NAS 2014 - part 2

Following my footwear NAS post here is the part 2.
I was very restrained with clothing for this NAS so I only ordered 3 things.

pic 1-3 - KUT plaid skinnies - wild card with potential to become a workhorse?
I was sure they were going to stay behind. This was such an impulse buy! However I was really surprised how much I liked them when I put them on. I have ordered 3 sizes. 30 fitted like regular skinnies which is not what I am after. Size 31 (these ones) fitted like relaxed skinnies  - enough room in the waist and hips so I would need a belt to keep them in place but not so much that they are baggy. The fit in the thighs was good too - not tight but not flopping around them either. Actually I compared them to my Banana Republic cream skinnies is size 12 and they are exactly the same size. BR jeans are 1" longer and 0.5"  wider in the hem.
The biggest con is the length - I wish they were at least 1-2" longer, they just cover my ankle bone and no scrunch. I guess I can wear them rolled for warmer weather and full length with booties in the fall.
My biggest surprise was the color. When I looked at it online I was not sure which colors can work with them. OK, cream should work, maybe grey and camel - but surely these muted warm colors are going to be a beast to style with my  - on the cool side - wardrobe?
As you saw in my other post I was wearing a printed blue shirt - and I was amazed how well it worked with these skinnies. I did not expect that! Then it dawned on me: these jeans have pale muted yellow background - and blue is a classic partner for yellow. I tried them with ink, navy, indigo, medium blue - all seem to work! How cool is that!
But yellow is also a complimentary color for purple so I tried my purplish orchid pink sweater (pic 10) - and call me crazy but I like the combination!
So unless you tell me I look like a plaid sausage in them or they are unflattering and I am kidding myself they stay. Most likely I will not wear them with a shorter top like in these pictures - just wanted a shorter top to show you the fit.
The only thing is that  I wanted fun skinnies to wear with tall boots and I don't like those with tall boots very much (I tried black, grey and cognac)...which means I may need to shop for another pair of skinnies for winter! :-)

pic 4-6 Trouve long sleeveless jacket
I think it is going to be very handy i winter and allow me to wear my blouses and shirts more while keeping me warm. This is size M, I have not even tried L as M is a bit big on top - see pic 11. On the other hand it will allow to fit it over a thicker sweater and a fit below the waist is good so S will be too tight. I think it can be altered on the top if needed.
What do you think? Does it make me look too big? I can see a lot of styling possibilities with it but is it flattering.
And Angie was right saying it is for tall gals - I am 178cm tall and it hits me just 2-3" above my knee! This does not happen often when something fits tall gals better that the average height so it is a reason to celebrate for me! :-)

pic 7- 9 Halogen striped skirt
I have ordered this skirt in all colors but as Angie predicted (she is always right!) brown-black stripe was my favorite. Unfortunately the smallest of the sizes I ordered (10) was too big (see pic 7 how it sits on my hips instead of the waist) but there were no skirt in any color in size 8 in the whole store. How weird is that - all sizes were there but 8! Anyway I decided to try on size 6 and it fitted. There was even some room left in the waist area so it was not tight. However the fit kept bothering me, especially on the back. See it in pic 9 how the pleats stick out a bit on the back and compare with pic 8 of a bigger size - how pleats skim the rear smoothly? It was just slightly snug on the lower hip but enough to bother me. SA told me the fit was good but it was not good enough for my PPP mantra so it was left behind.
(and do I get bonus points for my socks matching the skirt in pic 7? :-) )
I really like this skirt  - the pleats look crisp, the fabric has a slight sheen and nice weight, it is lined - I think it is a great skirt for this price and a fun one to play with. For it would be fall / spring skirt and possibly winter under a long wool coat or puffer (as long as temperatures allow to wear skirts at all). 
It was a bummer that I could not find my size in the store but  still want to order this brown stripe in size 8 - judging how 10 and 6 fit me size 8 should be the right one. Wish me luck!

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  • Tanya replied 7 years ago

    Love the skinnies and hope you keep them!  I also think you can wear them with shorter tops without the problem.  Also really like that sleeveless jacket, the length is perfect on you.  Can you try it over a thicker sweater like you say?

    Too bad about the skirt, but hopefully size 8 will reappear at some time in the future.

  • shevia replied 7 years ago

    You already know I love the skinnies! The vest was made for you - and other tall women. Good luck with getting the skirt in 8 - I think you made excellent choices!

  • replied 7 years ago

    Agreed -great choices. I love those plaid skinnies on everyone who has posted them so far.  They DO NOT make you look like a plaid sausage - and I love that term - going to find a way to use it somehow.  You have perfect long legs for a print pant - go for it. Love that skirt too - and I see what you mean about the back pulling oddly in the smaller size.  Otherwise, the colour and length are perfect - and boy is that skirt luxurious!  I love it on Angie in the bl/wh - and only wish I had the nerve to try it.  

