WIW - rainy week!

Work is crazy, the weather is rainy, my kitty was sick  and in addition 3 of our home computers stopped working this week! I am so happy this week is over and really looking forward to the weekend... (the kitty is fine now :-)

I have started to take inventory of what I wear every day so I can see if I have more wardrobe "almost" orphans. I have decided the hanger trick will not work for me because while it shows WHAT I wore it will not show HOW OFTEN. So I decided to use an Excel spreadsheet where I have listed my wardrobe items to record what I wear and haw many times a month. We will see how it is going!

pic1 Running errands last Saturday. 
Last weekend was nice and sunny, we did not know what a gloomy rainy week is ahead :-(

Gap sweater, Danier leather jacket, Paige Canyoh Flare jeans, Naya burgundy boots.

pic 2 Copying Suz
Suz's amazing spring white outfit inspired me that day. I am afraid it did not look as striking as hers but I tried :-) This was also the first outing of my new 
Martin trousers from BR which I decided to keep after Angie's blessing. They are straight legs but I wonder if I should taper them a bit...what do you think?

White Danier leather jacket, Tahari white shirt, BR Martin balck trousers, SE python booties. 

pic 3 Going for the gold...
...sweater which is turning to be another orphan. The reason - sleeves stretch a lot when scrunched up to the point they don't stay up. I really like the color - brown with gold lurex - but would prefer a better fabrication and boxier fit.

Here is it paired with Halogen yellow skirt, BP cognac boots and CK belt

pic 4 Tuxedo party!
I like these trousers but really struggle with the length and now tighter fit on the calves after we tapered legs a bit. Thinking of undoing the tapering to make them more comfortable to wear. Love the jacket however, what a great quality and look - long enough for me!:-)

Jessica trousers (Sears), Halogen silk shell, BR Monogram tuxedo jacket, MK animal print belt, Naya burgundy boots.

pic 5 FFBO
They promised a freezing rain so I went for skinnies + boots formula.

Missoni for Target tunic, BR black Martin skinny pants, Franco Sarto grey boots.

pic 6-7 Giving my boyfriend another chance...
Remember I complained on the fit of those Gap BF jeans last week? My mom altered them a bit - took them  in in the waist (I still can take them off without unzipping though) and made the back a bit shorter - that extra inch of fabric was bunching on the back and drove me crazy. I felt much more comfortable in them today.
I realized what is my tolerance level for slouchy fit now. I need to have the jeans loose but still fitted on the top part of my hips and bum and then they can be looser and sloucher on the bottom part and on my thighs. I cannot stand them bunching under the belt, they need lay smoothly there. I don't know if it makes any sense to anybody but myself though :-) Anyway newly altered BF jeans fit very closely to that now which makes me much happier!

Gap 'YLF' chunky sweater, Gap BF jeans, Naya burgundy boots. I have also included a picture with my trench  as a bonus :-)

As usual any comments and suggestions are very much appreciated.
Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!
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  • Karie replied 7 years ago
    Sveta, you look wonderful in every outfit. Alterations make all the difference, don't they? I have the Gap BF jeans too, and the Gap YLF sweater. I'm going to have to copy your look!
  • Lyn D. replied 7 years ago
    Hi Sveta- I really like the sweater in 3. Have you tried using elastic bands to keep the sleeves scrunched? Nothing more annoying than sleeves that keep sliding down!
    The yellow in pic 1 really looks great with the leather jacket.
    I haven't seen that trench in 6- the colour is divine.
    The tuxedo pant always looks so flattering, so definitely alter so we see them more often .

  • Jan replied 7 years ago

    All of these outfits look beautiful, sophisticated and chic, but the stand out for me is pic 3! The colours, the belt and boots...you look amazing!

  • TraceyLiz65 replied 7 years ago
    All of these are great!  What stood out for me was outfit 1, I love that yellow with the brown jacket!  AND that TRENCH!!! That color is absolutely beautiful and goes well with your boots.
  • Suz replied 7 years ago
    Sveta, what a week! And yet you looked amazing every single day. Glad your kitty is on the mend. As for the weather....well...if we wait long enough it is bound to change, yes? 

    I am so honoured to be the inspiration for outfit #2 and WOW! You look amazing. I love how your hair can bookend the darker trousers. And I think your belt is a fantastic piece with this, adding some texture. I wonder how it would look with your white trousers, too? Or a version of it, anyway. 

    I really love #3, too, so it is a shame about the sweater. I think lurex has a tendency to do that, actually, at least in less expensive forms. I wonder if there is anything your mother could do. Or maybe the solution is to make this into a sleeveless shell. True, you wouldn't have quite as many opportunities of wearing it, but it would still work under jackets and for transitional weather. I have a black sleeveless turtleneck in modal that is surprisingly versatile. 

    I hear you about the pants in #4. My Ann Taylor printed pants sound similar. I love the way the fabric feels, love the pattern, love the cut...but they are a bit short (despite the fact that I let them down), and they always stick to my calves so wearing them is a bit awkward somehow. Sad! 

    Just as last week, it seems that if an item is not comfortable, it will not get worn as often (or the happiness factor will be lower). And yet, sometimes it is difficult to anticipate these little issues of comfort in advance. Strange, isn't it. I guess over time we get clearer on what our particular pet peeves are! 
  • Tanya replied 7 years ago
    Wow Sveta, what a fabulous week you have had.  Everything looks amazing and I especially like #2.  Your stunning red trench has inspired me to get one of my own last fall when I was not on YLF.

