When you kitty is interested in fashion...

...the results may be pretty unexpected and sad. Look how my Winnie chewed my tomato red Chromia satchel which I accidentally left in the living room or 0.5 hour. Here he is, the rascal, and no guilty conciseness in sight!

I knew that dogs chew things but I never thought that cats do it too...now I know :-(

I guess the bag is ruined now <sign>

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  • April replied 4 years ago

    Oh, Sveta.  Those look like claw marks to me -- how sad.

    When my dear kitty has ruined something, I always take comfort from this post on Sal's blog:  http://www.alreadypretty.com/2.....woman.html

  • Thistle replied 4 years ago

    He does not look repentant in the least!! He looks so sweet, too.

    That said, maybe it could be fixed. I know the cobbler in town also does stuff with handbags. Might at least be worth asking.

  • Windchime replied 4 years ago

    Oh, such a naughty kitty. He looks ever so slightly guilty, too. I'm sorry about your bag.

  • April replied 4 years ago

    @Thistle -- yes!  In college I once had a pair of heeled boots whose heels were chewed by a puppy living at my brother's house.  A cobbler was able to do something with melting and smoothing and soon they were good as new.

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    Oh no! This looks like a bad case of boredom to me! Max eats paper and lampshades when he gets into that state. But your beautiful bag!! Tears are springing to my eyes about that one. I love that bag. 

  • Mo replied 4 years ago

    Oh no.  I have to really mind my closet doors or kitty can't wait to get in there.  I have to tuck dress sashes up on the hangers so as not to tempt stray claws batting and snagging.  I know they are just being their playful feline selves, but oh our pretty things! 

  • rae replied 4 years ago

    Crying for you! I do hope there is something that can be done!

  • shevia replied 4 years ago

    Guilt is not in a cat's range of emotions from what I have seen. But it should be!

  • Sveta replied 4 years ago

    Thanks for the therapy!
    April. these are actually bite marks.
    Thistle, thanks for the cobbler  tip, I will try it.
    Suz, that very well may be the boredom. It was so cold today that he did not want to be outside for a long time so he was shut in the house for almost all day, But he does like to chew - my two girls don't seem to chew at all.

  • Janet replied 4 years ago

    Oh no! Ditto to Thistle's suggestion -- maybe there is something that can be done.

    In the meantime, maybe this will make you feel a little better. Hubs sent it to me the day he adopted our new ranch kitty.


  • Sveta replied 4 years ago

    Janet, thanks for the laugh! :-)

  • Gigi replied 4 years ago

    If the cobbler can't fix it, look in the yellow pages under "leather repair." Good luck! I'm so sorry. Bad kitty!

  • Joy replied 4 years ago

    Sveta, I hope your beautiful bag can be fixed!  What a rascal.

  • Jeanie replied 4 years ago

    Obviously the bag jumped out at him and he had to attack it!  Sorry.  My cat once ate some wire on a video game but hasn't touched any fashion accessories thankfully.  Sorry, I do hope it can be repaired :)

  • Gracie replied 4 years ago

    Oh, but the damage is barely noticeable... And he just Had to Have a Little Bitty Taste. Maybe you can carry the bag with the damaged side towards your body until its battle wounds can be repaired. I'm sorry it happened, such a gorgeous bag!

    Janet, that's a hilarious link, I'd only seen the ones with dogs before.

  • Laurinda replied 4 years ago

    If it can't be repaired, maybe it could be remade into a unique artistic feature? 

  • Peri replied 4 years ago

    Is it really so bad? I'd probably keep using the bag anyway and if anyone said anything I'd tell the kitty story and have a good conversation. But see what leather repair can do first!

  • Runcarla replied 4 years ago

    I feel your pain. I lost a fur collar to a cat who felt compelled to groom it....down to naked leather. See below for another cat project.

  • Neel replied 4 years ago

    Oh dear :( ..... That's a gorgeous bag and an even more gorgeous kitty! I hope it can be fixed! ... The bag I mean :D!

  • Joy replied 4 years ago

    Runcarla, your reply reminded me that my current dog "killed" a lovely rabbit scarf that was so soft and warm.  Luckily, it was thrifted.

  • JAileen replied 4 years ago

    I'm so sorry about your bag. Our dogs have wrecked a lot of stuff. One of them thinks leather is delicious!

  • bj1111 replied 4 years ago

    ah, pets.  at least your kitty has excellent taste, just like her mama.

