WIW: keeping warm in a Polar Vortex

Nooo! It is too early for winter! It is just mid-November - I am not ready for this yet! However nobody asked me and we had it a bucket full this week: first temps in below -10C (over -20C with windchill) and today the Mother Nature also dumped a truckload of snow here - they promised 2" but it looks more like 4 or 5. :-(
It was a good strategic decision to focus on expanding my winter-worthy work footwear collection or I would be stuck with a single pair of flat boots for every day!

pic 1 Black and cream
I wanted to wear my cream culottes and had to wear black boots with them due to a weather. I decided that I need to add another black item to the outfit to bookend the boots. This BR tux jacket is too big for me now - I don't know if it is visible from the picture. It is definitely more of BF style now. I suspect that long and lose blazer with midi length culottes is not everybody's cup if tea but I felt rebellious and liked this pin.

pic 2 Black and cobalt
Very cold day! Merino wool t-neck and pretty heavy wool moto jacket was just the right combination to keep me warm. Maybe a bit too dark but I hope that bright cobalt saved it a bit...

pic 3 Black, navy and white
Team wear - my new white JCrew jeans and BCBG mixed media jacket from consignment. I was agonizing over those jeans and was not sure if I should keep them...but in the end decided to listen to Angie and keep. So far so good - they stretched a bit during the day and definitely not as tight as in the beginning. I think sizing up would be too baggy. 
I like this jacket a lot - double breastedness does not bother me anymore.:-)
I think it fits right in with my current style which is "simple and  bold" - just like it. I don't know if you cna see it but the turtleneck is navy, not black.
White jeans tucked into black flat boots may be not the most flattering and leg lengthening look but I was quite happy in it today.
Thank you for looking and all commenst and suggestions are very much appreciated. 
I am looking forward to a warm(er) spell next week so I can wear my booties a bit longer before it is winter boots all the way!

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  • Neel replied 5 years ago

    Stunner cold weather outfits!! I doubt I would be half as dressy when the weather sucks! #3 is my absolute favorite because the white pants and the jacket are super cool on you. And the navy turtle neck is a smart choice :)

  • Elly replied 5 years ago

    These are all fabulous, Sveta! One and three are particularly striking-- maybe a non-dark handbag with 2?

    We have been hitting the same temps in CO, but no snow that stuck to the ground yet. My response exactly-- I'm not ready for winter!

  • Diana replied 5 years ago

    Wow, you are really rocking the strong, graphic statements lately. #3 is my particular favorite, I love the combo of the equestrian vibe with the really modern, sharp lines and graphic black and white palette. So sharp and stunning!

    Hoping it warms up for you soon. It's been very cold here but the forecast is for 60F next week. Crazy.

  • Astrid replied 5 years ago

    All fantastic outfits, but I LOVE #1 with the culottes. Absolutely fabulous! You did well dressing for the temperatures.

  • lyn67 replied 5 years ago

    Wow, nr 3 is sharpest and edgiest off your all times! Amazed you can sport winter whites so easy in that OMG so cold and big snow! By us is still sunny and mild autumn BUT, no matter what's your weather, YLF as always, Sveta!:-)

  • cheryle (Dianthus) replied 5 years ago

    Sveta, they are all excellent cold weather choices.  I think #3 is my favorite and I love the new white jeans with tall black boots.

    There was quite a bit of snow yesterday.  I stepped off the curb into a slushy mess last night.  I don't find it too cold though.  The last few days in Winnipeg were a bit colder but with a biting wind.  BRRRR

  • krishnidoux replied 5 years ago

    You must be the most stylish gal in this cold spell! I admire your initiative to wear white through it all. Brilliant!

    I love your bag too. It goes with everything and perfectly proportioned with you!

  • Suz replied 5 years ago

    Wow, Sveta, these are all absolutely gorgeous, but #3 literally made me gasp. You are a YLF runway model, no question. What a fantastic outfit and you wear it so very well. That jacket is beyond wonderful. I think I need one, too! I wonder if ebay might be a source (said the lemming). 

