WIW: busy Saturday

This Saturday was very busy for us but gave me 2 opportunities to dress  up in a single day - something not happening every day!

pic 1
 This outfit was worn for my Mom's 71 birthday lunch celebration  in the restaurant. I suspected we may need to walk from the car so Blondo winter worthy boots were in order as we have a lot of snow right now. Dressy black boots prompted me to wear my cream culottes. Because of the black boots I want to bookend with a black turtleneck and added a Danier white leather jacket to lighten the black. For such a graphic white and black look this striped clutch felt just right!

pic 2
In the evening I had a company New Year celebration to go to. I asked YLF advice here because I could not decide on the accessories. This is what I went with in the end: BCBG mixed media blazer, Club Monaco lace tank, Express cigarette pants, JRenee silver pumps and the same clutch.
I wish I had more occasions to dress up on the weekends but it does feel tiring to have 2 parties to go to in one day!
Thanks for looking and have a great week!

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  • Jaime replied 9 years ago

    Love the culottes with the white jacket and already loved your party outfit!

  • fuzzylogic replied 9 years ago

    Both outfits are sensational, Sveta!  Love, love!!!

  • catgirl replied 9 years ago

    You are the queen of culottes! But your second outfit is also perfect - you are long, lean, elegant and edgy. WOW.

  • shipskitty replied 9 years ago

    I loved both of these Sveta you look striking. My favourite is the first one.

  • Suz replied 9 years ago

    Both terrific! You look wonderful in those culottes. Long, lean, elegant and edgy definitely covers it! 

  • Jjsloane replied 9 years ago

    Graphically stunning! What fun - I NEVER have dressy occasions anymore so I'm always the one in sparkles at the supermarket. You look great in both of these. 

  • unfrumped replied 9 years ago

    You make a great case for an all black&white wardrobe! Excellent mix& matching.
    Gotta laugh at jjsloane's supermarket sparkle. That may be how I have to manage CPW.

  • lyn67 replied 9 years ago

    Both fab, what a busy(and fun) day you had, Sveta! Happy Birthday to your DM:-)

  • replied 9 years ago

    The culottes look great, Sveta. Your other outfit looks very sleek also.

  • Angie replied 9 years ago

    #1 is Killer to the power of Killer. So Glam '70s. Fun SIFF memories. And happy birthday Mama Sveta. xo

  • replied 9 years ago

    Wow Sveta, those are both fabulous outfits. You and those culottes are a match made in heaven:)

  • ElleH replied 9 years ago

    I love both outfits. I love black & white & both versions are fab. Once the holidays are over it is hard to find dress up occasions isn't it? Sigh...

  • Sveta replied 9 years ago

    Thank you very much for you comments.
    Jjsloane - LOL! Sparkle in the supermarket is fab in my book! :-)
    Una, you made me blush :-)
    unfrurmped, I do love the boldness and simplicity of white and black outfits - I always feel good wearing them.
    ln67 and Angie - thanks for B-day wishes for my Mom.
    Angie, every time I wear these cream culottes I remember SIFF and smile. Wow - I did not expect K2K rating for something I put together at the last minute! :-)
    Lisa - yes, we (culottes and me) definitely have some chemistry between us :-)
    Elle, then we just need to create those dress up occasions for ourselves, right?

  • Eliza replied 9 years ago

    Just saw these looks. Beyond amazing! Bold and beautiful. Sveta, I am fascinated by how well you wear both graphic black and white, as well as pastels. Inspirational. You take those white culottes as far as they can go ! Love!

  • jackiec replied 9 years ago

    Wow, Sveta, I love both of these outfits!!! You look amazingly chic :)

  • rachylou replied 9 years ago

    Fancee duds!

  • Diana replied 9 years ago

    Ha, I love that these two outfits are like photographic negatives of each other!  Very cool.

    I love both of them.  They both make such a strong, clean, graphic statement. That striped clutch is really becoming a wardrobe workhorse!

  • Laurie replied 9 years ago

    Love how the metallic shoes and the handle of the (to die for) striped clutch talk to each other.  Both outfits are amazing, especially the 2nd one.

  • Elly replied 9 years ago

    You look amazing in both of these, Sveta! Love the dramatic graphic aspects.

  • Sveta replied 9 years ago

    Eliza, before YLF I always thought I cannot wear black and I cannot wear pastels...now I do and like it. It all in the styling really. If you like the color but it does not love you as much just make sure you war it with the suppost act of a flattering color. For me this color is white and cream - they make everything else work.
    Diana, I have not thought about the photo negative association but how true and astute! :-)
    I love this clutch but it has a very limited use. When I saw it in a little store in stratford I fell in love with its bold graphic look and bought it - without checking how practical it is. Well, not so much - it is so narrow that even fitting a lipstick tube or keys is a challenge. Wallet or sunglasses - forget it! Because of this this clutch is strictl going out in the evening bag for me when a couple of cards, keys and lipstick is all I need. This was my first clutch and believe me - I have learned from that mistake: now when I consider a clutch sunglasses and wallet go in there  first to assess the practilaity! :-)

  • Elizabeth P replied 9 years ago

    Oh Sveta I missed this post, and I'm so glad it popped up again... both outfits are absolutely amazing. 

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