  • Sveta replied 4 years ago

    Thank you all for the commiserating with me, ladies!
    I will check with the cobbler but if nothing doing I may just accept this bag as is and carry it with the damaged side to myself. Hopefully it is not as noticeable IRL if you don't know about it. 
    But you bet now all my bags and shoes are behind the closed closet doors ALL THE TIME! :-)

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    I just about choked, laughing at Janet's link. Even Max doesn't do all of those things. 

    Just the cardboard box one. And, er, his own little habits of eating important papers (including tax papers and manuscripts, like example 1) along with lampshades (yes!) and window blinds. 

    My last cat did the knocking objects one. He'd also bat at picture frames and knock them off the wall. 

  • Sveta replied 4 years ago

    Suz, my Winnie also cannot control himself around toilet paper. Or and stealing socks - yep, he does it from the drawer even when there is just a tiny crack open...

  • SW Ann replied 4 years ago

    Ah yes, our fur babies are mischievous!!!
    I love my purses but I love my cat more so I would probably keep carrying it, as you said.....
    How about a fashionable and colorful scarf tied around the handle on the side to distract from those tooth marks?
    And thank you, Janet, for the laughs 

  • Lyn D. replied 4 years ago

    What a shame Sveta!
    (Janet's link WAS funny though...)

  • replied 4 years ago

    Our male cat seems to know when one of us is wearing black dress pants. That's when he brushes up against us and gets fur on our clothes.

    We have a female cat who has message up the upholstery on our dining room chairs. I'm hoping I'll be able to remove the seats and reupholster them myself. Sign...

  • Angie replied 4 years ago

    Sharpie pen to the rescue? 

    Honestly, I kept using things that our girls chewed. No one sees it accept you. We don't love these dear little creatures any less, do we. xo

  • replied 4 years ago

    Angie's right. We don't love them any less. I guess that's why my DH and I spent the extra $ to get tile when we decided to get rid of the carpet. We could have just bought new carpet, but we had the cats in mind and decided it would be futile to expect the cats not to mess up the new carpet. We also bought more scratching posts. Oh the things we do for our beloved pets! And they aren't even our cats. They belong to our 3 daughters. :)

  • unfrumped replied 4 years ago

    Hmm, love him, but keep him out of the closet! (I have kitties, too).

    It does seem worth looking into some kind of smooshing repair. Or, epoxy some kind of applique over it, either an asymmetrical look, or one on the other side.

  • replied 4 years ago

    unfrumped is right. Keep the cats out of the closet. Our cats are never allowed in anyone's closet, or in the pantry. Those areas are strictly off limits.

  • replied 4 years ago

    Oh, it's not really that noticeable.  I'm sorry, though.  

    He is such a beautiful kitty!!!

  • Sara L. replied 4 years ago

    Oh no, that bag is so pretty!  I have no suggestions, just commiserating.  Also, Janet's link is hilarious.

  • Louise replied 4 years ago

    Argh! My fur baby Marley once chewed the back of my mums red shoes!! He was last to get his tea for a week as punishment!! X

  • Lisa replied 4 years ago

    Aww, bad furbaby.  Mine has nibbled on the handle of my one and only Louis Vuitton handbag.  grr.But I still use it.  I figure it shows it's well loved.

  • Sveta replied 4 years ago

    Yes, we don't love them any less and I would not exchange my little rascal for a million bags!
    I think I will pretend it is not there and look other way :-)

    Lisa, I am sorry about your LV bag, it is a bummer...but you are right, it shows it is well loved!

  • MsMaven replied 4 years ago

    O-o-o-h--I only see bite marks like that on plastic jars of catnip.  

  • Vicki replied 4 years ago

    Ouch!  Sveta, as I sit here with my kitty on my lap, I must admit it did bring a smile when I read your subject title and the actual situation.

    I tried to put myself in that moment of discovery when something so pretty as your purse is damaged by your little one and the best advice I can give is that whenever you look at those pesky little teeth marks, please consider them as a love gift from your beautiful cat.  ^_^

  • Beth Ann replied 4 years ago

    So sorry about the bag!  After years of having Golden Retrievers, we now have a flat coat/collie mix -- all long black fur.  Well, he doesn't mess up by black trousers, but my microfiber bed skirt has to go -- it attracts Caspian's luxurious fur like a microfiber cleaning cloth! 

    Hope you can find a fix!

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