Help: heading out in 40 min and cannot decide!

Help! I am leaving for a company party in 40 min and canot decide which shoes and clutch to use. Wearing black cigarette pants, white lace tank and BCBG leather sleeve jacket.
1. gold clutch + pearl bone slingbacks
2. black/white striped clutch + silver pumps
3. black/white striped clutch + black d'Orsay flats
Thanks a lot!!!!

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  • Dimity replied 8 years ago

    I like #2 personally, as it's unexpected.

  • Suz replied 8 years ago

    Sveta, you look gorgeous in every rendition and can't go wrong! I would go with the most comfortable shoes since you will likely be standing some of the time? I think my favourites are with the striped clutch -- such a statement. 

    I love the mixed lace/ leather textures -- fabulous. 

    Have a great time!! 

  • replied 8 years ago

    I like #2, too !

  • Joy replied 8 years ago

    Sveta, they all look gorgeous. I have a slight preference for #2 because of a soft spot for silver and pewter shoes,but really, I like all of them. You can't go wrong

  • karymk replied 8 years ago

    Number three all the way Sveta.  Like the black shoes to anchor the other black, and the pop pattern of the stripe.  Def. the best!

  • Pat_P replied 8 years ago

    I like the first - with the pearl and gold colors - the best. It looks festive and elegant. All three, however, are very nice!

  • Tina replied 8 years ago

    I'm going to be a spanner and say number 1. Of the the others are right, they are all gorgeous. My preference stems from the slight softness that the clutch and shoes add to the outfit. I love B&W but these accents just go so well with the outfit.

  • Caro in Oz replied 8 years ago

    #1 or #3 would be my choices :) #3 looks most like you imo - more dramatic than the others. Have fun.

  • Gaylene replied 8 years ago

    #2 or #3, unless you want to channel your understated, elegant side. The striped clutch adds a modern, graphic punch!

  • Kari replied 8 years ago

    Wow, you look amazing! I love the blazer with the lace top. #2 is my favorite pairing.

  • Sharon replied 8 years ago

    I like #1 the best - it looks most elegant and understated to me. But actually, there are no bad choices here!

  • shipskitty replied 8 years ago

    A vote here for #2 as my favourite (but they all look great).

  • Joyce B replied 8 years ago

    They are all beautiful but I prefer number one.
    Have fun at the party!

  • Hilary replied 8 years ago

    Number 3- love the graphic handbag

  • Angie replied 8 years ago

    #2. You look killer. xo

  • Rubygirl replied 8 years ago

    #2  was my first choice after looking at all of them. 

  • Karie replied 8 years ago

    #2 - the silver shoes look dressier and more festive than the black. The striped clutch is amazing.

    But I'm late to this party, so which did you choose?

  • Windchime replied 8 years ago

    At first I read your title as heading out in minus 40°!

    I love what your black and white stripe clutch brings to the outfit. I can't decide between #2 or #3, though. Is there a bench? :)

  • Jaime replied 8 years ago

    Torn between #1 and #2 - which did you wear?

  • Sveta replied 8 years ago

    Thank you so much for your help! Sorry, there was literally no time to answer before we headed out of the door!
    No wonder I could not decide myself as votes were pretty much split between all 3 versions. This time Angie's vote sealed the deal so I went with #2 :-)
    We are back now and had a great time. This  was the first time we dnaced at the company party: before I never felt like dancing there but now it is different. :-) Apparently I have much more fun this way!
    Again - thanks for all your hep ladies!!!!!!  

  • harmonica replied 8 years ago

    Late to this thread, but glad you had a good time! #2 was my favorite too, though all three are amazing.

  • gryffin replied 8 years ago

    Sveta - just wanted to say awesome party look!!  I love the le smoking vibe with the white lace tank!  I do that alot and may have to keep my eyes peeled for a lace tank like yours!!  Awesome!  Hope it was a fantastic time.

  • Vicki replied 8 years ago

    Like shevia, I was torn between #1 (beautifully classic!) and #1 (playfully classic!).  Yes, which one went to the party with you?  You look gorgeous and I hope it was fun.

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