Some reviews for Banana Republic items

I completely agree with Angie and others that Banana Republic offerings are great this spring. I have already bought (and keeping) some items from them and I want more!
I went to the store today to return some online orders which did not work for me and could not resist to try some things on. These were my favorites and strong candidates for the future (I did not buy any today).
##1-2. Sloan fit cropped pants
I think I am going over my poison eye for cropped pants as I am thinking to add one pair for my spring / summer work  capsule just to change things up.
I have tried on #1 in my size and liked how they fit a lot (for comparison Avalon fit was awful on me). This is a lot of pant as the pattern is graphic and bold so I am not sure if this is the right pair for me now...on the other hand may be fun? 
#2 is much easier to wear as the pattern is very subtle. Unfortunately there was no my size in the store so I cannot say that it would fit as well as another is now in my online shopping bag waiting for a discount :-)
#3 High waisted pencil skirt
I wanted a high waisted skirt for a long time but could not find one fitting my waist and my hips in the same time (even with the weight loss I am quite curvy with 12 inch difference between my waist and hips). So I did not have high hopes but magically this one fitted in both places.  
Now I have a dilemma: I have white culottes on their way to me and I think I need either a white skirt or white culottes but not both. Should I order a skirt as well and play with both culottes and skirt to see what I like more (it is also on sale today which is another tempting factor).
#4 Medallion lace top
Online picture does not convey how fab this top is! At first I passed it because of the length but then SA mentioned how she likes hers  I added it to the pile for the fitting room just for the fun of it. Well, I put it on and did not want to take it off! The lace pattern is exquisitely elegant and the way it drapes on the body is superb. I liked it with the pencil skirt and with skinnies and with those patterned cropped pants...I am watching the sales now! 
Wish me strength ladies - my wallet would thank you for that!:-)

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  • greycat6 replied 8 years ago

    Love all of these items, especially the lace top which came home with me a couple of weeks ago. Love it!

    If you are going for a wild card, you might as well go with the printed pant especially if the fit is better. Wild cards are all about fun and those pants fit the bill. The biggest challenge of summer dressing, at least for me, is keeping things interesting without adding too many layers of clothing or scarves. Patterned pants liven the look up and keep it interesting without a lot of accessories or layers of clothes.

  • Karie replied 8 years ago

    Very nice selections. The Sloan ankle pants and the lace top are my favs. Welcome to the cropped pants club! I love cropped pants and wear them all spring and summer.

  • Joy replied 8 years ago

    Thank you for this review. I have been thinking of adding a white sheath dress or pencil skirt. Did the skirt run true to size for you. Do you think it would work for the definitely non-curvy? It has enough length, which is hard to find. The lace top is tempting too.

  • Sveta replied 8 years ago

    greycat6  -thanks for validation on the lace top. How do you wear yours?
    Karie, I like the look of cropped pants with heels the best and I don't wear heels much so this stopped me before...if I get those I would need to use Angie's 6 rules to make them work :-)
    Joy, the skirt was true to size - the same size as fitted me in the Sloan pants. It did follow my curves though so I am not sure if it can work for straighter body...I think the only way to find out is to order and check?

  • Staysfit replied 8 years ago

    In the debate between culottes and a pencil skirt, I personally would pick a pencil skirt, but you have long legs and I could see you looking great in either it's tough. I think of the culottes as more trendy and a pencil skirt as something more classic. What direction are you going?

  • merwoman replied 8 years ago

    My vote is to go for drama  and take the printed pant! You wear bold so well Sveta! And thanks (?) for the recommend on the lace's in my cart as little enabler you....

  • Daria replied 8 years ago

    Sveta I vote skirt over culottes, if the skirt fits so well. Skirt is such a timeless item after all, while culottes are trendy (and you can always pick them up at a cheaper retail like H&M to try the trend).
    That lace top is gorgeous!

  • unfrumped replied 8 years ago

    The pattern I'd bold but small/ symmetrical so I think it will look great, with simple partners.
    I would snap up any good- fitting neutral pencil skirt, in good Fantis--- even with alterations available, some just fit better than others-- you can feel it.

  • Kirstjen replied 8 years ago

    I LOVE the patterned pants.  LOVE them!  I find that whenever I have the audacity to add graphic pants, it's never that I don't want to wear them, but rather that I want to wear them every single day.  I'm sure that you'll get lots of wear out of them & they will be magnets for compliments.  

  • UmmLila (Lisa) replied 8 years ago

    These are all good pieces. I think Marisa Webb is doing a great job with BR lately. I thought they were too dull before. I'd be tempted by the culottes, myself, just because I always figure white bottoms don't have a long life span, so might as well get the trendy one.

