WIW - the warmest January ever!

We are enjoying the warmest and snow-less January I can remember! I did not have a chance to wear my snow boots yet at all - and this is living in SW Ontario snowbelt!
pic 1
Why is it shirts look longer in the mirror than in the picture? I liked this outfit but when I took a picture in the evening I cringed: too short! Also I think I need to hem my straight leg jeans a bit, they are too long.
Also I have really shifted away from skinnies I wore so much for the last two years: looking at this picture all I can see is how big my thighs are!
What is it with me today: nothing is right! :-(
Paige Skyline Jeans - Nordstrom
White Tahari shirt - Winners
Striped b / w sweater - Winners
Burgundy Naya booties - Nordstrom

pic 2
After debuting my new white trousers for the office party last week I dared to wear them to the office as well. The weather really cooperates for this!
White BR Monogram trousers (tapered)
Black BR t-neck
Whiet studded belt - Winners
SE python booties - Nordstrom

pic 3
I find that I don't wear my denim shirts very often but I don't know why. I even pinned a lot of outfits with them because I really like them but for some reason I don't feel very fab in them myself. Maybe I don't have the right shirts? So I am trying to make an effort and wear them more often now and see how I feel. I tried to de-bombshell the pencil skirt but was not sure if I should tuck in, semi tuck or untuck the shirt. Does this work?
Yellow Halogen skirt - Nordstrom
BR denim shirt
Grey Franco Sarto boots
Yellow and black silk scarf from Paris

pic 4
I like oversized sweaters with slouchy trousers but this one does not feel right. Maybe because it is not chunky but just long? I decided to semi-tuck it and had hard time doing it. Usually I like to semi-tuck tops which drape well or pretty fitted: I find excess of volume not really flattering otherwise. This sweater is pretty long so it was a lot to tuck so I struggled. In the end I found the way I liked the semi-tuck but I wish I used the belt here. I think this is my most minimalist outfit as I don't even wear earrings or belt here. Too boring?
Striped sweater - Gap
Slouchy trousers - Long Tall Sally
SE python booties

pic 5
I did not feel well last night so decided to dress warmer for Friday. I tried these trousers with higher booties and I like them better this way but I had to adjust hems all day because they continued to be caught on the boots tops.
Leather blazer - Danier
Fuchsia BR t-neck
Jessica slouchy trousers - Sears
MK animal print belt - Rack
Naya burgundy booties - Nordstrom

Thanks for looking and I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  • replied 7 years ago

    I love 1and 2 in particular. The burgundy naya boots are lovely. I like th denim with he mustard skirt a lot too.

    We lost all our snow last weekend when it was 12C -- this has been such an unusual winter!

  • Raisin replied 7 years ago

    Love these Sveta! It's been pretty warm at times too out here in the Maritimes. Though we have had some cool days....-19C today for example...brrrr!

  • Kristin SF replied 7 years ago

    These WIWs are fab and extremely stylish! Even if you felt you were having an unfab start to January, your mid Jan style is at a peak, I loved looking at every single outfit.

    My faves were 2, 3, and 5. Love the Naya boots, I tried them on and they are really comfy. I actually really like you in your denim shirt. After you mentioned the tucking issue with #4 I can sort of see it, but at first glance, I didn't see it at all. I agree a belt would have been a nice addition.

    How nice not to have snow so you can break out your fab shoes/boots!

  • replied 7 years ago

    Crazy weather for sure, but at least you can wear all of your fab booties. I imagine you have to put those away for the deep snow if you're still walking to work. But dear Sveta, you have very high standards for your fashion. These outfits look really very good to me. Especially the first one. I don't see short shirt, only long, slender legs! It all depends on how you look at it, and you only see the flaws. The rest of us see how fabulous you really are. I love your new white trousers. So glad you took them out for "everyday" too! I'm with you on the denim/chambray shirts. I love the way everyone wears them layered on Pinterest, but mine (and I've had 2) always feel stiff and bulky. Outfit #4 is not too plain at all. The sweater and booties have lots of interest, but try a belt next time if that would make you happier. Take care of yourself; I hope you're not catching a cold. If your cozy outfit in #5 didn't keep you warm enough, I'm sure fighting with your pants hems all day probably raised your body temperature, lol. You look fab!

  • MNsara replied 7 years ago

    Wow, but #2 is so elegant. You really know how to wear those winter white trousers!!

    I'm liking #4 :-) I think the stripes are perfectly interesting and don't need a belt.

    You had another great week -- even if you aren't feel like it was. . .

  • Angie replied 7 years ago

    Have you decided whether you want to be an Urban Prince yet, Sveta? Or would you prefer to be an Urban Lady Prince.

    KILLER week! I just love #2 and #5 so much I can't stand it. I'm so glad that you sized up on those turtle necks from BR. I feel a fainting spell coming on.


  • Freckles replied 7 years ago

    Sveta is it possible that you often have something of a softer fabrication on your top half and that this is why you aren't enjoying the denim shirts?