  • unfrumped replied 7 years ago

    The jeans are fab. You're right, you can put the cool contrasting colors on top and they look great.

  • Nadya replied 7 years ago

    Great finds and I admire your pickiness. That is such a Sveta skirt - I hope you find an 8.

  • Suz replied 7 years ago

    So glad you are keeping those skinnies! They are going to be a fun wild card. When I saw them I immediately thought they would work into my own wardrobe with all my blue and grey and some of my berries -- my only question was which footwear? And I agree with you that they will not be so great with tall boots. But won't they be fun for the fall, and also for the spring when at LONG LAST we can break out the booties and shoes instead of boots? :)  That makes them a very happy item to own, full stop. 

    The skirt is going to be amazing on you, and I can't wait until we see it in action in the brown stripe. 

    As for the vest...YAY!!!!  :) :) :) 

    (Okay, everyone, you have to know I basically ordered Sveta to buy this!! Not that her arm needed too much twisting....  :) 

    So happy to see you got it and you are keeping it. It's going to add such variety to life mid-winter. 

  • Eliza replied 7 years ago

    Love the skinnies and the long vest looks amazing! I have the Kuts as a complete wildcard (unsure of plaid bottoms and the yellowish camel background), and all the photos here confirm their magical qualities. Angie gets it spot on yet again. Good luck with the right skirt size. You wear it well.

  • annagybe replied 7 years ago

    The vest is magnificent!

  • Debbie replied 7 years ago

    That vest looks amazing on you!

  • Inge replied 7 years ago

    Those plaid jeans are magical, Sveta. They seem to change colour a bit depending on the top you are wearing with them. I love that. Like you said, they go with so many of the colours in your wardrobe. And they look fantastic on you. So I am glad you are keeping them:-) I'd love to see them with taupe or cream tall boots (not saying that you should go shopping for another pair of knee-high boots though;-)

    The long gilet is excellent, I'm chuffed that we managed to convince you to give it a try. A keeper for sure.

    I loved the brown with black stripe the best from the get-go too. It looks so rich and luxurious. And hurrah for the longer length on us tall gals. I am so holding thumbs that the size 8 will still pop up. (and I'm still laughing about your matching socks:-)

  • Inge replied 7 years ago

    ETA: Sveta: I see the skirt in brown-black stripe in a size 8 on the Nordies site right now. I hope you can order it asap!!

  • Aquamarine replied 7 years ago

    Those pants are fantastic on you...KEEP!

    I like the vest but wish it was a tiny bit shorter, but I see I am in the minority here. It almost feels, from the side view, that it is swallowing up your svelte figure (you look fantastic btw....your weight loss is very obvious).

    I hope you can nab the size 8 skirt!

  • Mona replied 7 years ago

    Yes, bonus points for matching socks :))
    The plaid skinnies are magical on you and this gives me hope that they will fit me well too. I am also a pear shape like you but more round than eliptical. It was also one of my concerns while ordering them as to what colours would go with them. I love your analysis of how many colours will go with these.
    The vest looks like a great addition to your wardrobe. such a unique piece.
    I hope you find the skirt in size 8 online. It is beautiful.

  • Karie replied 7 years ago

    Oh you're wearing my favorite skirt! I've been thinking about buying it in the navy stripe, but after your comment about seeing them all in person and liking the brown/black humm......I also haven't pulled the trigger because I'm unsure about the size...

    I love those skinnies on you, and no you don't look like a plaid sausage, girlfriend! I think they will go with many of the colors in your wardrobe.

    The long vest looks amazing too! 

  • viva replied 7 years ago

    I adore the pants and the skirt, and the vest does seem just made for you, Sveta!!

  • Claudia replied 7 years ago

    Sveta, thanks for the detailed fit information on the KUT Mia jeans. I also have the BR cream skinnies and luckily ordered the Mias in that same size, so now I know what to expect in fit with these jeans and should get the looser look I wanted. Mine are due to arrive today, and I will be happy to look even half as great as you do in your pair. 

  • pastrygirl replied 7 years ago

    Aha, here is the post!!! I GASPED when I saw you in those pants in the other thread! I wasn't sure if you were keeping them so I didn't comment, but I was completely knocked over by the way they look on you. FANTASTIC!!!!!

    The skirt looks great, too. I hope the 8 works!!

  • UmmLila replied 7 years ago

    Your selectivity has a great payoff. You'll be wearing those items a ton, I'm sure. I looove the plaid jeans on you.

  • Windchime replied 7 years ago

    More admiration for how awesome the plaid jeans look on you! I think you're right that they will end up being quite a workhorse piece for you, as will that marvelous long vest (which I now wish I'd ordered). Looking forward to seeing how you style your fab new purchases.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 7 years ago

    OH my...I can't stop staring at pic #10 - the is one stunning outfit on you! The skinnies, the vest, the skirt...all fab for your style Sveta.

