the blue jacket over it, too--really makes the jacket a statement piece.

  • Lisa replied 8 years ago

    Three great looks while you wait for NAS.  I have also been browsing online.

  • replied 8 years ago


  • Nebraskim replied 8 years ago

    That look No. 1 is AMAZING. I love that lace shirt over the black tank AND the stripes. Advanced pattern mixing A-Plus.

  • deb replied 8 years ago

    I love # 1! They all are super, though.

  • approprio replied 8 years ago

    1 & 2 are gorgeous. I particularly like the first one, the stripes and the lace are something I never would have thought of, but they just work. 

    I see what you mean about the third. I have a similar piece that resists layering for much the same reason. Somehow the neckline is too relaxed to look right under a jacket or sweater.

    Nevertheless, it survived numerous purges because it's nicely made with some cute details and I found I liked it very much on its own tucked into a pencil skirt. Don't ask me why, it just seemed to work. Warm weather only though. 

  • Style Fan replied 8 years ago

    I like all the outfits.  I am very impressed with your pattern mixing in outfit #1.  Very advanced.  I don't notice the orchid sweater being too big.  It looks gorgeous with the navy pants.  Love the white top in #3.  Nice lines.

    Good to keep your mind of the NAS.

  • Sveta replied 8 years ago

    Thank you ladies!
    It was a crazy day at work so only getting to reply now.
    Funny: so many of you commented on the "advanced" pattern mixing in #1 and I did not even realize that there is a pattern mix there: I guess lace is a neutral in my book :-)
    Elizabeth, I don't have cardigans. And I don;t think it is a neckline of the jacket which competes with the top neckline: I tried it with the collarless jacket and it did not feel right either. I guess I ma being picky...
    Rio, you nailed it with the top - neckline too relaxed... it does look the best sans topper BUT there are not many occasions I can wear it this way - too cold indoors. Should I wear this silk top to the farmer market on Saturday? :-) Also I can try to use it for dancing if I find the right bottoms to go with it.
    As for the orchid sweater - this is the only way I can wear it - semi-tucked. There is no way I can wear it untucked because it looks oversized -- and not in a fashionable way. Maybe I need to take a picture of it and post it for fun...

  • Jaime replied 8 years ago

    #2 is my favorite and #1 is right behind neck and neck with #3 without the jacket. Although I like the jacket with it also and the collar doesn't bother me - but perhaps it looks less polished to you?

  • replied 8 years ago

    I like #3 with the jacket because of the play of proportions. #2 top may be too loose irl, but the color is fab on you and I adore the pants.

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