    Lovely assortment of WIW's, can't pick a fave.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 7 years ago

    Sveta - please keep coming up with such incredibly fab outfits with those Jessica slouchy trousers 'cause I am going to soak up your inspiration! I never would have thought of those colours combining in such a rich and delicious way. Just gorgeous!

    These are all fantastic outfits and you need to STOP being so darned self critical! Don't you know how fab your style is and how gorgeous you are???

  • Sveta replied 7 years ago

    Ceit, it is so crazy, January is supposed to be the coldest month, right? Our snow was all gone too, I don't think cross country skiing looks promising this season...
    Raisin, -19 sounds awfully cold now...we got spoiled this winter.
    Kristin, these Naya boots are very comfy, I love them!
    Claire, maybe we should attend some denim shirt 101 classes together? Thank you for the moral support and for the humor, you rock!
    Sara, winter white trousers are the epitome of elegance in themselves so it is not hard to look elegant in them...I was afraid it may be too much for may super casual office but who cares!:-)
    Angie, I am completely dumb when it comes to these definitions. I have no idea what the differences are between Urban Prince and Urban Lady Prince - at least when it applied to me. What do you think? BTW I hoped you would like my WW trousers because you are their fairy godmother: I would never risked them without you.
    As for t necks I am ecstatic I listened to you and sized up: I like them much better this way than body con! Another one of your deeds...:-)

  • Sveta replied 7 years ago

    Freckles, you may be on to something. I do prefer softer tops with good drape. However I also enjoy wearing crisp button down shirts as well...hmm, this is an enigma to me!
    Shannon, I think my cold is making me a bit miserable and whining :-) As for Jessica trousers I am hard pressed to find what they don't work with. My only complaint is the darn length...

  • Angie replied 7 years ago

    I vote Urban Prince. This is our mantra:

    "No Warrior. Lots of Refinement. Equal Parts Boyish and Ladylike. A little Romance and Preppy. Lots of Inner Punk. Minimal. Virtually no jewelry. Low heels or flats. With our very short hair - we are Ladylike Princes - not Princesses. You have to have a pixie to be a Prince! We sometimes wear distressed items but are not rugged. We wear hardware that is sophisticated. Our graphic and crisp styles are not Warfare. They are Urban Tension. We fight like girls - always with grace and good posture - while we outsmart the boys. Urban Princes are not RATE by any stretch of the imagination. We are 100% Polished - even when we scrunch our sleeves, semi-tuck, faux tuck, sport the oversized look and wear Docs. Fit is extremely important to us. We are strict and no-nonsense with warm mushy hearts".

    Shannon is an Urban Lady Prince because she loves to wear some jewelry and enjoys skirts and dresses more than trousers.

    I'm an Urban Prince. So far, Inge, Suz and Jamie are part of this clan. You fit the style profile too :)

    YES!!!! Love the WW trousers!! They are incredible on you. You might find outfit post next week interesting :)

  • Freckles replied 7 years ago

    Sveta I find you also pair the button downs with a softer top, like in number one. You may also pair it with something that has drape. On the other hand you might pair it with something that has neither of these but it has a drapey vibe, like the jacket in pic 5.

    I may be completely wrong though...hockey's back and I've had a hockey function nearly every day this week. Insanity reigns...

  • Nicole D replied 7 years ago

    HI from Waterloo where we are having a mild one too! Snowing now but supposed to go above zero tomorrow and rain!
    #3 and #5 are so gorgeous! Scarf from Paris indeed - you look as though you are strolling down the Champs d'elysee! I really love to see what you put together - you have impeccable style.

  • Sveta replied 7 years ago

    Angie, I was hoping for outfit post every day this week - so it will be next week? Woo-hoo! Cannot wait!
    As for the definition - I do wear some jewelery, mostly earrings now. I like the effect they have near my face. On other hand I don't wear specs so earrings for me like specs for you I guess ;-) I also wear dresses and skirts but definitely less so than last year... but in the rest I think UP definition fits my style so if earrings are no deal breaker may I join?:-)

  • Sveta replied 7 years ago

    Thanks Freckles for chiming in. Hockey or not but you thoughts are very interesting.
    Nicole, I did not know you are in Canada and virtually in my London's backyard! Thanks for loving my Paris scarf! :-)

  • Suz replied 7 years ago

    Pssst...I sometimes wear a bit of jewellery, too -- always earrings (though usually only very small studs or hoops) and often a cuff...and once in a long while, a necklace. Also, I do sometimes wear a higher heel or a wedge. That didn't disqualify me from the realm. I am a gender bending prince, I guess....

    LOVE your outfits, as always. 2 is so elegant. Just lovely. And I really like #4 as well, though I hear you about the sweater. I definitely don't think it is boring.

    You look great in those jeans in #1!! But I understand...once our eye begins to adjust to the slouchier look, when we catch a glimpse of ourselves in a snugger pant, all we can see is thighs. That is how I feel as well.

