WIW: a week before my NAS!

  As many of us here on YLF I have caught NAS bug and have been living "on  the edge" for the last 2 weeks. I started to place my orders on the first day of pre-sale but the last order was delivered only this week so I was not able to get anything yet...but I am driving down there TOMORROW morning!!!
OK, NAS excitement aside this was my week "on the edge" of NAS. All worn to work.
pic 1 White, black and silver
Hot day and no rain so time to wear white wide leg trousers. I am looking for ways towear this black CM shirt and I like it with these trousers. Note - the day was so hot I did not even need a jacket inside: our AC at work did not do a very good job :-( These trousers were altered in the beginning of the summer - do you thing they look too baggy now?

Editor trousers - Express
Club Monaco silk shirt
J.Renee silver pumps
Silver Danier tote

pic 2  White, black and red
Thinking about Halogen skirt I ordered from NAS prompted me to war my polka dot skirt. I am not sure proportions were very good in this outfit though - do you think these Fidji pumps look too frumpy and the top is too long?

Silk sweatshirt - Le Chateau
Polka dot skirt - consigned
Fidji pumps
Chromia satchel

pic 3 Orange and windowpane
I tried to add a couple of extra buttonholes to this blouse so I can close it higher but it did not work. So I have to continue wearing it like this. I hope bright persimmon, windowpane with tuxedo stripe and leopard loafers were not too over the top - what do you think?
Windowpane tuxedo trousers - Long Tall Sally
Silk shirt - Costco
Dove satchel - Danier
Vince Camuto - leopard loafers

pic 4 Inspired by Aida's brave outfit

I liked Aida's white in the rain outfit so mach so I was inspired to copy it...well almost. It is "almost" white for me with pale pink sweater instead of white and snake tan tote instead of the sequined clutch but - hey - I also have black hair! :-) It was a cool day (although a dry one) so sweater was very welcomed.

Cream skinnies - Banana Republic
Marled sweater in "orange peel" - Gap
Ros Hommerson bone slingbacks

pic 5 Almost "blue out"

Today was also pretty cool morning so I needed a jacket. I did not wear these flares much last year (in part because they were on a snug side) but this season I am enjoying them much more.

Paige Canyon flares
Gap moto jacket
Gap luxlight sweater
Danier dove satchel
Silver J.Renee pumps

This was my week and thank you for looking. I won't be able to comment tomorrow as I will be off to NAS so I apologize in advance!
As usual all comments and suggestions are appreciated very much
Have a great weekend!


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  • Angie replied 7 years ago

    Simply killer gorgeous all round. Nice to see Queen Trousers in a skirt. xo

  • jackiec replied 7 years ago

    Outstanding every one. I especially love the last one!

    Good luck and have fun with your NAS stuff. Can't wait for the report!

  • Joy replied 7 years ago

    If your white pants in 1 are too baggy, then my white wool AT pants are too baggy. They look nicely fluid to my eye. That outfit and 3 are my favorites of your week of fab outfits. That orange? coral? top is a stunning color on you.

  • Karie replied 7 years ago

    #4 takes my breath away! I adore the pale pink sweater, white trousers, and snake print tote - I have got to attempt a copy of this.

    #5 is my next favorite (you're looking so slim, girlfriend!). That blue jacket is gorgeous.

    #3 is another fabulous outfit - not OTT at all. 

    I do think the sweater is a little long for the skirt in #2, but you're wearing polka dots (my fav) so all is good. Maybe you could tuck the sweater?

    #1 the pants look fine from the front but a little baggy from the back.

    What a great week you had! Have fun at NAS tomorrow - wish I was going with you :)

  • Aida replied 7 years ago

    I adore the fit of the trousers in #1, baggy and all. I have a pair of light gray wide legs that fit me similarly (maybe even baggier still) and they just feel so different compared to normal wide legs. Slouchy and sassy. Love the rich colors in #2 and #5, and the flared jeans in #5 are especially sweet. And you know I love love love #4 :D Soooo lovely! I know that's inspired by me, but now I want to wear a blush+sand combo inspired by yours! Scheming on that, maybe next week I can put that together. The length of those crops is superb, by the way. Have fun with the NAS!