  • Lisa replied 7 years ago

    The skinnies are a really fun piece and I don't mind that they don't work with tall boots.  Why cover up the fun print with tall boots anyway right?
    The skirt will be lovely in the right size, although I don't mind the grey stripe version, and how neat that the socks matched. :)  The long vest is a avant garde piece, very dramatic and you have the height to pull it off.  I'm looking forward to how you style this piece.  Some great finds you have here!

  • Angie replied 7 years ago

    LOVE the checked skinnies. Absolutely killer on you. Soooo glad that I can enjoy them on you.

    LOVE the grey gillet. YAY. I'm celebrating tall you and Inge in this glorious piece. Another killer look. Good idea not to size down. You will loose its modern cut. Mama might be able to take in the top part of the side seams though.  

    And Inge found the gorgeous skirt for you in a  size 8. You are sorted. xo

  • Nicole D replied 7 years ago

    That's exactly what I thought - her socks match her skirt!  Love the jeans - I do think they work well with orchid, no sausage here.  And the skirt is a work of art.  I am waiting for the are stunning in it, and it's so nice to see you model it!  Sveta, you were very smart in your clothing choices for NAS - kind of makes up for the boot challenges, I hope.

  • Sveta replied 7 years ago

    Thank you all for your moral support! :-)
    Whew, I am glad I was not deluding myself that I can wear those plaid skinnies. So Angie, you think the length is passable - they hardly cover my ankle bone.
    Suz, I was really amazed to the range of colors which play nicely with those plaid jeans. I don't like it with optic white as much but cream, ivory, ecru and off white are great. I even liked them with  python Pettys for a fun pattern mix. I tried them with Taupe Pettys, purple Naya, cranberry Munro and chestnut Vaneli booties and they look great with all of them. I even don't mind them with black booties   - my hair is bookending enough (but tall black boots are too much IMO). I think I am going to have a lot of fun with them and for $53 it is a very good deal, right?
    lisap, so you see what I see in the back of that size 6 skirt, right? I wonder how SA did not see it when I asked for her advice and said it was OK.
    Eliza, of course Angie is right - all we need to do is listen!:-)
    Anna, as always any praize from you means A LOT!
    Inge, taupe or cream boots may work - I feel like if the boots match one of the main colors of the plaid they may creat more cohesive look. However the hope to find such boots in my size is almost nil :-( And I am thrilled to be a gilet twin with you! Thanks for looking for the skirt for me. I think I was not clear - they were available online but were not available in the store to buy while I was there. I am planning to order online, just need to figure out logistics ;-)
    Aquamarine - thank you. I appreciate your honest comment on the vest. I will see how I feel in it - after all as my wizard Mom says: you can always make it shorter; making it longer maybe a problem" :-)
    Mona, I suggest you size up in these plaid jeans if you don't want too tight fit.
    Karie, the blue stripe skirt would look  amazing with your white BCBG jacket (in is not navy though, more like royal blue color, pretty bright).
    Claudia, I am looking forward to seeing your jeans and hoep this size works for you.
    Windchime, keep checking - the vest may come back. You may also want to call CS: I just returned mine in size L and it did not show online. SA checked for me that size S was availabel in one store but not showing online as well. I will keep my fingers crossed for you!
    Lisa, you are right - why cover them with tall boots at all? :-)
    Angie, thank you so much for this feedback and for your guidance: if not for you I would have never even considered these plaid jeans and the sirt in the brown stripe. I am glad you approve of everything!

  • Von replied 7 years ago

    I hope the new skirt fits you, I am like you with pleats, they must do exactly right, or they're not going to make you happy.  I think it will be a good skirt on you though.

    I like the skinnies also, but I must say that I LOVE when you wear pink tones -- they all look so great against your skin, all the way from blush to vivid pink.

  • rachylou replied 7 years ago

    I tried those jeans on! They're cool. I also really love the sleeveless jacket. I want one of those in navy...

    The skirt looks great on you too. I feel it's *you.*

  • Sveta replied 7 years ago

    Nicole, I hope the vest works for you too and we can be twins. Which size did you order - it runs big...
    Thanks Von - there is not much pink in my closet, I think I need to remedy that!
    Rachy, this vest in navy would be awesome!

  • Firecracker replied 7 years ago

    Great choices, Sveta! I especially love the stripe skirt on you, and I think the 8 should be perfect.

  • Caro in Oz replied 7 years ago

    Wow - these are great pieces. The gillet is perfect on you - well done.

  • AJ replied 7 years ago

    The plaid pants are perfect! So fun!

  • Gigi replied 7 years ago

    Sveta, that long vest looks like it was made just for you! What an excellent fit.

    The plaid skinnies do look like a lot of fun. Is there any hem that can be let down?

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you that you can get that skirt! It looks great on you.

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