WIW: my casual version of ink blue and white

After beautifully warm and sunny weekend our arctic Vortex is back with the vengeance: I woke up today to 3" of snow! :-( My poor crocuses and irises all wore snowy hats today and looked quite pitiful. I really hope this is the last blast of winter.
...but it made the dressing difficult this morning. Does not matter how I wanted to wear my spring things it was too cold so skinnies and warm sweater were the way to go. However I remembered Angie's post on ink blue and white capsule and decided to wear a casual variety of it.

Ink blue boxy t-neck - Club Monaco
Cream skinnies - Banana Republic
Dove satchel - Danier
Python booties - Sam Eldeman

And of course I could not miss a chance to wear my red cape today while it is not too warm and i still can :-)

I am afraid this outfit is nothing special but it was comfortable and felt good. 

pic 1 is with semi tuck and pic 2 is untucked. This sweater has high - low hem so I feel it can be worn both ways - what do you think?

Now they promise sun and above freezing tomorrow so off I go to peruse Angie's ensemble posts and decide what to wear tomorrow! 

Thanks for looking and as usual all comments and suggestions are very much appreciated!

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  • shevia replied 6 years ago

    You look incredible! I like the top both ways and the color and cut with the light skinnies are spectacular on you. Sorry about the snow though.

  • SarahTheWhite replied 6 years ago

    Wow! I love everything about this outfit!! (My favorite is with the semi-tuck.)

  • Aida replied 6 years ago

    Lovely, Sveta! I like both semi-tuck and untucked, as you said both work quite well with that hem. I always like seeing that pretty cape ^^ Hope your snow melts away quickly.

  • Gracie replied 6 years ago

    I think the outfit IS special, you make it look easy to put together the perfect pieces. I prefer the semi- tuck, but then, I'm a belt girl. The booties look fab with this ensemble, I bet you looked really pretty against the snowy surroundings.

  • pil replied 6 years ago

    You outfit looks pretty special to me - tucked,untucked and with the red cape. Great bag too! Go away snow - we had some this morning too. What the heck?

  • Caro in Oz replied 6 years ago

    YLF in all of these. If this is nothing special then bring on special I say.

  • Aubergine replied 6 years ago

    I like the sweater both ways, but I think the semi-tuck is my favorite because then you can see the pretty belt. And the colors make the outfit look springy to me despite the need to dress for snow!

  • Transcona Shannon replied 6 years ago

    Perfect! This is a great interpretation of Angie's capsule that still works for your miserable weather.

  • Joy replied 6 years ago

    This is a fabulous outfit and you look gorgeous. It really showcases your pretty cape. I like the semi-tuck best.
    Sending sympathetic thoughts for warmer weather. A pale aqua cashmere pullover followed me home today simply because it looked like spring but felt warm. Seeing your outfit, I wish it were navy.

  • Catnip replied 6 years ago

    What a gorgeous outfit!  The blue and white combo looks really good on you, and I love the red cape.  It may be a warm outfit, but navy and white always makes me think of spring.

  • Debbie replied 6 years ago

    You are on a roll. Everything I've seen is perfection. This is no exception.

  • rachylou replied 6 years ago

    Just fantastic. You make me want a light grey bag, when I don't know what I'd do with one :D

  • Neel replied 6 years ago

    Your *nothing special* outfits are quite special! How can a red cape not be special? :) Sending you some sunshine! We are peaking 35C here! And we have 5 more months of scorching summer to get through :(

  • CocoLion replied 6 years ago


  • MsMaven replied 6 years ago

    Perfecto--nothing like well-fitting white bottoms and a navy top.  Classic but very classy as you have styled it.

  • Beth Ann replied 6 years ago

    Graphic, bright and cozy!  I love the easy fit of the trousers.  It's so hard for me to find this fit --- not sloppy, but relaxed.  The red topper adds a bit of energy --- if you have to wear a coat, might as well make it count!

  • Golden replied 6 years ago

    Bummer about the snow on your crocuses but you look great!

  • Ingunn replied 6 years ago

    I think this is brilliant. The classic nautical colors bring a spring vibe while the pieces are warm and comfortable. I love the half tuck and the texture of your accessories.