    I have not been wearing my denim shirt a whole lot either. I think it might have shrunk in the length! I was noticing it the other day and I felt sort of the way you feel about your shirt in #1. I THOUGHT it was longer when I bought it. Hmmmm. Anyway - you look really great in yours so I hope you won't get rid of it just yet. I do think it is a classic and you may find a better version eventually. In the meantime, you might reach for this more often in the spring.

  • Jamie replied 7 years ago

    Sveta - I'm always drawn to your posts because I love how you combine everything. Your outfits are an inspiration to me. As a fellow UP, I've got some serious catching up to do to rank with you, Suz, Inge, and well Angie is out of my league, but I'll keep trying! :)

    I love each of your outfits, especially your WW trousers!!

    Like Suz, I wear jewelry sometimes, too, but I tend to wear the same pieces all the time. And lately, I've been off earrings. I keep wearing them, though, because I don't wear specs all day, except to read and work at the computer. Hmm. That's kind of all day, but anyway! And I wear a higher heel and wedge, too, sometimes. The common element in all of these, though, is a sense of minimalism. I even like my shoes sleek and streamlined. Anyway, I like being a UP because I can still be feminine too! Hopefully, I still fit into the UP clan!

  • Beth Ann replied 7 years ago

    I will study your outfits and take inspiration into my closet this week! I love the drape and ease you have in your outfits --- I think #5 is my absolute favorite.

    BTW - I know what you mean about shirt length. You're a lot taller, but I also have the same issue, as I will demonstrate on my post later tonight. And sizing up doesn't help! That said, I would not have noticed it on your outfit if you hadn't pointed it out. I think we're all more focused on the little things when we're the ones wearing them.

    Love your collection of booties and slouchy pants. Ooh La La!

  • Mo replied 7 years ago

    I think we have your weather. Negative temps or near zero most nights. Below freezing in the days all last week.
    I love #5!

  • krishnidoux replied 7 years ago

    Sveta, what a delight to look at your WIW's. My absolute favourite of the bunch is pic 2. But all of them look good! I also really like the booties in pics 1 and 5! To my eye, the shirt doesn't look too short.

  • Emily replied 7 years ago

    Sveta, I was thinking "Wow, that sounds like the weather here!" then I checked your profile and noticed that we both live in the same darn city. Go Knights Go!

    You look tall, slim, and beautifully proportioned in #1. I love the graphic stripes + crisp shirt + denim. The jeans look fine length-wise to me.

    #3 is my absolute favourite. The skirt and shirt are lovely, and accessories you've chosen are perfect - I couldn't decide whether I liked the bag, scarf, hose or boots more.

  • Sveta replied 7 years ago

    Suz and Jamie, you give me hope that I still can fit into your fab UP kingdom where Angie rules with grace and style. I reach for necklaces very seldom now ( I think because I sport semi tuck with belts so often and necklace feels like to much) but I still love earrings and they are not small. I will stand by my weakness for now but men did wear earrings before. Here is the proof: portrait of English king Charles I with a huge pearl earring: he wore it since he was a Prince of Wales. I rest my case :-)
    Beth Ann, maybe you are right, I do focus on these things more...I am happy it was not a complete bust in your eyes!
    Mo, is this weather in Florida> Then it must be very cold for you - but it is very warm for us!
    Krish, you also give me hope that I can still wear this shirt!
    Emily, you live in London? How did it happen I did not know about this! And you also work in software development - double hit! I think we are due for a lunch date!

  • Amy replied 7 years ago

    Angst be gone, sveta. These are all fabulous looks. I can't pick a favorite!

  • Angie replied 7 years ago

    OF COURSE you can wear jewelry and still be an UP, Sveta! The look is subtle though. And quite right, men wear earrings - and still do. Suz and Jamie wear earrings all the time and are role model UP's - just like you :). I hereby bestow upon you the title of Urban Prince. If you're feeling more girly than tomboy at some point (because UP's are equal parts) - join our offshoot Kingdom, Urban Lady Prince with Shannon.

    Yes! Outfit post this week. Photo shoot today.

  • Carole replied 7 years ago

    I love each of your outfits, Sveta, so inspiring. If I had to pick favorites it would 1 and 2. I fell hard for those Naya boots, but they were just a bit too tall for my poor feet:( I seem to let my denim shirts languish in my closet, too. I think they just feel too bulky or uncomfortable and I'm into simple and ease right now. Thanks for the visual treat this morning. As always, You Look Fab.

  • Tina.b replied 7 years ago

    Sveta, you are my trouser inspirations, all these looks are just so elegant! And I think you rock the jeans and skirt too. The scarf is gorgeous, love how it's tied. Great looks!

  • amiable replied 7 years ago

    Wow! I LOVE your looks! #1 and 2 are my favs, but they're all so wonderful! I think you might become one of my style idols.

  • Kyle replied 7 years ago

    I think we need a challenge to help us all style our denim shirts! Sveta, you have been one of my style role models on this forum since day one, and you consistently show me what what modern classic is all about.

    P.S. What thighs? You rock! And that magenta color on you is pure perfection.

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