WIW: citron and no olive - and others

I always want to try Angie's ensembles on Fridays but usually my closet is lacking the main ingredients. The same thing happened today - out of three featured colors I had one only - citron. I don't have olive and cognac at all (although would love to add cognac at some point). The closest to cognac was darker chestnut of my Vaneli booties but it was too cold and snowy for them today. So pic 1 is my "poor man" interpretation - brown leather jacket and leopard belt to replace cognac and no olive :-(

pic 2 Vested interest
I think I am going vest crazy now! I decide to keep BR coated vest I asked you about here. I have ironed it with low iron through the clean cloth and it looks much better this way: I think it was just wrinkled from the packing. It also did not wrinkle from the day of wear which is a good thing.
I am slowlu falling in love with it and think it will be as useful wildcard as my grey gilet. The navy color is so beautiful and the sheen from the coating adds the depth to it. I would not buy it in a usual "utility color of olive or beige but this one feels "me" somehow. Tell me I ma crazy after all!
I am afraid my look was pretty dark that day. I paired the vest with LLBean shirt in green and nave plaid. It has some white in it but not as much as the red shirt (which is still in the laundry). I would wear white jeasn with this outfit but this was the time of the month when white jeans are not the best thing to wear :-( I hope that red booties made the outfit less somber.

pic 3
This was a challenging day. It was bitterly cold (-30C windchill in the morning) so I needed to dress warm but I had a dance lesson in the evening and was going straight from work so I needed a light outfit for it (too hot while dancing). This is what I came up with: sweatshirt worn over a dress.
In the evening I removed the sweatshirt for the lesson - problem solved.
I wore warm sheepskin lined boots that day and changed into booties at work.

pic 4  
Another cold day and shoe change at work. I felt like grey and yellow so her we go. I felt very cheerful all day wearing these loafers :-)

pic 5-6 Outfit inspired by Suz and Mary
 Suz's post on her orphan boots made me to wear mine that day - and a skirt. I so wanted to add a red skirt to my wardrobe but now when I have it I kid of struggling to put outfits together in which I feel fab. I think it is because of the style and the fit. It sits on my hips so tucking in is difficult. It also not tapered but more of a straight skirt. I tried to add this lilac sweater to it because I liked the lilac / red combination in Mary's outfit. I also layered a shirt to add some structure - and my dressy black boots with patterned charcoal tights (in solidarity with Suz's boots). I am not sure how I feel about the whole thing. I like lilac and red together but was this sweater too long and shapeless here?
Here is my week. Sorry the light is not the best even with the flash. I need to get working on my photography skills ASAP!
Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!

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  • Suz replied 9 years ago

    Gorgeous as ever, and I am touched that you included a tall boot outfit just for me in solidarity. I am still plotting how to style mine in some different ways to get them out of the closet after all. 

    #1 is amazing! No "poor man's version" at all! Although that jacket is a sort of taupey brown, the brown also has an olive undercast somehow...it is a bit warmer in tone, and works beautifully with the sweater and animal print belt. I love this on you!

    #2 does not read as too dark to me and I suspect this vest is going to become a real workhorse for you. It is very trans-seasonal, which will give it a lot of opportunities for wear. 

    Waving at my sweatshirt twin. I was sick with migraine today and wore the matching pants to stay at home on the couch! I really love both pieces and use the sweatshirt frequently. It looks great on you. Like I said, an almost "lavender" grey. 

    #4 is so fun with the shoes. Love it. 

    #5 -- yes, I have this same problem with the seamed skirt I bought at the same time..fit is on the generous side and too straight. I quite like your outfit with the sweater -- it is a sort of sporty luxe because of the sweater's detailing combined with the bright red -- but I also think I see why it might not feel like your best. 

  • Mona replied 9 years ago

    The poor man's version of Angie's yesterday ensemble looks good, Sveta. I don't have any olive in my wardrobe either and was thinking to put together an outfit along the same lines.
    That BR coated vest looks gorgeous on you and to my eyes, the outfit does not look that dark. It has an edge because of the vest which keeps it interesting.
    You look absolutely gorgeous in #4. The mustard turtle neck and the gilet are a match made in heaven for your height. 

  • Tanya replied 9 years ago

    Such amazing outfits!  I love your interpretation in #1, and, at least on my screen, the jacket looks like it has an olive undertone.  I like how you styled the utility vest and love you in that super long grey vest and mustard turtleneck.  You can do no wrong in my book :)

  • Elizabeth P replied 9 years ago

    And yet another awesome Sveta week!  Thanks for the info on the vest... I think you've sealed my fate.  BR has 40% off this weekend, so I'm going to give it a try. 

    I think your attempt at Angie's ensemble is great... it inspired you do do something different, which is really the point, isn't it?  Some of the colour combo ones are tricky. 

    It's hard to tell from your angle exactly how #5 looks, but I do like the sporty vibe I see, and it's a really interesting (in a good way!!) colour combo.  Love that you got your boots out... I think I'll do the same next week.

  • K.M. replied 9 years ago

    I love all of them but especially #4. So elegant, stylish, full of personality. I like not just the colors but also the long lines of the vest. And I do like the sweater in #5. I have a skirt that looks very similar in color, and your lavender-red combo is inspiring!

  • jackiec replied 9 years ago

    Absolutely every outfit is fab, Sveta! Laughing that you call #1 your poor man's version of Angie's ensemble. Are you kidding? Your new vest looks like it will be a wildcard workhorse! I love the plaid underneath. And great idea to put a sweatshirt over a dress! Now the outfit with the lilac and red is brilliant, just brilliant. I really never would think to pair these things, but look how brilliant it is!! :) Inspirational as usual. (And brrrrr just thinking about -30!!!).

  • Angie replied 9 years ago

    Fabulous all round, stylish and elegant, Sveta. Your ensemble rendition is GREAT. Not a poor cousin at all. Fun to see the BR vest in action too. 

    My word - I want to faint each time I see you in that gillet. YOU LOOK SO KILLER IN IT. xo

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