  • lyn67 replied 6 years ago

    Plonk! "NOTHING SPECIAL"???? OMG, this is a stellar outfit!!!! Navy white and red is so summery/nautical to me, but you certainly managed to make it working brilliant for your winter's agony! K2K!:-)
    Oh, and the grey doc's bag is the best coordinated to this outfit and weather conditions! So, all superbly done!

  • Deborah replied 6 years ago

    I beg to differ. Fabulous outfit. Certainly something special. Love the neutrals and the cape is so cool looking. Very elegant, classic yet modern. Fabulous!

  • Karie replied 6 years ago

    You look fantastic in this outfit, and it looks good both ways, semi tucked or not tucked at all, although I do prefer the semi tuck. I have a similar navy sweater (from Zara, same as Angie's), and you are inspiring me to wear it with my white jeans before the warm weather comes back.

    I feel like I'm in the Bizarro World with this wacky weather! 2" of snow here, and super cold :(

  • Debra replied 6 years ago

    You look lovely, fantastic outfits :)

  • viva replied 6 years ago

    Beautiful, Sveta.

  • Lantana replied 6 years ago

    Dazzling and inspirational. Such crisp simplicity.

  • Elizabeth P replied 6 years ago

    You look wonderful Sveta!  I like the sweater both tucked and untucked. 

    Sympathies for the snow...

  • Lisa replied 6 years ago

    A perfect outfit for a cold spring day.  I also woke up to snow today (just a dusting though) and I was not happy about it.  And I did the same thing with my outfit, white jeans and booties, so at least the bottom half of my outfit feels like spring today.

  • Angie replied 6 years ago

    A truly killer stunning outfit. xo

  • amiable replied 6 years ago


  • Sveta replied 6 years ago

    Thanks for the comments and especially the sympathy on the weather. This is just crazy, we had -7C this mornig and they forecast 20C+ in a few days. How one can adjust I ask you?!
    Of course the combination of ink and white is delicious but we already knew it from Angie's great post so it made it really easy for me to dress that morning :-)
    I am glad you like my interpretation and thanks for validating that both semi tuck and untuck work with this sweater.
    Rachy, you may never find out what to do wit a grey bag until you get one :-)

    Neel, 35C already? No thanks, this is too much for me in April. Can we get something perfect like +24C with a light breeze? :-)

    BethAnn, jeans and pants are not easy to fit for those of us with curves on the bottom but I have a suspicion KUTs may work for you. Have you tried them?

    Lisa, high five!

    Karie, let's see it please!

    Angie, I hoped I did not embarrass you with this interpretation of your post :-)

  • Laurie replied 6 years ago

    Such a perfect outfit, Sveta.  I'm a fan of the semi-tuck as well, but it works perfectly on you both ways.

    That red cape just makes a great outfit go to 11! (hope you are a Spinal Tap fan...I mean it is really, really great!)

    A gray satchel would find a happy home in my wardrobe and satchel collection.  Duly inspired.

    Your posts have been fantastic, one after the other.

  • dustt replied 6 years ago

    beautiful rendition!! - I'm with you on this crazy weather!! - we got 3" of snow yesterday as well - today was bright and sunny but oh so cold still - up to 60 by tomorrow after a low of 21 yesterday!!  What's a girl to do when it's cashmere one day and sandals (well almost!!) the next - the cream skinnies with the navy really shout spring to me while still keeping you toasty warm - and the sweater definitely works both ways while showcasing your lovely long neck!! Brilliant!

  • Sveta replied 6 years ago

    Laurie, I had to look up what Spinal Tap is, I have not seen it but now I might :-)
    dust, what's a girl to do indeed? Hopefully it was the last winter blast and we can enjoy the spring soon... 

  • Makrame replied 6 years ago

    This is such a great outfit! We have the same kind of crazy weather but I am hoping that spring will finally stay after this cold blast is over.

    I agree with Laurie on "going up to 11" - this is even better than your other outfits, and they are already always "a 10" in my opinion.

  • Eliza replied 6 years ago

    I love this outfit and may borrow some elements from it. I love the grey satchel with the python booties and do that pairing often myself. The red coat is perfection with it. YLF - and dare I say special?

  • Parsley replied 6 years ago

    Oh my gosh, this is gorgeous!
    You do dramatic looks so incredibly well, Sveta! I want to copy this so badly!
    (although I hope it will soon be too warm for booties and wool coats...)

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