WIW: looks like the fall is here!

It seems we moved from high summer to deep fall in a span of a single week: it started with 30C and ended with 13C including a major thunderstorm in between!
I was trying to get more wear out of my summer clothing this week because in Canada you can never tell how soon the summer ends! Now looking at all pictures together I think I had a theme of strong graphic b/w pattern going for the most of the week

pic 1 Volume on volume
Trying to squeeze last wears out of my white wide leg trousers: both fabrication and low hems make them warm season trousers only for me. I think volume on volume is not everybody's cup of tea but I quite liked this.
White Editor trousers - Express
Striped blouse - Suzy Shier
Bone slingbacks - Ros Hommerson
Silver tote - Danier

pic 2 Bold and bright
Another summer piece I am trying to get more wear of - my new striped VC skirt. This time I wore it with a bright silk shirt. It has hi-low hem and I wanted to wear it untucked but unfortunately I realized that the front ends were quite wrinkled from the previous semi-tuck - and no time to iron. I decided to tie the ends in front to save the day!
Orange silk blouse - Hilary Radley via Costco
Striped Vince Camuto skirt
Nude cage sandals - Franco Sarto
Nude clutch from Portugal

pic 3 Cool  swirls
Another scorching day so unlined cotton skirt and a silk "sweatshirt" felt just right. After the eye searing orange of the day before calm dark blue felt just right.
Swirl skirt - Winners
Silk "sweatshirt" - Le Chateau
Silver slipper flats - Isaac Mizrahi
Red Chromia satchel - Winners

pic 4 Ink and polka dots
I feel it was a skirt week as I am wearing third skirt in a row. This shirt is one of the few ink blue items I have. Unfortunately it is also summer only piece because the sleeves are 3/4 and the fabric is really thin but I love the color!
Polka dot skirt via consignment
Ink blue shirt - Le Chateau
Nude Fidji pumps
Nude clutch from Portugal

pic 5 Red booties!
Today was really cold so I decided to debut my NAS Munro booties - and happily pulled out my white leather jacket as well!
White leather jacket - Danier
Striped sweater - Banana Republic
BF jeans  - Kut
Munro booties - NAS
"Monty cousin" tote - Winners

As usual all comments and suggestions are welcome. Unfortunately I have to work this weekend so it may be a "post and run" for a while :-(
I hope at least all of you have a nice and restful weekend!

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  • Suz replied 5 years ago

    Gorgeous as always, Sveta! I love how you saved the day on Day 2 with tying the shirt bottoms. Do you know, I have decided to get mine altered? It is just too long for my shortness so I have taken it to the seamstress; it will be ready for next summer and much more wear. I also have my Danier jacket off getting the sleeves shortened. Too bad or today we might have been jacket twins. 

    I like the volume on volume and love, love, love #2 and #3. Great looks all! 

  • Lantana replied 5 years ago

    Wow Sveta, you look great.
    Volume on volume in #1 is clever because the line of the tank is visible and that looks very pleasing to my eye.
    This is the effect in #2 as well and looks good to me.
    In #3 I like your pairing of shoes and skirt; the not too voluminous blue top is just the thing I am after to go with my tube skirt.
    I very much like the palette of navy and nude in #4 and you are aglow in the grey and burgundy of #5.

  • Sveta replied 5 years ago

    I hope the shortened top works for you, the quality of silk is really nice and the color is great on you.

  • replied 5 years ago

    Love all of these, Sveta! Especially the polka dot skirt and your white jacket outfit.

  • Vickie KY replied 5 years ago

    I think the extra volume works in #1 becuse of the dark tank underneat and the top on top is soft and fluid instead of being stiff and adding volume.
    Great save!  You always look so nice in everything. You have a great sense of style for yourself. Vickie

  • Angie replied 5 years ago

    Just so beautiful, I could cry. I love it when you wear a brighter lipstick too, Sveta.

    The volume on volume in #1 is SO on trend. What a treat, and absolutely killer.

    #2 is so fresh and fun and just as killer.

    And it's a YLF order that you add more dark blue to your wardrobe. I vote that most flattering neutral against your complexion. I also love the shades of white with a little black.

  • rae replied 5 years ago

    So beautiful. I really really love how the nude tones down your brights. 

    And I am jealous of your new Fall weather, storm and all!

  • VenusCow replied 5 years ago

    Hi Sveta, your first two outfits wouldn't look out of place in St. Tropez or Portofino. Very chic and elegant and white trousers are hard to pull off for most of us unless you are Sharon Stone of course.

  • cobaltblue replied 5 years ago

    I can't pick a favorite as these are all so perfect. I agree with Angie that you must secure more of that lovely blue.

  • Day Vies replied 5 years ago

    I love them all for different reasons. #2 is a fabulous use of orange and stripes. I love the blue on black in #4.

  • Vicki replied 5 years ago

    Beautiful every step of the way!  The autumn is so happy to have you showcasing your style, and I especially love your neutral shoe choices and then the unexpected deep red booties with your jeans.

    From stripes and swirls to dots and denim, it's all good, Sveta.  Nicely done, as always.

  • Sveta replied 5 years ago

    Lantana, I did not think about the tank in #1 having "volume minimising effect" - it is an interesting observation.
    Ceit - polka dots are fun, aren't they?
    Vickie, you are right that the blouse in #1 is soft, it definitely helps.
    Angie, your order I taken to heart! Now if only retail in Canada cooperates... Also do you mean that you like it better when I have more white than black in my outfits and should not have too much black?
    Rae, today was a perfect fall day: warm and crisp. Too bad I had to spend it in the office!
    VenusCow, thanks for the compliment. It is really special coming from an ex Hollywood fashion stylist! :-)
    Cobalt, I am working on it!
    DV, #4 is right up your valley, right? :-)
    Vicki, thank you, you are always very kind!

  • shevia replied 5 years ago

    I love #1 and #5 and the blues in between look great on you. 

  • Angie replied 5 years ago

    Exactly. I like you in more white than black in black and white outfits - but you wear black with white outfits too. xo

  • Transcona Shannon replied 5 years ago

    Wow! I mean...WOW!

  • Beth Ann replied 5 years ago

    I'm getting lots of inspiration from these, Sveta!  The solution to a wardrobe malfunction n #2 is fab -- and its good to remember to be flexible and adaptive to have fun with fashion!  I'm also zeroing in on the last look -- I'm loving the color palette and the booties --- I have these and can't wait to wear them.  For me, it has to be in the 50's or lower to pull out the boots, so I'll have to wait another couple of week.  Were they comfy?

  • jayne replied 5 years ago

    Love seeing you in the volume on volume.  I am always afraid to try that, being a bit bigger than a runway model.  You show it is absolutely possible, especially with your Loooong legs!
    Love the whole collection really.  See your style shining through and a definite color palette

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