  • jackiec replied 8 years ago

    Thanks for the reviews, Sveta! I tried on the sloans in light grey (for fun) and was impressed by the fit. I never saw that lovely print that you've linked in store, though. Those might be fun.... Oh boy you have a lot of choices - they'd all be so great in your wardrobe!

  • Peri replied 8 years ago

    I saw that lace top and really liked it, but I thought it would be so hard to find the right thing to go under it that I never even tried it on. What are you planning to put under yours?

  • Debbie replied 8 years ago

    I saw those pants on finds and immediately liked them. I think they would be a fun addition. That lace top is intriguing and I will have to try it on .
    I 'd love to see the skirt on you!

  • Joyce B replied 8 years ago

    Those are great reviews, Sveta.
    Enjoy your loot!

  • Angie replied 8 years ago

    Yay. I LOVE lace tops. Glad this one worked out, and I bet it looks gorgeous on you. 

    I think you should order both the white skirt and culottes. See which you prefer. I found the white culottes too see-through so I passed - FWIW. 

    And welcome to Team Cropped Pants. It's a fun look with ankle strap shoes. 

  • srhrsy replied 8 years ago

    I'd also vote for the skirt. It sounds like it will be easier to find culottes in a different color that fit well. Thanks for the reviews!

  • rachylou replied 8 years ago

    Gosh! My hipless self is all amazed at your waist/hip ratio, Sveta. We have inverse challenges... it's almost like the same challenge in a way. All makes me think of Thistle's thread. I like BR pics, but we always seem to have these coffee dates where I climb out the ladies lounge window... so your reviews are very interesting to me.

    The white pencil is OMG fantastic!

    (and on that note, I think Angie has officially turned me to the dark side... which is actually the White Side... lol)

  • Elizabeth P replied 8 years ago

    These all look like great pieces for you Sveta.  Interesting review of the lace top - I hadn't given that a second glance because of how they had it styled - but on looking closer I really like the way they are showing the olive one - which is how I'd prefer to wear the white.  Might just have to check that out next time I'm at the mall!

    I've also been quite pleased with this years selection and have purchased several.  They are just too easy!

  • Sveta replied 8 years ago

    Staysfit, actually I don't know which direction I want to go:I think I have a middle life crisis :-)
    Sue, I may do just that (when they go on sale). Sorry for being an enabler ;-)
    Daria and unfrumped, what you say makes perfect sense - well fitting pencil skirt is a hard thing for me to find!
    kirstjen, I like your patterned pants enthusiasm! :-)
    UmmLila, I am sharing your love for BR!
    jackie, Joyce,srhrsy - thanks!
    Peri, I don't know yet. I need to get my hands on it and play with it in my closet. I wonder if wearing it over a contrasting layer (rather than white) will bring the lace pattern to the best advantage?
    Debbie, let me know what you think of the lace top when yiou try it on.
    Angie, interesting  - I did not notice the culottes being see-through. Maybe I should try them on outside and take pictures? I did order both the skirt and the culottes and you can expect a fashion show on the forum in the near future ;-0 As for the cropped pants - I have aserious lack of ankle strap shoes. The only pair I have is FS platinum flat sandals with tan ankle strap - not the best for black / white cropped pants. :-(
    Rachy, you are a hoot? How did it happen we have not met IRL yet?!

  • Style Fan replied 8 years ago

    Thanks for the review.  I love the items you have chosen.  I am a curvy woman too so I know the challenges.  FWIW I would go for culottes but I love culottes.  I never wore pencil skirts due to the bombshell factor.  That is just me.

    I went into BR a few days ago when I was in Hamilton and I was pleasantly surprised.  I saw lots of things I liked.  More for work (which I rarely do these days) but what a difference from before.  Lots of lace tops. 

  • Debbie replied 8 years ago

    Sveta-I tried those pants on today. I loved them. I needed a size smaller than what they had but they are great. I would have to shorten them I think. You found some great items. BR looks great this season.

  • Sveta replied 8 years ago

    Debbie, are you also waiting now for the sale? :-)
    The hunt is on!!!

  • greycat6 replied 8 years ago

    Hi Sveta,

    Thanks for the validation on the lace top. Wouldn't you know it, as soon as it came home with me the weather cooled down so it has not seen much wear time yet. The one time I did wear it was with a white camisole, faded distressed jeans and gray suede wedge sandals. Looking forward to getting much wear out of it.

  • Kyle replied 8 years ago

    Thanks for the reviews, Sveta. I looove my Sloan crops, but have not ventured into the pattern territory. Berry is a great, versatile color. I wear mine a lot. Need to take a closer look at the lace, too!

  • catgirl replied 8 years ago

    I tried on those patterned Sloans - I was a size 2!  And I am never a BR size 2.  They were very fitted which the SA said was how they should be - is that right?  They run big and definitely bigger than last season's Sloan fit, which I never kept.  BR doesn't get me but it certainly works on you, Sveta - lucky!

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