    Horrible weather. It is not as bad as Buffalo, but still. Nobody needs this now. 

    Freezing, too! 

  • Aubergine replied 5 years ago

    Everything looks stunning! I don't think #2 is too dark at all, and love the dramatic lines of #3.

    By the way, I've been kind of looking for another pair of presentable weatherproof boots after remembering how sick I got of my only pair last year, and your Finds reminded me to look at Blondo boots. So thanks!

  • amiable replied 5 years ago

    Love these - and I was just trying to decide what to wear tomorrow to speak in a University class.  I think I'm going to copy #3.

  • shevia replied 5 years ago

    Just gorgeous Sveta. I love the culottes with black boots, the cobalt jacket looks like a million bucks on you and I adore the new jacket and that entire outfit. Three fabulous outfits!

  • jackiec replied 5 years ago

    Out-STAN-ding, Sveta! Love them all! I'm glad you pointed out the navy turtleneck in #3. I would have never tried this before Angie. I'm glad you've kept the white jeans - they look fab and will be so useful. I also love the culottes - amazing that you can bring them right into the winter like that. And the cobalt does indeed brighten #2. Can't believe it's snowy & cold for you already. We had a nice cold, clear snap last week but today it is back to miserable rain...

  • Peri replied 5 years ago

    WOW!!! Love all but LOVE #2.

    Have you ever thought of entering a model contest? Like More magazine does one I think. You seriously should think about that.

  • replied 5 years ago

    Sveta - you are one lucky woman!  All of these outfits are dead-flattering - no question.  I'm not the biggest fan of white jeans as I don't see them as terribly flattering on everyone, but with your long lean legs - you rock them!  Love these high contrast looks.  Cold PV weather here too in Wpg - horribly windy and cold yesterday and apparently it's -25C with wind-chill out there right now. Yikes!

  • texstyle replied 5 years ago

    Beautiful outfits Sveta - so glad you kept the jeans as they look fantastic on you, especially the way you've styled them!

  • carambola replied 5 years ago

    Stunningly gorgeous x3.

  • Beth Ann replied 5 years ago

    Loving them all -- even though they'd be more welcome in January.  Cobalt and black always make me happy -- and this is a strong, modern silhouette.  The sharp shoulder line in the black jacket seem particularly fresh to me!

  • Classically Casual replied 5 years ago

    Wow, your WIW's just get better and better. You've really nailed your personal style. Number 3 is especially stunning to my eye.

    So sorry about your early cold weather, I think we can all be happy we aren't in Buffalo, NY this week!

  • Gracie replied 5 years ago

    Wonderful outfits - my favorite is #3 - simple, and perfectly fitting black, ink and white. I must take inspiration from you for cold-weather dressing. When it gets "really cold"(Central Texas, ha!) something in my brain snaps to "I don't care how I look, I just want to be warm – wrap me in a furry blanket and cinch a rope around the waist." :)

  • catgirl replied 5 years ago

    Oh how you rock those culottes. And leather! All of it. Amazing.

    Meanwhile it's a heat wave up here - 40s and no snow in sight!

  • UmmLila replied 5 years ago

    So elegant, Sveta. And good planning with the boots.

  • Aida replied 5 years ago

    Ack! I totally adore #1. Lengths on everything are just perfect. Love the fit of the BF tuxedo blazer, I vote wear it just like that. I still need to get my culottes hemmed >< #2 is a great "almost all black" look, the cobalt looks even richer with this pairing. #3 is superb. LOVE the look of the tall black boots with the white skinnies, I tried it a few times last winter and fell for it too. I've been putting off my tall boots as much as possible since there's plenty of that weather coming up, but I'm definitely filing this away as inspiration for when the time comes! I can do the navy turtleneck, but can only dream of having a blazer that cool to pop over the top. Yumm!