  • replied 7 years ago

    Wow Sveta - pardon me for saying this without knowing you, but you are hot!  You have a wonderfully relaxed stance, nice long legs, and elegant feet and ankles.  Not many people can wear wide leg white pants and look pulled together. You really do with the black/white top.  Love the silver shoes and bag too.  The denim flares are a natural on you - wear them as often as you can!  Looking forward to seeing what your NAS buy looks like!

  • UmmLila replied 7 years ago

    This is all so elegant. I've been thinking about how to bring in some light snake tones, and your look with the blush and silver is such a lovely way to do it.

  • marianna replied 7 years ago

    You look sooooo good, Sveta!!! I love your VC loafers. Can't believe I missed out on those!

  • Sara L. replied 7 years ago

    You look great in all of these!  I especially like the blush and white combo.  I should try that - I have the pieces for it.  I like the neckline in #3 with the cami underneath.  It has that easy breezy feel that I love.

  • Suz replied 7 years ago

    SOOOOO gorgeous! You look elegant and chic in every single outfit. Just love them. 

    Have fun tomorrow!!! I will miss you!!! 

  • Runcarla replied 7 years ago

    So inspirational. #4 is my favourite--cool, and super stylish.

  • Peri replied 7 years ago

    You are inspiring to me...how hard you work to get the right fit, not giving up and not settling for less than great. It really shows up in these outfits...you look so relaxed, perfectly proportioned, stylish, creative...all around FAB!

  • Cerinda replied 7 years ago

    Oh, my!  Bookmarking this:  1, 3, and 5 are inspirational!

  • goldenpig replied 7 years ago

    Wow, you look so elegant and chic all the time! And I'm impressed at how your coloring works with both bright colors/high contrast and soft pastels. I never seem to be able to do the pastels. All the outfits are great, but I have a soft spot for the polka dot skirt. And I love the bright orange and leopard combo.

  • Deborah replied 7 years ago

    I am having trouble seeing anything last #1! This is just a stunning combination. And #5 is wow! You are the queen of the semi tuck:)

  • Sveta replied 7 years ago

    I am back and can at last thank you for your kind comments!
    Angie, I promise to wear more skirts next week!
    Joy and Karie, it is interesting how different our perceptions are (on a subject of white trousers) :-)
    Aida, I remember your wide slouchy trousers and always admired them. It is good to be re-assured that I do not look too sloppy in them:-) Can't wait to see your blush and sand version inspired by me because I am sure I will be inspired by it as well! :-)
    Lisa, you make me blush - thank you! 
    Ummlila and Sara L., I am happy that my outfits gave you someideas to try. I am looking forward to see your interpretations!
    Marianna, that's too bad! These loafers are fun and pretty comfy. I hope they will make another version of those and you can snatch them.
    Suz, thanks  - and I missed you!
    Peri, it also makes shopping with me hard - just ask Suz! :-)
    Natalie, I was always sure I cannot do pastels either but now I discovered that the right shades can really work well. Maybe you just did not discover pastels which work for you? But in any case you rock bright colors with the best of them!
    Deborah, I shudder to think what happen to me if semi-tuck becomes unstylish :-(
    Cerinda, Carla and Jackie - thank  you!

  • Alana in Canada replied 7 years ago

    You are so elegant and stylish every single time. It is a treat to see you in your outfits.

  • Mona replied 7 years ago

    #1 and 4 are my favourites. The proportions, colours and silhouette all are perfect. Looking forward to see your NAS finds soon.

  • Debbie replied 7 years ago

    Great week I especially like 3. Can't wait to see your NAS finds.

  • shevia replied 7 years ago

    Fantastic week! I love the black and white outfit, the orange shirt is semi-tucked to perfection, the orange/pink sweater outfit is gorgeous, and you look stunning in light blue!

  • Tanya replied 7 years ago

    Beautiful outfits all-around Sveta!  I especially like the blue-out, so cool.

  • Laurie replied 7 years ago

    fabulous, every one.  I especially like #5 with the jacket - every element of that look is a wow to me.  you have amazing style.

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