WIW: white to brighten the winter day

Looking at these pictures it seems that I did not wear much color this week, mostly neutrals with white to brighten it all up.

pic 1 Navy, cream and cranberry
I already posted about the horror of getting red dye from the booties on my white trousers. I am happy to report that the dye came off completely in the wash and the trousers are saved! :-)
Navy / cream striped sweater - Banana Republic
Monogram cream trousers - Banana republic
Munro cranberry booties - NAS
Danier silver tote

pic 2 Simple Missoni
I have this Missoni for Target tunic for 2 years (thank you Jonesy) and still love to wear it with slim pants. The patterned insert is not minimal so I like to keep the rest very simple.
Missoni for Target tunic
NYDJ ponte pants - NAS
Blondo boots
Danier silver tote

pic 3 Everyday holiday cheer
Wearing red dress that day was inspired by Beth Ann's capsule post. Adding a white leather moto helped to keep me warm and happy: I like how this dress looks with white. My white / dark brown zebra belt further continues the winter white theme here. 
I have these grey boots for 4th season now. I love the color but I am afraid we need to part the ways soon. The leather inside the foot portion is worn and torn and it gave me a big blister on one of the toes. Those boots were expensive so I am very disappointed that it happened to them in 3 seasons. I am not sure if cobbler can do anything about them but I will ask: if there is nothing doing I would have to part with them :-(

Donna Morgan red dress - Nordstrom
White leather moto - Danier
Grey Franco Sarto boots
Silver tote - Danier

pic 4 Orphan blazer 
I already posted that this Gibson knit grey blazer has not become a workhorse I envisioned it to be. I am still trying to build outfits with it though but it is definitely not a piece I would reach for by default.
Gibson knit riding blazer - Nordstrom
Paige straight jeans
Brooks Brothers purple mini stripe shirt
Black Clarks booties
Red Chromia satchel - Winners

pic 5 New ink sweater in action!
I got a Tippi merino sweater from JCrew this week and now I could make a copycat of the outfit I admired for long time. Of course I don't look as good as Elena does in it but I tried :-) I did not wear a belt with those baggy trousers because the shirt did not lie well over it so the trousers tended to slide down during the day - oh well! Next time I will tuck in the shirt and wear a white belt with this outfit!

JCrew Tippi merino sweater in nk
Foxcroft white shirt - Nordstrom
Martin baggy black trousers - Banana Republic
Sam Eldeman python booties
Nude clutch from Portugal

Thanks for looking. As usual any suggestions and comments are very much appreciated!

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  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    OOh, Sveta, I swoon about #5...of course I don't know if I should since it is so close to my Picture Perfect challenge day 3. But the ink blue makes it special. Love this on you. 

    So glad you rescued the pants. I love look #1. 

    Equally crazy about #2. I have loved that tunic on you since the beginning. You wear it so well. 

    That is a shame about your grey boots. I hope something can be done to rescue them. 

    So interesting about the Gibson knit. It is super flattering to you with its shape, but I suspect is simply isn't structured enough for you. What a pity. But I do think you could look for one this shape in a more substantial fabrication. 

  • La Belle Demimondaine replied 6 years ago

    Wow, I LOVE all of your outfits, but most especially #5.  Echoing Suz, that Gibson looks fantastic on you.

    And I reaaaaaaally want a white moto now!   You look so gorgeous in it :)

  • karymk replied 6 years ago

    You are always so well put together!

  • Angie replied 6 years ago

    Indeed. You do look well put together Mega Stylish Sveta. I'm going with #5 as my fave of the week. Crisp, Simple and Striking. Suits you to a tee. xo

  • Caro in Oz replied 6 years ago

    More love for #5 - this is a fabulous look on you :) These are great outfits & those cream BR pants are amazing.

  • shevia replied 6 years ago

    #5 is stunning but I want to root for the jacket in #4 - I think you look fab there too!

  • Beth Ann replied 6 years ago

    You look serene and chic.  All of these are stellar.  I love your treatment of the red dress -- my favorite way to wear mine is with my black moto and boots.  I, sob, sigh, don't have access to Danier!

    I'm partial to the simplicity of #4 --- The length and curve of the Gibson is fabulous on you, and the fit of each item is perfection.  I think Suz may be on to something --- you tend to like more structure in your pants and toppers.

  • marianna replied 6 years ago

    Lovely as usual. I always love that Missoni tunic on you. So chic.

  • Neel replied 6 years ago

    Another vote for 5! Its trendy chic! Love the way you turned the cuffs! The clutch makes the outfit dressier.

    Pic 4 is my next favorite. Simple clean lines and gorgeous on you. Its a shame you aren't getting enough wear out of that jacket. It really does look great on you.

    The tunic is adorable and unique. And well done by keeping everything simple to let the tunic shine.

    The white moto over red dress is cool yet festive! Makes me crave for a white topper even more.

    Swooning over the striped top in pic 1. I am yet to find my perfect striped tee. A striped top with white stripes is hard to come by :(

  • Lyn D. replied 6 years ago

    #3 is so Christmas-y with the red and white.

  • Greyscale replied 6 years ago

    The red bag in #4 is a great choice for that outfit. A nice bright splash of color. And the outfits are all great but I love #5, like everyone else.

  • Lisa replied 6 years ago

    #1-Everytime I see these light color trousers I want a pair too.  They are so refreshing against a sea of dark trousers in winter.

    #2-I remember this tunic and I don't tire of it.  It's a great piece.

    #3-Sorry to hear about the boots.  I think 3 seasons isn't bad, but I guess it depends on how often you've been wearing them within each season.

    #4-I still like this blazer, but for myself, I prefer to sport my knit blazers with warmer weather best.  I like to layer just a tank or t-shirt underneath them.  In the winter months I prefer to sport knit tops or shirts and I find these do not layer as well with a knit blazer.

    #5-Pretty blue and black outfit here.  I really like that you have a light shoe which ties into the bit of white shirt peeking out the top half of the outfit.

    A great week!

  • MuseumGal replied 6 years ago

    Whoa.  Love your mod flair!

  • replied 6 years ago

    Fab-u-lous! Especially #5. You have excelled yourself in all iterations though.

  • Sveta replied 6 years ago

    I am so sorry but somehow I completely missed to reply on this post! I know why: in the excitement of the battle of two satchels this one totally  fall of my radar  :-(

    Suz, heh-heh but have you noticed that we often wear very similar outfits? Must be a telepathic connection...:-)
    LBD, Neel and Shevia, I am trying to wear my Gibson blazer because I do like the shape and I don't have many long blazers but it is definitely not one of the items I reach for most often.
    karymk, Marianna, Lyn, Greyscale, MuseumGal and Diane  - thanks!
    Angie, I knew you would like #5 - after all you pinned the same inspiration picture :-)
    Caro, I hesitated for so long to get cream winter pants - not practical in Canadian winter - but I am so glad I did. They do change the landscape of my winter dressing jus because the color is so unexpected. Love it!
    Beth Ann, let's show more love to our red dresses and leather moto jackets this season! :-)
    Lisa, those grey boots were my most expensive footwear purchase (still are) at $300 and I am extremely said that the lining is torn. I suspect the quality did not match the price because I cannot say I wore them heavily each season...:-(

    Again  - thank you and sorry I missed replying earlier!!!

  • Joy replied 6 years ago

    Every one of your outfits with winter white is beautiful on you. My favorite is 5, followed by 4, although the red dress is also lovely with your white jacket. The fluid white pants and your striped pullover in 1 are stunning. It's a great relief that you were able to get the red dye out. The proportions of the Missoni tunic, skinnys, and those gorgeous boots are also fab. Great week!

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