    (Can't believe all the snow that's already falling! Glad we've just had cold with no precipitation. Plennnnnty of time for that :p Hoping you get a break from it soon.)

  • Lucy replied 5 years ago

    These 3 looks are all AMAZING! I don't know which is my fav - each is better than the last! I also admire that they all have your strong and striking look, but are all a bit different to each other as well. And you rock them all! 

    Funny to read of cold weather in so many posts. For us here in Australia, we are having the opposite! Today in Sydney we are expecting 40 degrees C. So it is stay inside and wear cotton weather.....

  • Sveta replied 5 years ago

    Thanks for the comments!
    We had another dump of snow today so I stayed and worked from home. It is going to be all gone on the weekend when temps rise to +10C - what a weird weather! This gives me hope to get more wear out of my booties before winter comes for good.
    I am very glad that I risked getting this BCBG jacket at the cinsignment last Saturday - I really like it and the length, the length! My black tux looks pretty tame next to it now :-) The only problem that the sleaves are pretty narrow and it limits what I can wear under it. Thin t-nck like this Gap one is fine and sleeveless tops are fine too. More subtstantial cotton shirts may be a problem. I was surprised that even my orange silk shirt was not comforatble - the silk is think but the sleeves are pretty wide so I think it was the excess fabric. But I guess I just select tops which work with it and have fun with them.
    Suz, I tried to find this jacket online but no luck :-(
    Aida, get those culottes hemmed ASAP, we need to do a twin day again :-)
    Honestly I wa not wearing my tall boots too until this snow came - nad then I did not have a choice :-(
    Una, LOL at your "heat wave" description - especially compared with Lucy's +40C heat wave in Australia :-)
    I think white jeans with black boots will be worn A LOT this winter because black boots are the only tall boots I have which are winter-worthy - and because I am going to wear white jeans in winter. They make me happy and if I have to wash them after 2 wears - be it!
    Peri - LOL, I think it may be a bit late to start a modeling career now - kind of mid-life crisis? :-)
    Amy, I want to see your copy!
    Aubergine - I am happy if my post helped you with your boot shopping. My Blondo boots were tested in 2 our Canadian winters and especially in last year Polar Vortex - and passed with flying colors.

  • Aubergine replied 5 years ago

    Sveta, that sounds really encouraging about Blondos. If they can handle Canada, DC winters should be nothing for them!

  • Sveta replied 5 years ago

    Aubergine, Diana got some Blondo boots last year too and they worked well for her in Boston - so you should be sorted. I find the shaft to be on the taller and wider side though, especially for a larger size - so hopefully it works for you.

  • Aubergine replied 5 years ago

    Hmmmm, wider could be good, taller less so. I actually just ordered a really nice cognac pair on Amazon to try on once I saw there was only one left in my size. It claims to be 15.5" high, which is probably my upper limit for shaft height, so crossing my fingers.

  • Karie replied 5 years ago

    Horrible weather, and please don't send it my way! We only got a dusting of snow. 

    Each outfit is more fab than the one before it! I simply can not pick a favorite, I love them all.

  • Firecracker replied 5 years ago

    Wow, do you ever shine in cold weather, Sveta! You are just stunning in black and white--I love both 1 and 3. You look so very elegant in both of them. Love the new blazer! And the middle outfit is gorgeous, too, with its cool casual vibe.
    Stay warm! You are already stylish.

  • ElleH replied 5 years ago

    I love these outfits. I can't see well enough to see any problem with the fit of the tuxedo jacket. The cobalt brightens the black column perfectly & the 3rd one looks great with the black boots. You are tall enough to look great with the contrast.

  • unfrumped replied 5 years ago

    Wow. #3 is perfect Urban Equestrian, no?

  • Lisa replied 5 years ago

    You are doing a great job dressing for the cold.  And I really like all three of these looks on you.  You sport a high contrast look very well.  White jeans is the perfect addition for high contrast looks!

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