    How is  the kitty doing, I hope it has recovered.  And I am sorry to hear about the computers and crazy week in general.  Hope the upcoming one is better.
  • Janet replied 7 years ago

    Sveta, I totally understand what you're saying about the fit and slouchiness balance!

    All of these outfits look so wonderful. You just have your style nailed. I have to give a special word of appreciation for that trench! Absolutely LOVE it, and I don't remember seeing it before. Who is the designer/maker? If I didn't already have my teal Burberry I'd be sorely tempted.

  • Angie replied 7 years ago
    What a week! Glad that kitty is feeling better.

    No matter how stressed you are, you ALWAYS look like a million bucks, Sveta. All these outfits are an 11 out of 10!  You knew #2 would be my favourite :). I vote keep the Martins as is (do not taper). A slighly different look for Princess Trousers. I am digging it!
  • Parsley replied 7 years ago
    You really brightened up a rainy week with your fabulous outfits, Sveta!
    I am CRAZY about #1- you look so good in those bootcuts, and the scarf looks great with the bright sweater and leather jacket.
    #6 and 7 are gorgeous in their simplicity.
    Stunning style!

  • Day Vies replied 7 years ago
    I just can't stand it  -- all of these are SO fantabulous! I really like how you have paired cognac and bright yellow. I love that combination! (there is a yellow/cognac combo in my future). 

    The dark horse for me is #5 I LOVE that tunic with the gray boots! 
  • marianna replied 7 years ago

    I love everything you wear. :)
  • CocoLion replied 7 years ago
    What a week!  I love the variety.  #3 and #4 send me over the top.  I hope you give the gold top in #3 another chance, it looks so stylish, elegant and flattering -- a real winner.  Although I do understand the irritation of the sleeves stretching out.

    (As my Mother likes to say, "you have to suffer to be beautiful.")
  • Runcarla replied 7 years ago

    Yellow might just be your signature colour, you wear it so well. #5 is my favourite. Another stylish week for you.

  • Sveta replied 7 years ago
    Karie, alterations make a HUGE difference!
    Lyn D. I have not used an elastic trick, I may try it - thanks.
    Jan, Tracey, Parsley, Marianna - thanks!
    Suz, I have not even thought about my hair bookending the trousers but you are right. I just dyed it last week so it is very dark again :-)
    It is a good idea about turning the sweater into a sleeveless shell, maybe if these sleeves drive me crazy enough I will do just that! And you are right, sometimes you just cannot guess those little comfort issues when you are trying something on: it requires really living in these clothes to understand it.
    Tanya, my kitty is fine now, thanks for asking. She was refusing to eat on Wednesday night and was pretty lethargic so I got worried but she was eating again with gusto next morning and is fine now. I think she got a virus - like our flu but now is over it.
    Janet, actually I was thinkinhg about you when I wrote that about the slouchness level :-) This purple trench is from London Fog and I got it from NAS in 2010. I think it is my most used coat now, it is waterproof and has a removable lining but it was the color which really got me!
    Angie, I had an inkling about #2, yes :-) So you think to leave the trousers as is... my concern was that they are straight legs but have pretty wide leg opening so like they are now I cannot wear then with all heal heights. I was also afraid they look kind of frumpy and shapeless without being fashion forward...
    Day Vies, I am looking forward to seeing cognac / yellow outfit of yours!
    Denise, I am still keeping the golden brown sweater and will be on the lookout for a similar and better quality replacement because I also like it!
    Runcarla, this is very weird to hear that you name yellow my sihnature color: it is the least represented color in my wardrobe and I did not have a single yellow clothing item just 2 years ago!

  • Beth Ann replied 7 years ago
    Brown and yellow are fab together.  So unique, but very easy on the eye!  I'm also loving your trench.  That's the way to take a classic and make it a standout!

  • Aida replied 7 years ago
    What a week Sveta, both outfits and events eh? You've got a very cohesive color thing going on here (black, white, yellow, brown), was that on purpose? It looks great, either way :) I ADORE #2 and #3! Pants in #2 look great as-is, I also vote not to taper for silhouette variety. If the elastics trick works for the lurex sweater, I quite like Suz's idea to convert it to sleeveless. Interesting thoughts on your slouchiness comfort level, and good to figure it out so you can make those things work for you! I haven't figured out all of the requirements I need for myself yet, it seems to be all over the place -_- Totally dig that BIG standup collar of the sweater in #7 on you.

    (Tech support is my least favorite tech application, I always pawn that off on hubby hehe. Glad to hear kitty is feeling better!)
  • Transcona Shannon replied 7 years ago
    How can you look so fantastic day after day, especially during such a stressful week? 

    I love every.single.outfit here. Truly, I cannot pick a favourite. I think you have an incredibly well curated closet and that's why you can put together such fab outfits.
  • Sveta replied 7 years ago
    Beth Ann, I think brown and yellow is a very natural pairing, especially when yellow is on the warm side. This trench is a real workhorse for me!
    Aida, I leave all tech stuff to my hubby too, I have more than enough at work and anyway hardware is not my forte at all. It is an interesting observation on the color scheme  - no, not intentional at all.
    Shannon, I am trying to keep my wardrobe on the smaller side because it really pains me when things I love go unworn because there are not enough days in the year!

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